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Port Forwarding Setup Guide for Netgear WNR2000

Port Forwarding Setup Guide for Netgear WNR2000 (N300)

Unwanted network traffic is quite a common issue for internet users. It uses your computer’s resources and network in a way that degrades your browsing experience. So, you would want to keep away any unwanted traffic from your network. The port forwarding feature on routers helps prevent unwanted access to your private network. You can set it up whenever required through your router’s admin interface. 

Here, we have a detailed guide to help you set up port forwarding on the Netgear WNR2000 router. You must read to know when and why you should use port forwarding.

How does the Port Forwarding Feature Function?

You might need to know how port forwarding works before setting it up. However, you do not need in-depth knowledge of this feature to use it. As mentioned earlier, port forwarding prevents unwanted access to your private network. It also allows you to connect one of the devices in the private network to the internet. 

You can also use port forwarding to communicate between two private networks. It is also useful for setting up a web server or gaming server at your home. With port forwarding enabled, your router intercepts the traffic meant for a specific IP to a different one. 

3 Types of Port Forwarding Available on Your Router

You can divide the port forwarding options available currently into three main types. Each of them can be quite useful to you in various situations. Most routers allow you to set up the following types of port forwarding on them:

  1. Local

Do you want to forward data from the client application on your computer? In that case, you should set up local port forwarding on your router. Using local port forwarding, you can use a secure tunnel to connect with another server. Moreover, it also provides you with the ability to bypass firewalls when that is required. 

  1. Remote

You might need to communicate externally with an internal web server in many cases. You must go for a remote port forwarding on your router in such situations. It lets you connect to a TCP port from any remote server. 

  1. Dynamic

Do you want to set up a secure connection through a reliable server? In that case, you must set up dynamic port forwarding on your router. This feature lets you use firewall pinholes to break through a firewall if necessary. Are you connected to a network that you do not trust? This is another situation where you must use dynamic port forwarding. 

Netgear WNR2000 Router Port Forwarding Setup

Using the admin interface is the only way to set up port forwarding on your Netgear WNR2000. So, you must prepare your router to access its web-based interface on your browser. 

Turn on your router and connect your computer to it over an ethernet connection. Then, proceed with the following steps to access the admin interface and set up port forwarding:

  1. Visit the Admin Interface on Your Browser

Open a web browser on the device connected to your router and enter the router’s default IP address there. Type in the admin credential on the login page that opens up to access the admin interface. Ensure you have entered the credentials correctly if you keep failing to access your router. 

Complete the Router Setup

Are you yet to set up your Netgear router? In that case, you must set it up before enabling port forwarding. So, start the setup procedure without further delay and configure the router as per your requirements. You can proceed with setting up the port forwarding after the reboot once you are done. 

  1. Navigate to the Port Forwarding Option and Configure it

Open the Advanced Setup section under the Basic settings of your Netgear WNR2000 and click on Port Forwarding/Port Triggering. Then, click on the Add Custom Service option to start the port forwarding setup. 

You must configure the following settings to complete the setup procedure:

Service Name

You must create a suitable service name for the port forwarding set-up. Use a name you can remember easily, such as what you will use the port forwarding for. For example, you can use the name of the game if you are opening a router port for gaming. 


You have various protocols to choose from for your router port forwarding. Many people might feel doubtful about the protocol they must use. Consider using the TCP/UDP+ protocol to make the service suitable for most purposes. Alternatively, you can find the protocol best for your requirements and then use that. 

External and Internal Port Ranges

You must type in the range of ports that you want to open next to the ‘external port range’ option. Then, you must use the same range as the internal port range in most cases. Move on to the next step once you have selected the optimal external and internal port ranges. 

Internal IP Address

You must select the device on which you want to run the service by typing in its IP address. Alternatively, you can also select a device connected to the router. 

Click on Apply after making all the necessary configurations to save all the changes. You can start using your device’s port forwarding service immediately. 

What are the Uses of Port Forwarding?

Setting up port forwarding on your router can have more uses than you might have thought. You might want to enable and set up this feature for the following purposes:

  1. Increasing the Download Speed and Your Router’s Overall Performance

Have you been getting a slow download speed using your router? In that case, port forwarding can help you significantly speed up your downloads. As we have seen, you can do that in some fairly easy steps through your router’s interface. You will also see quite a lot of improvement to your router’s overall performance with port forwarding. It is surely a great troubleshooting step. 

  1. Getting through Firewalls

You might often need to get around a firewall under various circumstances. You need not disable the firewall in such cases, as many might suggest. Instead, you can simply set up port forwarding on your router. That way, your firewall can keep protecting your network while you can get through it whenever required. 

  1. Remotely Access Your Home Security Cameras and Computer

You have the option to remotely access security cameras nowadays and would want to make the best out of them. In that case, you can simplify the task with the help of port forwarding on your router. The same applies in cases where you must remotely access your computer for various purposes. 

  1. Send Requests Across Servers while Concealing IP and Location

You might encounter situations where you need to send requests across servers but do not want to disclose your IP address. The port forward feature on your Netgear WNR2000 router can be quite helpful in such cases. It can also conceal your device’s location apart from its IP address. All you must do is configure it optimally as per your usage requirements. 

  1. Preventing DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can cause many issues with your network. These attacks stop you from using various network resources, often crucial ones. You might want to prevent unwanted access to your network to prevent attacks. Setting up port forwarding is undoubtedly one of the best ways to prevent it. However, you must also take other measures to optimise the security. 

  1. Setting Up a Personal Gaming Server and Adding Your Friends

Do you want to set up a personal gaming server? In that case, you must set up port forwarding on your router without further delay. After all, you would need to connect at least one of the computers in the network to the internet. Port forwarding is a very reliable choice in these terms. Moreover, with this feature enabled, you can invite your friends to the server easily. 

  1. Forward the Router’s Ports to Consoles

Port forwarding also allows you to connect your gaming console to the internet whenever needed. So, you might need to use it quite often for online gaming with your console. With the steps mentioned previously, you can open your router’s ports for consoles. Port forwarding can work smoothly with your console in most cases. 

Can Port Forwarding Slow Down Your Network?

Many people might have the misconception that port forwarding causes speed issues. Are you facing any problems with your network speed after setting up port forwarding? Then, there might be a problem with your device, console, or internet connection. Port forwarding can only speed up your network.