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Ruckus Router Login

Ruckus Router Login – How to Proceed?

Ruckus Router Login

Ruckus is widely recognised for offering high-end wireless routers. These devices deliver a high-speed and reliable internet connection to the users. Ruckus’s routers come with Wi-Fi 6 technology which increases bandwidth. The latest router models have Hotspot 2.0 support. Moreover, Ruckus has included exclusive security features in its wireless routers.

Millions of people use these next-generation routers in their homes and offices. More than 256 devices can be connected to the Ruckus wireless routers. The Ruckus router users can configure a maximum number of 16 SSIDs. Even these devices have an average transmission speed of 967 Mbps. Most of these routers support 5GHz bandwidth frequency.

You can change the frequency to 2.5GHz while performing low bandwidth activities. But, the users need to have a Ruckus account to access all its features. You can access the Ruckus router login page if you have an account.

Do you need to configure the wireless router’s settings? Open this web interface to do that. You can even change the Ruckus router’s login credentials from this login page.

Requirements to Access the Ruckus Router Login Page

Every Ruckus router user should know the IP address, or else one cannot get into the router’s login page. Usually, most of the Ruckus routers have the IP address. But that might vary from one router model to another. If you are using an old Ruckus router model, the IP address might be

Moreover, Ruckus has assigned the “” IP address in some routers. Even the routers might have the “” as their IP address.

Don’t know what the device’s default gateway is? Check the label that’s usually present at the backside of the Ruckus router. But, if you fail to find it, right-click on the Wi-Fi name. Choose the “Open Network and Sharing Centre” and wait until the window opens.

Now, navigate to the “Connections” option and tap on the “Ethernet” or “Wi-Fi” option. Select the “Details” option when the network status page appears. Move to“IPv4 Default Gateway” to check the Ruckus router’s IP address.

What else needs to be Checked?

The router users need to find the device’s username and password. You can not access the Ruckus router login page without these credentials.

Don’t know the wireless router’s username or password? Check the user manual to acknowledge these router details. And, if you don’t have that, contact the router administrator immediately. Make sure the Ruckus’s wireless router has updated firmware.

Keep the Wi-Fi enabled device close to the wireless router. Use a reliable web browser to access the Ruckus router login page. Check the Wi-Fi strength before proceeding to the login steps. Or else, you might face issues getting into the router’s web interface.

Moreover, the users need to check whether the PC is connected to the right wireless network. If the browser takes time to load, contact the ISP to solve this connection error.

Easy Steps for Ruckus Router Login

Often Ruckus router users seek an expert’s help to access the login page. But, you can also proceed without any technical support or knowledge. Open a web browser once you find the router’s IP address, username and password. Go to the address bar and write the correct Ruckus IP address. Press the Enter key and wait until the Ruckus router login page appears. Enter the wireless router’s username and password and click on the “Login”. Then, you will be directed to the Ruckus router’s set-up page.

Unable to access the Ruckus router login page? Then, you might have entered an incorrect username or password. Usually, Ruckus has set their router’s default username “super” and password “sp-admin”. But, this might vary depending on the model you are using. Try this username and password once. And, if that didn’t open the login page, reset the Ruckus wireless router. Then, set a new password and username and enter that on the login page.

How to Reset the Ruckus Router Login Credentials?

The users can change the login information from Ruckus’s admin panel. Don’t know how to access that? First, open a web browser and move to the address bar to write the Ruckus router’s IP address.

Hit the Enter button and when the next page opens, choose “Admin”. Provide the current router username and password and click on “Log in”. It will open the Ruckus router’s setup wizard.

Navigate to the “Wireless LAN” section and locate the “Encryption Method” option. Change the encryption to “WPA2-Personal” from “WEP” to increase the network security. Then, move to the “Password” section and enter a new password that has 8-16 characters. Combine lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters in the password. This will make it difficult for the cybercriminal to decode the Wi-Fi password.

Avoid using passwords like “admin”, “user” or “12345abcd” in the home/office network. When you will be prompted to the ‘Administration” page, enter the Admin username. Enter the new Ruckus password in the “Confirm password” section.

Head to the “Network name (SSID) section and remove the existing Ruckus router Wi-Fi name. Enter the new wireless network name and tap on the “Next” option. Click on “Finish” to complete the router’s login credential resetting process.

Alternative way to Reset the Ruckus Router’s Username & Password

The old and latest Ruckus wireless routers both have a reset button. This helps the users to restore the device’s default factory settings. Hold that for at least 10-15 seconds and release it when the router’s LED light blinks. Disconnect the power cables before resetting the router’s username and password. And, if the LED light doesn’t blink, check the Ruckus router’s ethernet cable.

This error might occur owing to faulty ethernet or power cables. Replace these router units to resolve this issue from the Ruckus wireless router. An unstable Wi-Fi connection can prevent you from resetting the router. Restart the Ruckus router, and then repeat the aforementioned steps. Moreover, a faulty reset button can often lead to this error. Replace the button from a router repair service center immediately.