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Ready to Connect when Network Quality Improves

Ready to Connect when Network Quality Improves — How to Fix?

Ready to Connect when Network Quality Improves

The “ready to Connect when network quality improves” message appears when the Wi-Fi is slow. Usually, this error occurs when the router fails to connect to the internet. Ensure the DSL modem is working properly and is connected to the router. Otherwise, you might end up getting this connectivity issue on Android devices.

This error message could prevent you from browsing the internet. Thus, try to fix this problem at the earliest possible to access the Wi-Fi.

However, you should know the reasons behind this issue before that. The smartphone needs to be close to the router to get high-speed internet.

If you are not in the Wi-Fi range, there will be signal issues on the device. Change the router’s position to increase the wireless signal strength.

Additionally, you need to check whether the smartphone is in “Flight mode”. Disable this feature and reconnect the device to Wi-Fi to fix the problem.

What causes the Ready to Connect when Network Quality Improves issue?

Several reasons could trigger this signal strength issue in Android devices. The phone might fail to connect to the Wi-Fi if there is a service outage going on.

Open the wireless router’s support page to get outage-related information. Or, you can contact the Internet Service Provider to know why there is no internet connection.

Moreover, Android users can face this problem due to misconfiguration. Change the router and phone settings to overcome the Wi-Fi issues.

Never place any electronic devices close to the dual-band router. It might create obstruction and block the router from connecting to the internet.

Is the router on? If not, plug in its power cables to the wall outlet and try to connect it to the phone. Ensure the ethernet cable is connected to the modem’s port. And, check if there is any wear and tear in the cables. Replace the faulty cables immediately to fix the signal issue.

Troubleshooting Tips for the Ready to Connect when Network Quality Improves Issue

There are many ways to fix this internet loss issue from an Android phone. Switch to cellular data from Wi-Fi and check if the error resolves. Try to connect the device to another Wi-Fi network. Besides, you should check the wireless router’s hardware units.

If the hardware is faulty that can prevent the router from connecting to the internet. Replace the damaged or corrupted router units to resolve the issue. Turn off and turn on the i-fi after a few minutes.

If that doesn’t work, follow these solutions to eliminate the network interference:

Reconnect and Disconnect to the Wi-Fi Network

Smartphones restore the router data, including the password after connecting it to Wi-Fi. Did you change the router password or username? This is why you are receiving this error message on the smartphone. Remove the Wi-Fi network and then add it to enter the new password.

Turn on the Android phone and double-tap on the “Settings”. Move towards “Wireless & Network” if you use Android 6 or earlier version. And, the Android 10 or 11 users need to tap on “Connections” instead. Locate “Wi-Fi” and select the wireless network name from the available SSID list.

Click the “Settings” icon and choose “Forget” when the pop-up window appears. Restart the smartphone, go to the notification panel and select “Wi-Fi”. Go for the correct wireless network name and enter the right Wi-Fi password. Select “Connect” and use the internet without further inconveniences.

Reset the Phone’s Network Settings

An incorrect network configuration could cause an unwanted internet dropping issue. Reset the Android device’s network settings to improve the signal quality. Turn on the smartphone, go to the search box and write “Settings”. Double-tap on “Settings” and look for “General” or “General Management”.

Scroll down to the page, select “Reset”, and opt for “Reset network settings”. It will wipe out the existing Wi-Fi network settings, including the password”. Choose “Reset settings”, and then enter the passcode when prompted. Wait for a few minutes and click “Reset” when the confirmation message appears.

Reboot the Android phone, and locate the Wi-Fi icon. Try to connect it to the required wireless network and check if the error persists. If you are still receiving the signal quality error, reset the router as well.

Press its “Reset” button for at least 15-30 seconds and release it when the power LED turns solid green. Additionally, you can reset a dual or tri-band router from its configuration page. It will increase the signal strength and Wi-Fi speed.

Still, facing problems connecting the phone to Wi-Fi? Apply the next solution to fix this critical connection error.

Disable Smart Network Switch

The latest Android devices have a Smart Network Switch feature. It allows the users to switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data when the signal strength is weak. Thus, turning off this feature will help you to troubleshoot the network issues.

Open the phone settings and head to “Network & Internet” or “Connections”. Choose the correct wireless network name (SSID) and tap on the three dots.

Didn’t see any dots on the pop-up window? Then, choose “More” to get the “Smart Network Switch” feature.

Select “Off” to disable this feature from the Android phones easily. Reboot the smartphone, and reconnect it to the Wi-Fi and check if you can use the internet. If the web pages are taking to reload, ensure “Wi-Fi Direct” is off. And, you should also disconnect the unwanted devices from the network to fix the issue.

Change the Wireless Router Settings

Improper router setup could slow down the Wi-Fi speed. Reconfigure the router settings to solve this network error. Turn on the device, open a web browser and enter the router’s IP address. Tap on the search icon to open the router’s login page.

Enter the Wi-Fi router’s login credential and select “Sign In”. head towards “Wireless” to set a new wireless mode. Change the bandwidth frequency from 2.4 GHz to 5Ghz. It will help you to get uninterrupted internet services. Disable the security functions and click “Apply Changes”. Restart the smartphone, and it won’t further cause any signal problems.

Alternative Fixes for Ready to Connect when Network Quality Improves Issue

If the above solutions didn’t work, power cycle the wireless router and modem. Disable the battery saver mode from the Android device settings. Change the Wi-Fi channels to get better and stronger wireless signals.

Moreover, you can also factory reset the phone to improve the signal quality. If you have a large home or office, invest in a Wi-Fi repeater to overcome connectivity issues.