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Sony Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Sony Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi? 5 Best Fixes

Sony Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Smart TVs are a must add to your privileged living space or luxurious bedroom. And, Sony Bravia series has always been unbeatable in terms of excellent picture quality, audio, and other impressive features.

No doubt, why people like to invest in Sony smart TVs nowadays. But, users have been reporting the Sony smart TV not connecting to WiFi issues repeatedly.

WiFi connection is the lifeline of any smart TV. Hence, the situation is quite annoying for any smart TV user. It’s easy to connect to WiFi for any Sony Smart TV, but such situations can turn out to be stubborn sometimes.

Let’s check if you are missing something while connecting Sony smart TV to a wireless network. If that doesn’t work, then you have to proceed to the troubleshooting solutions.

Method to Connect Sony Smart TV to Wi-Fi

You should revise the connection process before you check out solutions for the Sony smart TV not connecting to WiFi instances. This is important if you are a new smart TV user.

Here’s how you should set a connection between your Sony smart TV and home wireless network:

  1. Grab the remote control of the TV and press the Home button.
  2. Locate something similar to ‘Connect a smart TV to the internet’ on the menu.
  3. Choose the network connection type to Wi-Fi when the Network Setup screen appears.
  4. Now, you have to select your home network from the list of available networks.
  5. Type in the password regarding the wireless network and connect your Sony smart TV to Wi-Fi.

This should work on every Sony smart TV model. If you are trying for too long and not getting the desired result, then continue to the following solutions.

How to Troubleshoot Sony Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi?

Network issues are nothing new in almost everyone’s experience with any network device. However, you can’t overlook network glitches anymore when you are facing troubles in connecting your Sony Smart TV to Wi-Fi.

Additionally, a wrong setup on your smart TV can also trigger the same consequence. Whatever the reason is, you can try the following fixes to revive Wi-Fi connectivity to your Sony smart TV.

Power Cycle Your Sony Smart TV

This simple hack can work miracles on your TV. You can get rid of network and connection issues with a quick power cycle. Go through the following guidelines:

  • Turn off the smart TV.
  • Remove the power plug from the electrical outlet.
  • Press and hold your TV’s power button for 30 seconds. This will help you to drain out residual power from your Sony smart TV.
  • Don’t turn on your TV immediately. Instead, wait for a minute or two.
  • Plugin the power plug back to the wall outlet.
  • Turn on the TV and try connecting to Wi-Fi.

Update your Sony TV’s Date & Time Settings

If you are still experiencing the Sony smart TV not connecting to WiFi, then you can try this trick. Your TV might not connect to the Wi-Fi when the date and time settings are not updated.

Here’s how you can update the date and time feature on your Sony TV:

  • Press Home using your TV’s remote control.
  • Hover over to Settings from the main TV menu.
  • Choose the Date & Time option. Then, go to the option named ‘Automatic date & time’.
  • Select the option that says, ‘Use network time’.
  • After that, disable the Wi-Fi connection under the Network Setup option from Settings.
  • Wait for a while and re-enable the Wi-Fi connection.

Check if you can connect the TV to Wi-Fi now or not.

Restart your Router

If the Sony smart TV not connecting to WiFi still persists, you might blame the router. Fortunately, you can reverse the situation just by power cycling or restarting your router.

Follow the steps below for a successful Wi-Fi connection to your smart TV.

  • Switch off your router and detach its power plug from the wall socket.
  • Let it rest for a minute or so.
  • Plugin the router’s power cable to the wall outlet.
  • Turn on the router and check if you can connect your Sony smart TV to the wireless network.

Update your Sony Smart TV’s Software

Outdated software on your Sony smart TV can trigger connectivity problems. As a result, the Sony smart TV not connecting to WiFi will become an obvious thing.

Set up a wired connection between your TV and router since your TV can’t connect to a wireless network. Now, you have to follow the instructions in case your TV depends on Android OS:

  • Use the TV’s remote control and press the Home button.
  • Navigate to the Apps option followed by Help.
  • Next, head towards System Software Update and check whether your TV can receive the latest updates.
  • Make sure that you enable the automatic update option.
  • After that, you can download and install the latest software update for your Sony smart TV.

Once you have updated the software on your TV, you can try connecting your TV to the Wi-Fi connection again. If you’re facing problems in updating the software then you should agree to Sony’s privacy policy.

Unless you might not be able to update your TV’s software. Press the Help button on your Sony TV’s remote control and land on Privacy Setting. Go through the Privacy Policy and check the box next to the Agree option.

Modify DNS Configuration

You might have to suffer when you have chosen the wrong DNS configuration. If you are still experiencing the Sony smart TV not connecting to WiFi, then you should go for this hack.

Here’s what you need to do to change the DNS configuration:

  • Press the Home button on your TV’s remote control.
  • Next, go to Settings and navigate to the Network section.
  • After that, make sure that you have established a successful wireless connection.
  • If it doesn’t work, then go to the Custom/Expert option.
  • Select the Connected WiFi option followed by Manual IP Address.
  • Now, type in and as the primary and secondary DNS respectively.

Confirm your network settings and check if the Sony smart TV not connecting to WiFi persists.

Other Workarounds

Perhaps, the distance between your Sony smart TV and router is more than it should be. Additionally, check if you are providing the right password to access your home network. If you use a firewall, then try connecting your TV to the router after turning the firewall off.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to eliminate the Sony smart TV not connecting to WiFi.