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Ring Chime Pro vs WiFi Extenders

Ring Chime Pro vs WiFi Extenders: Get Beyond Limits

Ring Chime Pro vs WiFi Extenders

The Ring Chime Pro is a great product with your Ring Doorbell and Ring Cam. It is not a necessary component but can help you a lot. And, that is why you might want to include it in your Ring security system.

The Ring Chime Pro can also expand your router’s wireless network to make it reach the doorbell and cam. And, that is yet another reason people want to set it up.

Many users might think that the Ring Chime Pro can act as a WiFi extender. As we shall see, that is not the case at all. Keep reading, as you must know about Ring Chime Pro vs WiFi extenders.

Comparison Between the Ring Chime Pro and WiFi Extenders

There are several differences between Ring Chime Pro and a WiFi extender. Here are some important points of comparison between the two devices:


The Ring Chime Pro repeats your router’s signals while the WiFi extender creates a new network. And, the way they function makes a significant amount of difference to their performance.

The new network that WiFi extenders create can provide you with the same speed as the original one. You would not find the extender and router’s networks interfering with each other.

However, you cannot use the Wi-Fi extender to send audible alerts from your Ring doorbell camera. So, an extender cannot replace the Ring Chime Pro when it comes to that. Each of them has a different function and purpose, after all.


As you know, a WiFi extender can let most internet devices connect to its network. But, that is not the case with the Ring Chime Pro. Being a Ring product, it only lets other Ring devices access its network.

On the other hand, you can connect your computer and WiFi extender regardless of their brand. This is one of the most important things people must know regarding Ring Chime Pro vs WiFi extenders.

Connection Method

The Ring Chime Pro can connect with your router only over a wireless connection. So, you cannot use a wire for a more stable connection between the devices. On the other hand, WiFI extenders allow you to connect them with routers with a cable.

This helps you to ensure the stability of the connection whenever you need to do so. Thus, regular WiFi extenders have more options to connect to routers than the Ring Chime Pro.


The difference in performance is yet another important point to consider while comparing Ring Chime Pro vs WiFi extenders. After all, there is quite a lot of difference in their performance. Regular WiFi extenders can work for hours without facing any issues. Depending on the brand and model, you can use them for prolonged periods.

The Ring Chime Pro is prone to overheating, on the other hand. So, you might often find that it has stopped working. In such cases, you must give it some rest before turning it back on.


The purpose of the Ring Chime Pro and wireless extenders are different as mentioned earlier. Moreover, their prices are different as well. Regular extenders have a higher price as compared to the Ring Chime Pro. After all, the Ring Chime Pro has comparably limited functionality and compatibility.

Ring Chime Pro vs WiFi Extenders: Which One Should You Buy?

As we have seen, the Ring Chime Pro is not suitable for all users. You must go for it only if you are using a Ring security device. It can be quite useful to you in that case. Otherwise, there is no reason to choose it over a regular WiFi extender.

Do you want to increase your router’s coverage for all your internet devices? Then, you must buy a quality WiFi extender for your home or office. This should help you receive strong WiFi signals in all areas.

But, what if you want to connect your Ring doorbell camera to your router’s extended network? In that case, you might want to get a Ring Chime Pro apart from your WiFi extender.

Reasons to Buy a Ring Chime Pro

Since it is not a piece of necessary equipment, you can do without the Ring Chime Pro. But, you might have reasons to buy it and set it up at your home. If you are looking for reasons, here are some good ones to get a Ring Chime Pro:

For Louder Alerts

Is the current volume of alerts on your Ring doorbell and camera insufficient for you? In that case, the Ring Chime Pro can offer you an effective solution. It is designed to chime whenever someone presses the doorbell or is visible to the camera. And, it can do so loudly enough to wake you up from a deep sleep.

To Get Multiple Ring Tones

You do not have to use the same chiming tone on the Ring Chime Pro. It comes with multiple ringtone options to choose from as per your preferences. So, you can change the default tone if you do not like it. Regular doorbells do not provide you with this option.

To Control the Volume of the Chimes

Regular doorbells do not allow you to raise or reduce their volumes. So, you have to replace them if they are too loud or too quiet. The Ring Chime Pro offers a solution to that with its volume controls. So, you can set how long the chime will sound on this device.

Enhance Your Home’s Security

The Ring Chime Pro can greatly enhance your home’s security. Especially so, when you have a large home. This device helps you receive notifications from your doorbell or camera anywhere in the house. So, it is a great addition to the Ring doorbell camera.


The Ring Chime Pro is made only for Ring security systems. So, they cannot function as regular WiFi extenders. And, that is the best way to conclude the ‘Ring Chime Pro vs WiFi extenders’ discussion. You must simply go for the one you need, and you might need both of them sometimes.