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How to Reset Spectrum Router

How to Reset Spectrum Router: 4 Easy Steps to Reset

How to Reset Spectrum Router

Depending on your requirements, you can set up your Spectrum routers in a wide range of ways. Not only that, but you can also easily reset it in a few simple steps whenever required. The information given below should help you do that if you are not sure how to proceed.

You might need to reset your Spectrum under various circumstances. And it can offer you a very effective solution to a wide range of issues.

There are various ways to reset the router, and you can proceed with any of them that you prefer.

Read to know how to reset Spectrum router and when to do it.

4 Ways to Reset Your Spectrum Router

Resetting your Spectrum router is quite an easy task, even when you are doing it for the first time. So, it will become even easier once you try the various methods to reset the device.

Here are the different ways you can proceed with resetting your Spectrum router:

How to Reset Spectrum Wi-Fi Router With External Modem?

Does your Spectrum router have a separate modem? If yes, then this is the method you must apply to reset the router.

You can also try the online resetting method if you find that more convenient. Otherwise, you must take the following steps to perform a reset:

Disconnect the Router and Modem From Power

You must unplug the modem from the power source first and simply unplug the power cord from the router. Remove the batteries from your modem if it uses any.

Make sure to disconnect the router and modem completely from their power sources. Then, proceed to the next step of the reset procedure.

Keep the Router and Model Idle for some Time

As you probably might have guessed, you need to start the router and modem again. But, you have to let them remain idle for enough time.

If you are wondering, you must leave the router and modem alone for at least a minute. Then, you can start them up again and complete the reset.

Power on the Router and Modem

Connect the router and modem back to power once you have let them rest for enough time. Wait for them to get ready for use, and then connect your device to the network. Then, make sure that the reset has been successful on your router.

How to Reset Spectrum Router With Built-In Modem?

Does your Spectrum router come with an in-built modem? Then, the steps for the reset are slightly similar to that for a router with an external modem.

Also, the procedure is shorter and simpler in this case. Here is how to proceed with resetting a Spectrum router-modem combo:

Unplug the Router from Power

Turn off the router, and unplug its power plug from the socket. As mentioned in the previous step, you must let the device remain idle for some time. In this case, you must wait for at least 2 minutes before you turn your router back on.

Turn On the Router after the Waiting Period

Turn on the router once you have waited for enough time. Check its status light to check whether it is ready for use. Connect your devices to the network once it is available and make sure everything is working fine.

How to Reset Spectrum Router Online?

You need not necessarily use the previously mentioned methods for resetting your Spectrum router. Instead, you can simply reset it using your web browser.

All you need to do is access your web management interface for doing that. Here is how to proceed with the online reset method using your browser:

Connect Your Computer to the Router

You must set up an ethernet connection with your router for accessing its interface. So, switch to an ethernet cable if you are not using one already. This will ensure a strong connection with your router while you are using its interface.

Open the Router’s Web Interface on Your Browser

You need to use the default gateway to access the router login page on your browser. So, find the default IP address of your router if you do not know it already.

Entering it in the browser should take you to the Spectrum router login page. Then, you must provide your admin credentials to open the web management interface.

Reset the Equipment

Open the Services and Equipment section in your Spectrum router’s interface. Then, go to the Internet tab and click on ‘Experiencing Issues?”.

Click on ‘Reset Equipment’ to perform a reset, and then continue using the router once you are done.

How to Reset Spectrum Router With the App?

In case you did not know, you can also use the My Spectrum app to reset your router. All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone from the app store. Then, open the app and set it up before logging in to your router’s interface.

Go to the Internet section of your router and click on Restart Equipment. Confirm your decision by clicking on the Restart button.

When to Reset Your Spectrum Router?

As mentioned earlier, resetting your router is a solution to many common errors in it. You might often face various performance issues due to misconfigurations on your router.

And, you might not always succeed in knowing which misconfigurations are causing the problem. A reset can help you resolve all misconfigurations by restoring all default settings. So, you must consider it as a viable solution in such situations.

Resetting the router is the last resort for almost all router problems except hardware issues. Apart from that, it can help you gain back access to your router when you have lost its password.

Problems to Check Before Resetting Your Router

Are you thinking of resetting your Spectrum router? Then, you must consider other possible solutions first. And, that includes scanning your computer for any viruses and malware.

The internet issues you are facing might also occur due to a third-party using too much data. Apart from that, you must also check for a power or service outage.