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Is 5G Dangerous to Your Health

Is 5G Dangerous to Your Health?

Is 5G Dangerous to Your Health

5G internet technology has already been introduced in many countries across the world. And, many more countries are set to adopt this technology. From what we know, 5G is about to bring a wide range of changes to our internet experience.

However, there are various health concerns regarding it. Many experts have linked 5G to serious health problems including brain cancer.

So, is 5G dangerous to your health? There is no solid evidence against it as we shall see here. Read to know the health concerns regarding 5G and other useful information on this matter.

What Caused Health Concerns Regarding 5G?

As you might know, all cellular data technologies produce electromagnetic radiation. And, the same applies to 5G as well. This type of radiation can cause heating and damage to various organs of the human body.

As a result, it can cause severe health problems in people exposed to such radiation. But, mobile phone technology emits this radiation in a very low amount. The radiation level is so low that it will not affect the human body.

Health concerns regarding cellular data technology are not new. They existed before 5G was even announced. But, the introduction of 5G simply brought up the health concerns again. And, there is no solid evidence that this technology affects your health as we shall see.

Many people might confuse the term ‘radiation’ with ‘radioactivity’. As a result, they believe that 5G can damage your health since it creates electromagnetic radiation. It should be noted here that radiation is not always harmful. However, electromagnetic radiation is indeed not entirely harmless.

Which Health Problems do People Associate with 5G?

Experts have associated various health issues with 5G technology. And, many countries have banned 5G for now as a result. So, not everyone believes that this technology is harmless.

Here are some problems that you might find people associate with 5G:


Many organisations have researched the carcinogenic properties of electromagnetic fields. And, according to many of them, electromagnetic radiation may be carcinogenic. In case you are wondering, that means it is capable of causing cancer. Many researchers have linked brain cancer to electromagnetic radiation.

Many researchers out there have also found that electromagnetic fields are not carcinogenic. And, that is why they have concluded that 5G cannot cause cancer in humans. It is hard to determine which one of these two categories of researchers is right. We need more research to conclude anything on this matter.

Moreover, there are things people consume in their daily lives that are known to contain carcinogens. And, that includes alcohol and specific types of meats among others. They increase your risk of getting cancer more than mobile technology might do. Moreover, no solid link has been found between 5G and cancer as of now.

The Experiments on Rats and Mice

There have been experiments on whether rats and mice get cancer due to mobile phone radiation. And, the researchers did not find any evidence that electromagnetic radiation causes cancer in rats.

Tissue Heating

As mentioned earlier, electromagnetic radiation can cause heating in your body. This is one of the major health concerns that people often associate with 5G. Many researchers have found mobile phones operating with frequencies of 1.8-2.2 GHz. And, the World Health Organization considers that as a cause of tissue heating.

Some researchers have found people face more tissue heating due to electromagnetic field exposure as they get older. This might have something to do with reduced blood flow and skin thickness in older people.

However, other studies say that people are exposed to very low frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. And, this frequency is not enough to cause tissue heating.

So, there is no solid evidence of mobile technology causing severe tissue heating. Even if they cause this problem, they cause it temporarily and at a minimal level. We surely need more research to determine whether 5G can cause severe tissue heating.

Cognitive Function Issues

Our cognitive function plays a crucial role in our social behaviour. It includes various mental abilities that are important in our daily life. According to some researchers, prolonged mobile phone use affects your cognitive functions.

They associate mobile use with problems like attention difficulties. And, many studies have shown that people have a lower attention span nowadays than they had before.

However, we are yet to find a solid link between mobile phone use and cognitive problems. There are an insufficient number of studies regarding this health concern as well. And, the results of the studies that were released are inconsistent.

How will 5G Benefit Us?

5G will offer you a more advanced internet experience than you have with current technologies. And, a higher speed is only one of the things that it offers. Here are the main benefits we will get from 5G:

Super-fast Internet

The current technology allows you to download movies and music within minutes. With a maximum speed of 20 Gbps, 5G will let you download them within seconds. And, that will help you save quite a lot of time as a result.

More Connected Devices

5G will increase the number of devices you can connect to the network. And, that includes various devices that the current cellular technology cannot connect with. This will benefit many businesses and help them in increasing their productivity. Apart from that, it will benefit many individual users as well.

Lower Latency

The latency is the time gap between our order to the device and the action. 5G features a much lower latency than 4G. And, that enables you to remotely control machinery in real-time. This can benefit industrial plants and hospitals a lot in performing their tasks.


There is a shortage of evidence that links 5G to health problems. But, you might still want to take the necessary precautions. In that case, you must limit the use of your mobile phone as many researchers have suggested. And, that should help you minimise your exposure to electromagnetic fields.