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How To Setup Netgear Orbi AC2200? Get Step By Step Guides


Netgear Orbi AC2200 is a tri-band router system that is highly recommended for the best signal around your home. It provides network connectivity around 3500 square feet of area. This router delivers a fast signal and it can extend the signal or Wi-fi to almost any room of your house. 

The router comes with a convenient wall-plug and you can put the router to any electrical socket. You get a seamless network from this Netgear router such that you don’t experience a drop in signal when you change the room. 

Here we will be discussing how to setup Netgear Orbi AC2200. So if you have recently bought one and don’t know how to set it up, then this article is a must-read for you. You can easily set up the router by going through the steps described here. Let’s start.

Effective Methods to Setup Netgear Orbi AC2200:

When you buy any new router, you need to know how to set it up so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted network and Netgear Orbi AC2200 is not an exception. You need to set the router up with the right procedures. Let’s continue with the steps.

Step 1: Power On and Establish the Connection

Whenever you come up with a new router, firstly you need to establish the connection between the router and the ethernet cable. It should be better if you follow the steps below, one by one. 

The connection should be strong enough so that you can feel no interruption of the network.

  1. You have to unplug the modem that you were using. If the modem uses any battery, then replace the battery.
  2. Now, plug in the modem again.
  3. You have to use an ethernet cable to the modem and plug the other side of the ethernet cable to the port of the router. You have to use the yellow port of Netgear Orbi AC2200 to connect the ethernet cable.
  4. Switch on your Netgear router. Check whether the power light gets on. You can find the power light at the back of the router. If it has not lightened up, then press the Power button again.

Make sure that you have turned both modem and router on. If you miss doing so, then you’ll never be able to connect them. It’s better to check the power issues and connections once again. Ensure that you have connected the ethernet cable tightly enough.

Step 2: Place the Orbi Router and the Orbi Satellite

Once you have powered on the routers, it is time to place the router and the satellite. Orbi provides a satellite for a strong connection around your whole house. The satellite is worth its price as it surely covers a large area and you suffer no network issue or network drop. 

Let’s continue to the next steps to proceed further.

  1. You need to wait until the ring LED gets activated on the Netgear Orbi AC2200. It will become a pulse white from solid white. 
  2. Then, you have to choose a suitable place in your home, preferably the center to place the Orbi Satellite. It will provide the most reliable Wi-Fi coverage in your home.
  3. Plugin your Orbi Satellite. Check if you can notice the Power light active on your Orbi Satellite. If not, then please press the Power button on the Satellite.
  4. The light of the Satellite will change the color. It will become solid white> pulse white> pulse magenta. Pulse magenta-colored light indicates that it is trying to sync with the Netgear Orbi AC2200

Next, you can expect three different colors on your Orbi Satellite. The light turns on for approximately 10 seconds and then automatically turns off. Each color has its own significance.

  • If you can notice Solid Blue, then the connection is really strong between the router and the Satellite.
  • When the color is Solid Magenta, you have to understand that the Satellite can’t connect to the router.
  • Solid Amber color signifies that the connection between the router and the Satellite is pretty well. You can move the Satellite closer to your Netgear router to get a Solid Blue light.

When the connection builds good enough, you can notice the following light transformation. Pulse white> solid Blue and then the light turns off on the Orbi Satellite. When you have connected the Satellite to the router after placing it, you can move forward to the next section. 

Step 3: Get Connected with Computer or Mobile Devices

Once all the preliminary works complete, next you have to connect your computer or any other mobile devices to the network you created. You need to follow the instructions below to enjoy seamless connectivity on all devices around your home. 

  1. You need to know the SSID and password to get access to the network. Otherwise, you can’t use the network. You can easily find those credentials on the label of the Netgear Orbi AC2200. 
  2. Next, you can either use an ethernet cable or use Wi-Fi connections to connect the devices to the router. 
  3. You can download the Orbi app to create the Orbi Wi-Fi connection. 

The ring LED light on the Netgear Orbi AC2200 router turns off when all the connections get well-established. 

Well, this was too simple. Just, you need to be a little careful about the connections with the ethernet cables. If the connection gets loose, then the router can’t work with its full-fledged potential. Hopefully, with this article, you get to know how to setup Netgear Orbi AC2200. Now, you are ready to surf the internet with this powerful and reliable network connection.