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Spy Tec AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera: Best Options You Can Try To Upgrade Your Outdoor Surveillance

When it comes to the video cameras, definitely you want the best camera within your budget.  So, you are Looking for the best security camera for your business or another purpose? Sometimes, you might confuse yourself by the overlapping technology. Fortunately, for your help, we have created useful guides to help you easily distinguish between fixed dome cameras and PTZ dome cameras. This article will also assist you to choose an IP camera. And here we also have highlighted on the Spy Tec AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera and describe all its features. So, that you are attracted to this AEON camera and immediately want one of those.

What Is IP Camera?

Spy Tec AEON OTSpy Tec AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP CameraWell, before going to the deep information about AEON OT IP camera and its design. You need to understand what actually IP camera is. IP cameras are also known as PTZ camera, which stands for ‘pan, tilt, and zoom’. With these three words, you might get an idea that what these cameras can do. For example, you can move back and forth or lean up and down. You can also zoom in or out to set the desired zoom level.

Most of the IP cameras introduce remote control software in its features. Users can easily make these changes when they have an Internet connection from anywhere at any time.

IP cameras offer significant benefits over the normal or standard camera. Such as 360 degrees rotational coverage and motion tracking. However, the IP camera may need to manually adjust the settings necessary for the attentive operator to view a specific area.

Now, you must be excited to buy an IP camera but you are confused that, which brand can fulfill your demand. In short, Which IP camera suitable for your use.

You will get all your answer on AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera as it will provide the best design which not any other company offer.

About The AEON OT- 1080 Outdoor IP Camera

Aeon OT – Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera POE is a sophisticated video surveillance device that allows you to look around your home or work. Even in the complete darkness, you can record a full 1080 video. Thus, you can always pay attention to intruders and unwanted intruders. Send a message from your smartphone or tablet when someone is in your home. Aeon OT – 1080p POE Wi-Fi IP Camera for outdoor use protects the environment at home or outdoors.

With the outdoor IP camera Wi-Fi Aeon OT-1080p POE you don’t need to worry about missing something that is important. Also, it has night vision features. So, the recording can be done in the complete darkness. In case, someone tries to enter your room at midnight, then you can monitor it with this AEON OT- 1080 IP outdoor camera.

When you want to connect the AEON OT -1080 IP camera with the internet, you can use your smartphone, computer or tablet to feel all the videos yourself. Simply download the attached applications to view, manage, or download videos from anywhere around the world.

You can check the status at any time, even hundreds of kilometers away.

The camera sends a message to your smartphone or tablet immediately after it detects a movement in your property.  

As soon as you see a message pop up on your phone, you can log into the app to see what’s happening in real-time. If you see that something happen wrong, then you can immediately contact your neighbor or whom you loved.

More Information

You need more than one camera when you are trying to look at both home and your business. Contact with the1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera. As it offers you up to 32 different cameras. When you enter the application, all video watches are in one place. Within a few seconds, you can keep track of what’s happening inside and outside your property.

16 peoples together can watch the video clip. Simply send your access data to your colleagues, family or neighbors. If you wish, then you can give them permissions. So, many people can simultaneously watch your home or business status, and you can feel complete relief about your property.

This camera is equipped with two-way speakers and also a microphone. You can chat in real time with people near your camera.

If someone does something inappropriate. You can tell them that they are in the video, or tell them that the authorities are on the way.

AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Cameras are completely waterproof. So you don’t need to think about the weather condition.

You can just attach this AEON OT – 1080 camera outside your property and the monitor inside your room. You can be assured that whatever may be the condition of the weather is your IP camera is protected.


AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera is designed with new technology. With its complete features, you might more than surprise. Have a look:

  • AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet IP camera is a perfect example of the cameras that may survive in the outdoor activities.
  • 1080p HD video streaming and streaming audio.
  • View devices remotely and wirelessly from a computer, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.
  • A trigger that is activated by a photographic image.
  • Up to 50 feet of night vision.
  • IP67 – Weatherproof Camera.
  • 32 cameras can be connected togetherly.
  • Writing to an internal computer hard disk or SD card (up to 128 GB).
  • 16 people can simultaneously.
  • Two-way sound.

AEON OT – 1800p IP Cameras Also Includes

  • IP camera OT-1080p POE Wi-Fi.
  • 1 x Software Settings and also 1 x camera holder.
  • AC adaptor.
  • Quick guide.


AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera gives 1 year of warranty.

Products purchased over the Internet or from authorized dealers and available for purchase during the warranty period can be exchanged for valid receipts. The warranty priority is entirely handled by the Spy Tec.

Benefits Of  AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera

In the above paragraph, you have already aware of the specification and definitions of the AEON OT – 1080 camera. Now, you will understand, why people are attracted towards this camera day by day. In this particular passage, we will draw your attention towards the point that is, why you choose the AEON OT- 1080 camera for your purpose. In short, look at the benefits of the AEON camera. So, watch out.

Multiple Sensors

As already mentioned that up to 32 cameras can be connected at a time in the AEON OT- 1080p IP cameras that can cover a large amount of area at the same time.

Easy Installation

Where the standard cameras need two wire for connection, the AEON OT- 1080p cameras take only one wire. The AEON OT outdoor IP cameras need only one wire for both the power and data to connect with a network switch. Therefore, the camera site does not require energy.

After installation, insert the tip into the corner to return to the corner. After that, you can control your IP camera directly from your office.


Resolution in the AEON OT- 1080 p outdoor cameras keep going better and better. You can get the camera in different resolutions and ratios to fit your needs.


An AEON OT outdoor IP camera is a small computer that can be programmed to compress, store and analyze video. They can talk, walk, study others of their kinds, observe certain colors, feel that something is fading, and be warned.


The recorded video is encrypted and authenticated, so it can be safely transferred.

Less Equipment

An analog camera requires an encoder or decoder, but  AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera is not required.

Open Platform

These AEON OT outdoor cameras make it easier to add any system on the camera.

Despite, its complete features, these cameras have also some features. You should know the drawbacks before buying it.

Drawbacks Of  AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera

Spy Tec AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Camera reviewHere are the major drawbacks of AEON OT outdoor IP cameras.


One of the common disadvantages of this AEON outdoor cameras is it is quite costlier than the other cameras.

Low Storage Capacity

Another drawback of this camera is that it does not have a large storage capacity. Which sometimes create troubles for you.

The Final 

In general, the Aeon OT-1080p POE Wi-Fi outdoor IP camera is one of the best IP cameras that has been available on the market today. Through the live streaming and night vision, you can always see who steals your property. In a single word, you will get the complete peace of mind with the AEON OT – 1080p HD POE Mini Bullet Outdoor IP Cameras.