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How to Setup Asus Router as Access Point

How to Setup Asus Router as Access Point — A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Setup Asus Router as Access Point

Asus routers are widely used for their flexible connectivity options and exclusive features. These devices have an Access Point mode which extends the Wi-Fi coverage area. Millions of people use this feature to increase the number of connected devices.

AP lets the users create multiple client networks on a compatible device. Latest Asus routers, like RT-AC68U, can be set up as an access point to connect with another router. This feature improves the browsing experience of the AiMesh router users.

Asus router’s Access Point Mode removes the lagging issues, and it reduces bandwidth usage and boosts device performance. But, you need to enable this feature to avail these benefits. Disable the security features, like ISP Firewall and MAC filtering.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to determine – how to setup the Asus router as Access Point. Access the web interface and disable the IP sharing and OpenNAT feature. Enable the DHCP feature of the root or primary router. And, don’t forget to check whether the Asus router supports Access Point mode.

Requirements – How to Setup Asus Router as Access Point

It’s important to have an ethernet cable to connect the two networking devices. Never place the Asus router far from the root router, and this might lead to unwanted connectivity problems. Update the web browser before proceeding to the setup process.

Ensure the router is providing a stable Wi-Fi connection to the computer. Go to the Control Panel, select “Network & Internet”, and check the network status.

Did you notice the “no internet connection” message? Restart the router to fix this internet connection issue.

Additionally, the Asus router users need to update the firmware. Locate the IP address and the login details of the wireless router. Not aware of this router-related information? Right-click on the wireless name and select “Open Network and Sharing Center” from the menu.

Wait until the new window pops up, select “Connections”, and opt for the “Wi-Fi” option. Choose “Details” when the wireless network connection window opens. Head towards the “IPv4 Default Gateway” field to check the Asus router’s gateway IP. And, you can find the default login details in the label present at the device’s back.

Easy Steps – How to Setup Asus Router as Access Point

Connect the Asus router’s WAN port to the other router’s LAN port. Use the ethernet cable to link the PC with the Windows or macOS device. Open a web browser, enter the private gateway IP and press the Enter key.

Provide the login information when the next web page opens. Click “Sign In” to be directed to the Asus router’s setup wizard. Wait for a while until the Quick Internet Setup (QIS) page appears. But, you might not get this web page if you have configured the router before.

Follow these instructions on how to setup an Asus AiMesh router as an Access Point:

Enable the Access Point Mode

Are you setting up the Asus router as an Access Point first? Then, go for the “Advanced Settings” option and click “Operation Mode” afterwards. Choose “Access Point(AP)” mode from the different operational functions.

Opt for the “Save” option to open the Internet Operation Mode window. Locate the “Choose Operation Mode” section and consider choosing “Access Point mode” next. Choose Automatic IP to assign an IP address to the Asus router.

Generate Password and Network Name

Now, it’s time to set a new password and SSID for the AP router. Provide a unique network name, and then go to the “Wireless Security” section. Enter a secure password and enable “separate 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz”.

Add at least 10-12 characters to make the passkey hard to decode. Moreover, the Asus router users should combine letters, numbers and characters in the password. Avoid using passwords like “password” and “user”, and it makes the router vulnerable to data security threats. Once done, choose “Apply” after configuring the wireless settings.

Check the 802.11ax Standard

Asus’s AiMesh routers support 802.11ax Wi-Fi technology. It improves the device’s performance efficiency and provides ultra-fast throughput. Thus, enable the “802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6 mode” when the next web page opens up.

Some wireless routers might have generated connectivity issues when the AP mode is on. Install the latest wireless card drivers to resolve this error. Don’t know how to get the latest router firmware? Check the manufacturer’s website, and enter the model number.

It will display the latest firmware version available for the device. Click “Download”, open the file, access the web interface. Choose the “Firmware Upgrade” from the “Advanced Settings”. Select “Upload”, choose the firmware file and click “Open”. Asus will then complete the firmware update within 2-3 minutes. Contact an expert if you fail to upgrade the Asus router firmware.

Login to the Asus AP Router

After changing the Wi-Fi technology, a login page will appear. And, you need to set up a router account from there. First, provide a router login name, and then change the password immediately.

It will prevent unauthorised users from accessing the AP router’s network. Rewrite the password choose “Next” to complete the setup process in AP mode. The DHCP-assigned IP address will change once you set up the Asus router as an access point. Use the command prompt tool to find out the wireless router’s gateway IP.

How to Check if the Asus Router is Operating in AP Mode?

There are hefty ways to determine whether the device is running on Access Point mode. Access the web interface by entering the Asus router’s private gateway IP.  Tap on “Network Map” and navigate to the “Operation Mode” tab.

Can you see “Access Point (AP) Mode” there? This indicates you have successfully set up the Asus router as an access point.

Reset the router if “wireless router” is written on the operation mode. Additionally, you can go to the “Administration” section from “Advanced Settings”. Proceed to the“Operation Mode” section to check whether the wireless router is operating in AP mode.

But, these steps might vary depending on the Asus router model you use. Contact an expert if the router stopped working after enabling this mode.