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Linksys vs Asus Router

Linksys vs Asus Router — Which One is the Best?

Linksys vs Asus Router

Linksys and Asus are the best router manufacturers across the globe. Both of these companies offer premium quality and durable wireless routers. Millions of people use the latest Asus and Linksys routers in their homes and office. It elevated users’ expectations by offering high-speed and uninterrupted internet services.

Linksys and Asus have designed dual-band routers with exclusive security features. Users can connect multiple devices simultaneously in these advanced routers.

Linksys routers have stood out from the competition by including high-end technologies. Besides, their router’s are hard to compete with when it comes to performance. An Asus router comes with 5-6 years of longevity. Whereas, the latest Linksys routers can last up to 7-10 years.

Moreover, Linksys routers can withstand power surges. But, the Asus routers can stop working after an electrical breakdown. Linksys routers provide reliable and stable connections. But, many users experience connectivity issues while using an Asus router.

Are you thinking about whether to buy a Linksys or Asus router? Check the following differences before making the ultimate decision.

Linksys vs Asus – Who Focus More on Firmware Update?

Linksys updates its routers’ firmware regularly. There is no need to enable any auto-update feature in these Wi-Fi routers. This saves the time of upgrading the router firmware from the web interface or mobile app.

Moreover, you don’t have to install an additional file to install the latest firmware version. But, the Asus router users need to access the configuration page to upgrade the firmware. You also have to find out the smart Wi-Fi router’s gateway for that.

Additionally, the Asus router owners need to know the login information. It will be difficult to update the firmware without these details. Once you open the setup wizard, head to the “firmware version” section. The “update now” option will pop up if an update is available for the firmware.

Click that to download the unzipped file on the device. Select “Upload” and paste that file there. The Asus router will complete the firmware update within a few minutes. Asus’s firmware update process is more time-consuming than Linksys. So, let’s find out –

Linksys vs Asus – Who Equipped the Best Technology?

Both Asus and Linksys included certain specifications to improve the Wi-Fi speed. For instance, these manufacturers use MU-MIMO technology, and this allows the users to get ultra-fast speed in the connected devices.

Moreover, this router feature eliminates internet dropping issues. Access the setup wizard to avail the benefits of MU-MIMO in both these routers.

But, a few features make Linksys better than the Asus router. And, these include the advanced beamforming technology, which increases Wi-Fi coverage. Besides, it also improves the Linksys router’s performance efficiency.

AC4000’s beamforming extends the coverage area for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. Linksys routers work with compatible voice assistants. Control the devices with voice commands using these dual-band routers.

Technologies that Make Asus Routers Better!

Asus routers received massive appreciation for their exclusive features. The OFDMA technology lets the users create more wireless channels. Usually, this technology can be found in the Wi-Fi 6 routers which support the 802.11ax band.

Asus integrated the WT-Fast feature for a hassle-free gaming experience. It improves the ping speed and reduces the lagging issues. And, you might not get these benefits in the Linksys routers.

Asus’s wireless routers have an Adaptive QoS feature. It ensures inbound and outbound bandwidth on the PC for the important apps. Enabling this feature is also easy. Users need to access the web interface then go to the Wireless section. Toggle on the Adaptive QoS, drag and drop the apps category and choose “Apply”.

Moreover, these devices have commercial-grade security options, and Asus routers also feature effective smart home control options. So, in terms of technology, Asus is the clear winner.

Linksys vs Asus — Who offers the Best Designed Router?

Linksys and Asus launched stylish and classic routers. Asus’s wireless routers have a sleek and compact size design. Most of their latest and old router models are available in black colour. Whereas, Linksys routers weigh more than the Asus routers.

Besides, Linksys routers usually come in a white and tower-like shape. You can install the Asus routers anywhere in a small apartment or office. But, you might find it difficult to set up a Linksys router in such places.

Linksys vs Asus — Who has the Better Hardware Specifications?

There are plenty of differences between the Linksys and Asus routers. Linksys’s AC4000 contains six external antennas and five Ethernet ports. Besides, this dual-band router is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core processor.

These router units together enhance the network coverage and speed. For instance, the antennas ensure users receive Wi-Fi signals in remote areas. And, the Ethernet ports are designed to connect smart devices.

Starting from consoles to printers, you can connect everything in Linksys routers. But, Asus has included only four antennas in most routers. The RT router models have 8 LAN ports and USB 2.0 ports to improve the user experience.

But, Linksys offers better tri-band technology compared to Asus. It has 9 amplifiers in AC4000, which aren’t there in any Asus router. Linksys features more RAM capacity and flash memory in their devices. But, if you need a portable router, go with Asus RT-AX86.

Linksys vs Asus — Who Ensures Network Security?

Linksys routers are designed to prevent cyber-security threats. In EA9300, Linksys included a DoS protection and SPI firewall, and it protects the router from accessing malicious sites. Additionally, these security features filter the virus-infected apps. Configure the security settings of Linksys routers for a seamless browsing experience.

Asus Wi-Fi 6 routers have a built-in Air Protection Security feature. It can detect and block malicious sites and protect the device from cyberattacks. These devices also have a firewall which can be enabled from the “Advanced” menu. It secures the router from potential threats and increases the security level. So, it is difficult to decide which router is more reliable and secure.

Linksys vs Asus – Which One Should You Buy?

Both the Asus and Linksys routers have high market value. But, Linksys routers provide better performance and Wi-Fi speed than Asus. Moreover, you can save the buying expense if you choose Linksys over the Asus router. Linksys routers are also easy to configure. So, it will be better to go with a Linksys router for the home or office.