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Sonos One Review: What Makes It The Best-In-Class Wireless Speaker?

When it comes to naming the best and smart speakers in the market, Sonos One is considered as one of the smartest speakers. It is believed to be a combined product that allows the users to explore great audio quality and multiroom sound capabilities within this single product. You can expect the feature of intuitive voice controls that is provided by any other leading brands’ wireless speaker. However, the developers of Sonos claims it to be the best sounding speaker that works perfectly with Amazon’s Alexa. Many believe, this is so far one of the best addition to the overall range of products under the Sonos brand.

This wireless speaker is searched by many consumers around the globe and this review is about that. Here, we will discuss what makes Sonos One recommended by most users and why you must go for it, in case you want to purchase a smart wireless speaker device.

Features Of Sonos One That Makes It A Smart Wireless Speaker

To know more about Sonos One, follow the information shared in this article. You must go through its products features, specifications and technical details before making a purchase of this smart audio technology.

Overview Of Sonos One

Sonos One Sonos is popular in the technological forum to establish its brand amongst the list of pioneer multi-room speakers. You can simply place the Sonos One at any corner in your house and connect it to other devices wirelessly. It is one of the best music appliances, as you can join speakers to play the same audio in all the rooms simultaneously.

Otherwise, there is an option to split the playlist into smaller groups, so as to play different audios throughout your home. You can easily operate this speaker and add your private music albums for non-stop streaming.

Users can connect this device to all the leading streaming services and apps including TuneIn, Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music Unlimited and many more. Simply download and install the Sonos app to pair it with other devices and speakers by following simple setup instructions. With this audio device, you can explore many of its exciting features like picking up your favorite music. It also allows you to create queues and decide which speaker plays what music on Sonos.

Is It Superior To Its Prior Version Sonos Play:1

The Sonos One speakers can stay at one place due to its heavyweight finish and cruiserweight type body weight. It also comes with a pair of substantial amplifiers (class D type) and has extra thick power cord as compared to the Sonos Play:1 model. This smart speaker comes with grippy bottoms and it prevents the device to fall down from its original spot.

As compared to Sonos Play:1, Sonos One is believed to generate rich, terrific and clear audio output. The sound quality is dense with respect to early versions but still, you can enjoy it because of the clear bass punch. So, for those who have already tasted the music experience from Sonos Play:1, they can expect to feel much better with this latest addition of Sonos One.

Are There Any Shortcomings Of Sonos One

Sonos One Speaker reviewAccording to some users on different forums, they are experiencing a few software related problems while installing Sonos One. Its major reason can some bugs that can interfere with the audio device while playing any track or applying updates for the Sonos app. Fortunately, the developers have already started launching some meaningful firmware updates in the market. Hence, it is expected to resolve the software issues with Sonos One speaker and restore its multiroom audio features.

Some of the customers have also complained regarding technical difficulties while streaming Spotify feeds on Sonos One. Also, it lacks the feature of connectivity to Bluetooth devices. However, you can easily connect other streaming devices and play them on this Sonos product.

Although Sonos One is quite compatible with Alexa, still there are a few specific functions or services that can’t be enabled on connecting both the devices. Hence, you can’t access the local music files with Alexa’s voice control feature. But still, you can perform these tasks by installing the Sonos app instead.

Technical Specifications Of Sonos One

Take a look at what you can expect out of this smart speaker of Sonos One.

  • Amplifier: Class-D digital amplifier (2 numbers).
  • Speakers: One tweeter speaker, one mid-woofer speaker.
  • Audio Format: Compatible with ALAC, AIFF, WAV, OGG, FLAC,  AAC, MP3, WMA.
  • Compatible Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • Connectivity Option: 10/100 Mbps (over Ethernet port), 802.11 b/g 2.4GHz (over WiFi).
  • Product Dimension: 6.36 x 4.69 x 4.69 inches.
  • Speaker Weight: 4.08 lbs.
  • Voice-Controlled Music Service: Sonos One supports iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Pandora, SiriusXM, Amazon Music, and Spotify.
  • Voice Assistants: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Final Verdict

If you are planning to buy Sonos One, all these features discussed above can hopefully help you with your decision. Hence, you can easily install this product at your home and connect it to Alexa to work like any other model of Sonos speaker. Also, there is this Sono app, that is compatible to run on Windows-based devices. For Mac users, you can install the Sonos Controller app and enjoy listening to audio using this multiroom speaker.