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Reset Asus Router RT-N66U

How to Reset Asus Router RT-N66U — A Step-by-Step Guide

Reset Asus Router RT-N66U

RT-N66U is envisioned to be the best dual-band wireless router. Thousands of people installed this device to get high-speed and uninterrupted internet services. This device offers a stable and reliable wireless connection to the users.

Asus included advanced technology in this Wi-Fi router to speed up data transferring. It improved the users’ media streaming and browsing experience. Besides, this N900 router has exclusive features, like Network Map and Traffic Managers.

RT-N66U provides different connectivity options and has an easy web interface. But, sometimes, this latest Asus product can generate networking problems. Reset the Asus router RT-N666U in certain circumstances to eliminate this error.

Additionally, reverting the router to its factory settings improves its performance and speed. Did you forget the Asus RT-N66U’s login credentials? Or, need to change the default password? Reset the wireless router immediately to enhance the network security.

What needs to be Considered Before You Reset Asus Router RT-N66U?

Every user should reset the Asus RT-N66U router once after the initial setup. It reduces the chances of data breaching events. This dual-band router delivers an average speed of 450mbps.

However, if it provides a slow internet connection, a reboot might not help. Reset the router immediately to resolve this complicated error. Moreover, you can clear the router cache after the reset. A router reset also removes the malware from the device.

But, before you decide to reset Asus router RT-N66U, check the following factors:

  • All configurations that you made while setting up the device will be erased.
  • Do you connect a DSL modem with the router? Then, you have to re-enter the ISP username and password to reconnect to Wi-Fi.
  • The default authentication methods will be removed.
  • You have to reset the security and DNS settings.

Methods to Reset Asus Router RT-N66U

Resetting a wireless router is easier than the wired one, and it takes less than a minute to restore the device’s previous configuration. Many take an expert’s help to reset the Asus router RT-N66U.

But, you can do that without any technical support. Moreover, several methods can be used to reset this home network router. Users can either use the reset button or web interface to do that. Before that, it is important to check the Wi-Fi status.

Update the router firmware and the web browser. Place the Asus RT-N66U router close to the computer. Connect the dual-band router with the Wi-Fi enabled devices using an Ethernet cable.

And, check the power connections to avoid further interference. Restart the router if the web page takes time to reload. Never unplug or turn off the device when resetting it; that could cause hardware damage.

How to Reset Asus Router RT-N66U from the Configuration Page?

First, the wireless router users need to open a web browser. Move to the URL bar, write, and press the “Enter” key. It will open the Asus RT-N66U’s login page. Provide the default username and password, which is “admin”.

Click “Log In” and wait for a while until the setup page opens. Then, locate the “Advanced Settings” section and click “Administration” from the menu. Head towards the “Restore/Save/Upload Settings” tab. Now, it’s time to go to the “Factory Default” tab to choose “Restore”.

A window will pop up on the screen with a confirmation message. Choose “Ok” to initiate the Asus router RT-N66U restoration process. It might take at least 2-3 minutes to complete the router reset.

Don’t close the configuration page until then, and because it might lead to internet dropping issues in this high-end wireless router. Now, restart the device re-access the configuration page to change the settings. Go to the “Wireless” tab, select “Security”, and enable SPI Firewall immediately.

Enable the QoS protection and IPv6 feature. Setup the VPN servers to create a secure network for remote users. Add more than six Guest networks for each wireless band. Additionally, you should change the encryption type to “WPA2-Personal”.

Enter a 10-12 character password there. Combine numbers, letters and special characters like “*#’ in the passkey. Provide a unique wireless network name and click “Apply” to complete the setup.

How to Reset the Asus Router RT-N66U using a Button?

Asus included a Reset button in the RT-N66U N900 router, allowing the users to revert the device’s settings in minutes. Usually, it is located at the device’s backside beside the USB port. Press this button with a small object for at least 5-10 seconds.

Disconnect the cables from the Asus router RT-N66U while holding the “Reset” button. Wait for a few minutes, and then reconnect the power resources. Release the button when the power LED light starts to blink.

None of the router LED lights should be on at this time. Wait until the power light stops flashing and the Wi-Fi LED turns on. This indicates you have successfully reset the Asus router RT-N66U. A setup page will appear on the connected wired devices.

Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the wireless router settings easily. Is the red power LED blinking after resetting the device? This indicates something is wrong with this dual-band router. Contact an IT expert to fix this problem immediately.

Difference between Resetting and Rebooting the Asus Router RT-N66U

One out of three router users tends to configure reset with a reboot. Though, many consider these router methods similar. But, a wireless router reset and reboot work differently. Rebooting can’t fix the connectivity issues, it can change the default settings.

Moreover, resetting the device can resolve the login issues. But, if you restart the device, you still need to provide the login details to access the device. Rebooting the router prevents overheating issues. However, Asus RT-N66U users can’t eliminate this issue by resetting the device.

Fail to Reset Asus Router RT-N66U? Here’s How to Fix it

Asus router users can’t reset the device with an incorrect IP address. Besides, incorrect login details can lead to this critical issue. Check the router manual to acquire this router-related information. Look at the RT-N666U’s backside to find the username and password. Otherwise, you can contact the router administrator to know these details.