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Ethernet Port Not Working

Router’s Ethernet Port Not Working – How to Fix it Effectively

Ethernet Port Not Working

Connection issues are quite common on routers regardless of the connection type you are using. Ethernet connections are usually more stable than wireless connections. They are also more secure and often faster than the latter.

However, that does not mean that ethernet networks are free from problems. Ethernet connection problems might not always lie in the cable. It might also lie in your router’s ethernet ports in many cases.

Do you find your router’s ethernet port not working? Then, you can try out various solutions to fix this issue.

Here, we will look at some of the most effective ones among them. You must give the steps given below a try before you decide to get professional help.

Router Ethernet Port Not Working: 6 Troubleshooting Methods You Must Try

You must first make sure whether the problem lies in the router’s ethernet port. After all, it might often lie in your computer’s port. The problem you have encountered might also lie in the ethernet cable. Moreover, it might also indicate a power supply issue.

Here are some methods that can effectively fix the issue in most cases:

Restart the Router

Temporary issues can cause quite a wide range of problems on your router. And, you can resolve them by refreshing your router’s processes. The best way to do that is by rebooting your router.

So, turn the device off and unplug it from the power supply. Let it remain idle for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back into the socket.

Do you find the ethernet port not working after the restart? Then, there are some other causes you must consider for the problem. Proceed with the next solution if you are unsure what is causing the issue.

Switch to a WiFi Connection

It might not be necessary to use an ethernet connection, depending on your performing task. So, you must consider switching to a WiFi connection with your router if possible.

You can then find and fix the problem with the ethernet port later on. The wireless connection should be enabled on your router if you want to take this step.

Turn on the WiFi on your computer and check the available networks. Then, connect to your router’s network and make sure it is working.

But, what if you are unable to find your WiFi network? In that case, you must log in to your router and make sure WiFi is enabled. You should then be able to use the wireless connection.

Connect the Cable to Another Port

Most of the latest router models come with multiple ethernet ports. And, the problem you are facing might lie in one of these ports. Regardless of the cause, changing the port might help you get an effective solution.

Select any port to plug in the cable other than the one that you were using. Then, make sure that the cable is firmly connected to your computer.

Check whether the connection issues persist once you are done. Do you still find the ethernet port not working? In that case, you must check whether the ethernet connection is disabled on your router.

Enable Ethernet Connections On Your Router

Many router models allow you to enable or disable ethernet connections. And, enabling ethernet connections would be the best option for most users. You must make sure that it is enabled if the ethernet port is not working. Log into your router web interface or access its interface using the app.

Go to the connection options and find the option to enable or disable the ethernet. Make sure it is enabled and save the changes if you have made any. Then, check whether the ethernet port not working persists.

Fix Power Supply Issues on Your Router

Your router’s ports might fail to function when the device does not receive enough power. In such cases, you should find the router turned off.

Do you find none of your router’s lights working? Then, you must consider power supply issues as the cause. Try out the following steps to fix the problem effectively:

Deal With Loose or Faulty Cable

The power supply problem might occur due to a loose power cable connection. So, make sure that it is plugged in properly at both ends. If that does not do the trick, you must consider replacing the cable. And, that can fix the problem over the long term if the cable is damaged.

Use a Different Socket

The ethernet port not working might have something to do with the power supply you are using. In other words, the socket you are using might be faulty. So, connect the router to a different socket that works. Check on the problem and proceed with the next step if the issue persists.

Check for a Power Outage

You must also check whether there is a power outage if your router is not working. Especially if it is not working when you plug into different sockets. If there is no power outage, your router might have a hardware issue. Apart from that, you can also consider a faulty computer port as the cause.

Fix a Faulty Computer Ethernet Port

As mentioned earlier, the actual problem might be your computer’s port not working. And you might have mistaken it for a problem with your router’s port. You must take the necessary steps to fix your computer’s ethernet port in such cases. Same as on your router, you must make sure that ethernet is enabled on your computer.

Are you using a PC? If yes, then you can also simply run the troubleshooter for ethernet connection problems. And, that should help you find an effective solution within a fairly short time.

What if the Ethernet Port Remains Unresponsive?

You can fix the ethernet port not working due to software issues all by yourself in most cases. But, you might need professional help if the problem has occurred due to hardware issues. Before that, you must consider resetting your router and see whether that does the trick.