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Eero Blue Light Blinking

How to Resolve Eero Blue Light Blinking?

Eero Blue Light Blinking

The blue light on your Eero router means that it is ready to pair with devices. So, it is not a problem in most cases. However, this blue light should not keep blinking continuously. If it does, then there is an issue with your Eero router. And, you can try some simple fixes to resolve this issue effectively.

You can usually fix the Eero blue light blinking all by yourself. If you need any help with that, try out the steps mentioned below to fix the issue. Apart from that, you can always reach out to a professional technician to inspect the problem.

Eero Blue Light blinking: Why does it Happen and How to Resolve it?

The continuous blinking of the blue light indicates an issue with connecting to other devices. And that might have quite a wide range of possible causes. Unless there is a hardware issue with your router, you can resolve this problem all by yourself.

Here are some steps you can take to do that:

Power Cycle the Router

Power cycling can fix various temporary issues with your router. And, you must try it out first before you move on to other solutions. After all, it can offer you an immediate solution to the Eero blue light blinking in many cases. Unplug the router from the power socket while it is running and let it rest for a minute.

Plug it back into the socket directly once you are ready. Then, wait for the regular time that the router needs to prepare itself. Check the router’s light and try out the next solution if the problem persists.

Check the Cable Connections

The pairing failure on your Eero router might have something to do with its cable connections. And that is quite a common cause of the Eero blue light blinking. So, you must make sure that you have set up all the cable connections properly. Ensure that all cables connected to your router are inserted firmly into the ports. You must also do that for the other end of the connection.

Fixing the connection can resolve the blue light blinking in many cases. But, if the blue light keeps blinking, you must consider a damaged cable as the cause. You must try using a different cable and then check on the problem in such situations. You might also want to check your internet service status before that.

Check for Internet Service Issues

The pairing issue on your Eero router might not always indicate a problem with the router. And, in some cases, it might simply occur due to a service outage. So, you must reach out to your internet service provider (ISP) and explain the problem to them.

If there is an outage, you must wait until the ISP fixes the issue from their end. Moreover, you need not always rely on your ISP to know about service issues. You can also log into your router account to look for such problems. Various websites on the internet can also help you detect service outages in your area.

Restart the Router’s Network

Does the Eero blue light blinking persist after trying the previous steps? Then, the problem might lie in your router’s network. In such cases, you can expect a solution by restarting the network.

But, how do you restart the network on your Eero router? If you are wondering, you need to use the app for that.

The smartphone app for your Eero router can help you fix many problems. And, it enables you to do that even when you are away from your router. So, you must download it if you have not done that already. Launch the app and set it up before going to the Advanced Settings on your account.

Click on the Restart Network option to refresh the network. This will resolve any temporary errors that have occurred in it. Then, you must make sure that the blue light stops blinking within a short time. If it does not, you can also proceed to reset your router.

Soft Reset Your Router

Unlike a factory reset, a soft reset does not restore the default settings on your router. Instead, it only removes the current network configuration and keeps the customisations. You can perform a soft reset by pressing and holding down the Reset button until a yellow light flashes.

Release the button once you see a flashing yellow light and make sure the light turns white. Then, check whether the Eero blue light blinking issue persists. If it does, then you might have to perform a factory reset for a solution.

Factory Reset the Eero Router

You should perform a factory reset, also called a hard reset, only as a last resort. After all, it will remove all customisations you had made on your router’s network. You can perform a factory reset using the Reset button as you did for a soft reset. But, you have to hold down the button for a little longer in this case.

Observe the light and look out for a blinking red light. Once you see that, it means the router has been reset. You must then proceed to set it up once again as per your requirements and preferences.

Update Your Eero WiFi System’s Software

An outdated software can cause various issues with your Eero WiFi system. And that includes the Eero blue light blinking among other problems. You must keep the software up-to-date if you want to avoid such issues. And, you can do that quite easily using the app.

Open the Eero app and navigate to the Software Update section in the Settings. Check whether an update is available and proceed with the update right away if possible. If the app does not show any updates, that means your Eero WiFi system is up-to-date.

Contact Customer Service

Are you unable to resolve the Eero blue light blinking issue by yourself? In that case, you must reach out to a professional for a solution. So, contact the Eero support team if none of the aforementioned could offer you an effective solution.