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MikroTik Router Login

MikroTik Router Login – How to Configure MikroTik Router?

MikroTik Router Login

Your Mikrotik router might require some changes to its settings to suit your requirements. You have to access your router’s admin interface to make those changes. And, you can usually do that very easily with a web browser. All you have to do is find out your router’s default IP address and its admin credentials.

Here, we will look at how to know your router’s login details and then use them to access the interface. So, read all the essential information you might need for a Mikrotik router login.

What is the default IP Address for Your Mikrotik Router?

The default or private IP address is used only for your router’s private network. So, it is not visible to people on the internet. Like all routers out there, your Mikrotik router comes with a certain default IP address, and this might differ from one model to another. Most Mikrotik routers use the IP address or

You can check your Mikrotik router’s label or service manual for its default gateway. You can also find a router’s private IP address on its manufacturer’s website in many cases. Apart from that, you can find this information all by yourself, using your device. Then, you must use it to open the Mikrotik router login page.

How to Find the Default IP Address on Windows?

Connect your device to the router and open the Network & Internet section given in the Settings menu. Then, go to the Status window and view the network properties. You should find the default gateway in the window that opens on your screen.

The Control Panel can also help you know your router’s default IP address. Click on your network name in the Network Sharing Center and opt for viewing the Details. This will open another window where you can find your router’s default gateway, among other details.

You can also use the Command Prompt to find your Mikrotik router’s private IP address on Windows devices. Enter the command “ipconfig” and check the value given as the default gateway.

How to Find the Default IP Address on Mac?

Go to the Network section in the System Preferences and click on your router’s network. This will show the information on the right panel of the window. Then, click on the Advanced option given at the bottom of this panel. Go to the TCP/IP tab in the next window to find the default gateway for Mikrotik router login.

You can also find this information using the Terminal program on your Mac system. To do that, you must enter the command “netstat-nr|grep default” when prompted. Then, look for the default IP address among the information.

What are the Admin Credentials for Your Mikrotik Router?

Have you changed your router’s default credentials after setting it up? If not, then you need to use its default credentials to access its interface. And, you can find these details printed on your router’s label. Other than that, you can also look for this information on the service manual or the internet. Many Mikrotik router models use “admin” as both – their default username as well as password.

However, the credentials are not the same in all router models after all. So, you must find the default username and password by the aforementioned method. But, what if you had customised the password and have forgotten it? In that case, you must try to recover the credentials.

Recovering Your Customised Router Credentials

Have you noted down or saved your router’s customised credentials somewhere? If not, you can try out some apps to recover your lost username and password. However, these applications are usually quite difficult to use, and you might need expert help.

So, consult a professional to know your options for recovering the credentials. If you cannot find any other solutions, reset the router to restore its default credentials.

Mikrotik Router Login: Steps to Follow

You can access your router’s interface anytime with your web browser. So, find the login information by the aforementioned methods and proceed with the following steps:

Set Up a Secure Connection With Your Router

You must ensure a stable connection with your router before you proceed to log in to it. The latest routers allow you to set up a wireless connection for your convenience. But, this type of connection might often face interference from nearby networks. So, you must set up an ethernet connection and proceed with the next step.

Open the Login Page on Your Browser

You can access your router’s interface while your device is offline. So, open a browser and enter the default IP address you found with the aforementioned methods. This should take you to your Mikrotik router’s login page. In case you cannot access this page, make sure you have entered the IP address correctly.

Enter Your Router’s Credentials

You can accomplish Mikrotik router login by using the right username and password. After that, you can make the desired changes to your router’s network. If you cannot access the interface, you probably use the wrong credentials. So, you must check your router’s password and username once again.

What if You Cannot Access Your Mikrotik Router?

Do you repeatedly fail to log in to your Mikrotik router? Then, there could be various explanations for this problem. First, you must try restarting your router and the connected device to fix any temporary errors in them. If that does not work, you should change the connection type. You can also try using a different browser or device for the login.

Reset the Router to Fix Login Issues

Are you unable to fix the login problems with your Mikrotik router? If you have not reset it yet, now is the right time. After all, you should only take this step as a last resort. So, press the Reset button with a pin until the router’s light flashes. This can fix most of the issues with your router, regardless of its brand and model.