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Netgear AC750 R6020 Router Manual Setup: Quick Guide

Netgear AC750 Router mainly consists of two models, one is the R6050 and the other one is the R6020. The dual-band of Netgear ac750 manual R6050 is ideal for multi-device and dual-bands will minimize the interference as well. Besides, you will get up to 300+433 Mbps high-speed internet. 

netgear ac750 manual

Once you avail of this router, you will be able to do multiple activities such as gaming and watching unlimited HD videos along with an easy downloading process. The external 5Dbi Antennas will enhance your W-Fi signal strength and you will get a reliable connection through your home.  

But, to avail of these features, you have to first set up the router manually. So, to know the steps to complete setup the Netgear R6050, you need to go through the steps discussed below.

Steps to Setup the Netgear AC750 Router Manual

If you have recently bought this Netgear router and stuck in setting up the whole process, then you have to go through the steps that are stated below. 

  • You need to first and foremost, remove all the cables that are connected with the computer.
  • Take the modem and plug in the power adapter and make sure the power light is blinking.
  • Now, connect the router and plug in one end of the ethernet cable with the modem.
  • Take the other end and put the other one to the internet port of the router.

Note: The Ethernet Port is placed slightly apart from all the ports of the router.

  • Now, plug in the power adapter of the Router and check if the light is blinking.

If you notice that the lights of the router and the modem are not blinking or flashing green, then you have to repeat the above step. Otherwise, you might face interruption while surfing the internet. 

How to Login to the Netgear AC750 Manual Router?

Once you are done with the initial steps, you have to now log in to the router. To do that, you have to simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Connect the computer and the Netgear Router first. 
  • Next, open a web browser and go to the address bar.
  • In the Address bar, write “”.

Note: If the above link does not open the official website of Netgear login, then you can try to write “”, “ as the login IP address for all the Router.

  • Now, a window will pop up next on the screen, you have to give the surname and the password of the Netgear router.
  • After providing the default login credentials, tap on the ‘Log-In ” button. 

Once, you get into the Netgear R6050 setup portal, follow the onscreen instructions. After that, you will be completely able to set up the router in just a few minutes

Additional Guide

Firstly, you have to check if all the cable connections such as power cable and the Ethernet cable are connected. Then, you have to now keep the router and then modem in the same place to get a better connection.

If you have connected multiple devices with the router, you have to turn off the devices that are not used. Make sure the router has enough adequate power supply. Open the web browser and then go to the login page of the Netgear router. 

If the router is not working then you might check the web browser first. Because using a backdated web browser can create problems while logging in. Clear all the cache and cookies and then disable the proxy servers if you come across errors.

Next, you have to restart the whole network and power cycle the router. Restart the modem up next. If there is an issue with the default username and password, you have to double-click on the credentials from the manual. 

For the lost credentials issues, you have to get into the router login admin page and then hard reset the router. If you are getting VPN issues, you have to disable all the proxy servers and the firewall to fix the issue.

At times you will see the orange light is blinking in the router, you can eliminate that by resetting the router and the modem. But, in certain cases, you can get rid of the Netgear errors by just uninstalling and then reinstalling the network adapter driver.