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How To Setup Netgear ReadySHARE: A Complete Guide

How-To-Setup-Netgear-ReadySHAREReadySHARE allows you to enjoy multiple convenient features through the USB port to your router device. This USB facility is available on many Netgear routers. So, if you are eager to know about how to setup Netgear ReadySHARE, then this is the right place for you.

After setting up your router, you should know the process by which you can transfer content with others. Apart from that, you will be able to wirelessly print from your PC or Mac device, able to play or share videos, pictures and back up your PC.

Hence, if you are seeking help regarding the ReadySHARE setup, then keep following the entire guide and then implement them one by one. Hopefully, the solution will help you as well.

Netgear ReadySHARE Setup: Stepwise Instructions

Before going to set up ReadySHARE, you should know the configuration process of your Netgear router. Here are the procedures. So do implement them one after another without making any mistakes.

Cable Internet With Genie Interface

The very first thing you have to do is to power your modem and your Netgear router off. After that, take an ethernet cable and connect your modem with your router.

Then, take a second cable and connect it with your computer’s LAN port. Thereafter, power your modem in and keep waiting while the lights get stable. Now, turn on your router and check if the light turned green or not.

If not then keep waiting until it turns green. Now, launch a web browser and navigate to and press the Enter button. Now, log in to your router interface and write down the exact credentials in the proper field.

After that, have a click on the Advanced tab and navigate to choose “Setup Wizard” from the left side of the screen.

If you are prompted to choose the internet connection, then click on Yes and continue the process by clicking on Yes. After that, select “Take me to the Internet” option and check if the internet connection is working or not.

Once you have configured your Netgear router, now it’s time to perform Netgear ReadySHARE setup by following the steps stated here.

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For Windows Users

These procedures are only applicable to Windows users. Hence, be careful while you are going to perform these methods.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to click on the Start button and navigate to the Run icon. Press down the Enter button and click on the Dialog box. Now, write down, readyshare in the box and press the OK button.

After that, open a web browser and go to the address bar that is located at the top of the page. Now, launch the My Network Places tab and again navigate to the address bar.

Type readyshare in the box and click on the Enter button. Check if you have successfully setup ReadyShare or not.

For Mac Users

If you are using a Mac device, then you can follow these solutions. To do so, first of all, click on the Go option and connect it to Server as well. After that, click on the address bar and type smb://readyshare in the box. 

Now, click on the Connect button and wait for a few minutes. Check if you have set up ReadySHARE properly or not.

Concluding Note

We expect that the above solution will be enough for you to know how to setup Netgear ReadySHARE on your own. But at first, you have to log in to your router by providing correct credentials.

Thereafter, execute the methods without any mistake and clear out all your doubts regarding the ReadySHARE setup. In case if you have any doubts regarding the same topic, then get in touch with experts for further help.

If you find this article helpful for you, then leave your valuable comments in the feedback box and share your feedback with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How does ReadySHARE work?

Connect your router to the USB hard drive and access it from any device connected to your home network.
You can stream your media and backup to the connected USB storage device after connecting your external USB driver.

How do I access my USB drive connected to my Netgear router?

Start an Internet browser from network-connected computer or wireless device.
Enter the user and password of the router.
Choose ADVANCED USB Functions Storage ready-share.

Is ReadySHARE safe?

In implementing the ReadySHARE Print function, NETGEAR is aware of security vulnerability. 
This vulneribility can be exploited by an attacker connected either physically or wirelessly to the local region network (LAN) of your router to cause memory overflow on the router, causing router to crash.