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Reset Asus Router

How to Reset Asus Router Manually?

Reset Asus Router

Routers, modems, and switches are inseparable parts of the home and office networks. Asus routers are in demand for reliable network coverage, speedy internet access, and much more. However, any technical issue can disrupt the regular mechanism of your Asus router. Whether you’re facing consecutive Wi-Fi disconnects, troublesome network coverage, or anything else, then resetting is one of the reliable solutions.

If you are looking for how to reset Asus router manually, then you are in the right place. Manual reset of an Asus router is extremely required when you have forgotten the username and password that are the login credentials to the router’s web GUI.

Apart from hard reset or manual reset procedures, there is another process that you can execute to reset your Asus router. But, you have to use the web GUI of the router to execute the later process.

Therefore, you can utilise the process only if you can access the router’s web GUI. Let’s find out how to reset Asus router annually and much more.

Steps on How to Reset Asus Router Manually

In case you have forgotten the login credentials of the admin dashboard of the Asus router, then you can try this solution. Additionally, this is the quickest procedure on how to reset Asus router manually. There’s a dedicated button for resetting your Asus router and you can call it the Reset button.

You need to press and hold the Reset button for a while to achieve a successful manual reset on your router. Now, follow the guidelines below to execute the process without any trouble.

  1. Locate the reset button on your Asus router. Generally, this button is hidden on the rear panel of the router. Check the user manual of your router to get the right idea of the position of your router’s Reset button. It might slightly vary from one model to another.
  2. Once you have found the Reset button, get a paperclip or ballpoint pen to press and hold the button. Hold the Reset button for 5 to 10 seconds or until the LED starts blinking. While resetting the Asus router, no LED should be on or blinking at that time.
  3. When LEDs turn on, then it means that the reset process is complete. Now, you can enter the Asus router’s web GUI with default login credentials.

How to Reset Asus Router Manually through the Web GUI?

Now, the above procedure is not the only way to give your Asus router a manual reset. Instead of choosing the previous solution, you can reset your Asus router via the admin dashboard. However, you require the username and password to enter the web interface.

Otherwise, you have to check out the previous steps regarding how to reset Asus router manually. Well, here’s how you can reset your Asus router by signing in to the web GUI of the router:

Open the Web GUI of your Asus Router

The overall procedure is quite lengthy and that’s why we have divided it into a few sections. In this section, you will learn how to log into your router’s web interface. Here’s what you need to follow:

  1. Decide whether you would go for a wired or a wireless connection before you bridge your router and computer. Get an ethernet cable and plug it into both of your devices’ LAN ports for a wired connection.
  2. Otherwise, look for your Asus router’s wireless connection on your computer and connect to it. The SSID and password should be mentioned on the router.
  3. Now, come back to your PC and launch a browser. On the address bar of the browser, type the following web address: Instead, you can type the default IP address of your router and that is Next, press the Enter key.
  4. After that, provide the username and password to the Sign In prompt of your router’s web GUI.
  5. Ensure that you enter the default login credentials if you’re entering the dashboard for the first time. Click the Sign In button once you have entered the right login credentials.
  6. Click on the Administration tab from the Advanced Settings on the left pane. Next, tap on the Restore/Save/Upload Setting tab.
  7. Next, click the Restore button next to the Factory default option. A prompt will appear on the screen to confirm whether you want to continue with your decision. If you still want to restore factory default settings, choose the OK button.

Don’t hurry in quitting that window or tab while the router is getting a reset and reboot. Additionally, don’t turn off the router when it’s still resetting.

Points to Remember

When you finish the job regarding how to reset Asus router manually, you have to log in to the web GUI through the default username and password. So, if you want to continue with the previously set password and username, note them down before resetting your Asus router. In addition to this, you should check out other network standards and additional settings that you used before.

However, there are chances that all your router’s security data might get wiped if you go for the WPS Reset and UI Initialise options. If you want to keep all your data regarding AiProtection, Web History, and Traffic Analyser, then you should not mess with these two options. If you want to make a fresh start with everything, then you should go for a hard reset with the former two options named WPS Reset and UI Initialize.

If you want to reset only the internet settings, inclusive of the username, SSID, and password, then you need to go for the Restore option only. The Restore option will wipe out only the wireless settings.

Additional Tips Apart from How to Reset Asus Router Manually

When you are set to assign a new SSID to your router’s network, look out for one particular aspect. If your Asus router is a dual-band Wi-Fi router, then assign different SSIDs for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Moreover, go for a wired connection when you are setting up your router after a quick reset. Hopefully, the guide on how to reset your Asus router manually was helpful.