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Marshall Stanmore Voice Speaker Review: Know Before Buying

Marshall Amplification provides the music amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and drums and bongos in the market. This brand is also known as ‘crunch’. The Stanmore is a stereo speaker which provides clean and precise sound even at maximum volumes. It is a wireless wifi multiroom voice speaker with Alexa voice control. And the result you will get is a classic rock sound. Marshall speakers also include WiFi which will help you to play a live stream music files. This design is pretty easy to handle and very much lightweight to use. Now, let’s get into its specifications.

Review At A Glance

Marshall Stanmore speakers come with a handful of useful and noteworthy features. In this article, we will provide reviews its:

  • Design.
  • Features and specifications.
  • Set-up.
  • Performance.


Marshall Stanmore Voice SpeakerWith the dimensions of 350x185x185mm and the weight of 4.7kg, the Stanmore is a wild beast. The speaker is quite small for a guitar amplifier, but for the Bluetooth and multi-room speakers, it is terrific. This speaker is about great classic rock sound, and we get that. This is a ‘crunch’ product after all.

It is a pure wooden product with the cover of black vinyl like an amp. It has 3.5mm aux input to attach a USB cord for mobile. There is also another facility. You can easily switch the mode between multi-room and single source. On the back side of the speaker, here is a right and left-channel RCA audio inputs. Ultimately, design-wise it is from the ’90s but gives you ultra modern sound like a beast.


The Stanmore has some robust features like Chromecast, Spotify, and Airplay. It contains Internet radio too. All the features are connected by Marshall multi-room app. The woofer which creates the bass volume is a 50W class D version of the amplifier. And for two tweeters, the amplifier version is 15W class D, which is great. So, the total 80W amplifier with the class D version is enough to create the great noise.

The special feature is that there is no power on or off switch because the unit sleeps when not in use. The Bluetooth version is 5.2 which is terrific, no fear of disconnection. You can stream from anywhere under the Bluetooth range which is mention in Stanmore manual. Just call Alexa to play your favorite music, it will play the item.

Are you a Mac or an Apple user? Obviously, there is no Bluetooth connection. Stanmore also plays music by Spotify app for Apple users. Simply, A complete speaker.


  • Size: 14-inches wide.
  • Weight : 10 lbs (4.5kg).
  • Voltage: 100~240v.
  • Audio port: 3.5mm and RCA sockets in the back.
  • Bluetooth: 5.2 version.
  • Control: App and Switch both.
  • Mode: Bluetooth, AUX, RCA, WiFi.


The Stanmore is all about its crunchy and loud sound quality. Of course, there is an advantage of using WiFi, provides high and stable quality music sound. When you are playing music via Bluetooth connection, the experience will be the same when you play music using Spotify or Internet radio. The volume quality is such a beast. Here is a tiny criticism that the Airplay takes one or two seconds extra than Bluetooth to start music on Stanmore.

However, the response of the Stanmore is awesome for a multi-room setup. Our favorite tracks are playing good through this ‘crunch’ speaker.


Marshall Stanmore Voice Speaker reviewWhen you want to play the Stanmore speaker immediately, then just enable the Bluetooth mode at the top of the speaker and connect your smartphone and experience the sound.

When you connect Stanmore via Airplay, it will take some time, little longer than Bluetooth mode. Also, we connect it to WiFi over 2.3 GHz connection. Once the connection is complete, then you can control the speaker via the app. In the app, you can change the mode and also you can create the different playlists – Spotify playlists, Internet radio playlists, podcasts, etc.

This will help you to navigate the music quickly. There is also an equalizer section by which you can increase the bass or treble volume, change the music quality to Flange, Rock, Loudness, etc.


In one word, we can say that the Stanmore is a beast for its exceptional sound quality.


  • Available Airplay, ChromeCast, Bluetooth & Spotify Connect through a WiFi connection.
  • The attractive black vinyl design included brass buttons.
  • You can get the kick, punch, and loudness.
  • Sound quality is better with Alexa.
  • You can control the tracks without using a finger.
  • Tell Alexa to play your favorite tracks.
  • Voice mute button.
  • Value for money.


  • Big & heavy build.
  • No remote control only app.
  • High price.

That’s all. Change the music experience using it. This speaker is perfect for this digital era. In spite of its high price, it is value for money product.