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How to Make Centurylink Internet Faster

How to Make Centurylink Internet Faster?

How to Make Centurylink Internet Faster

A slow internet connection is common to all router models out there. And, you might encounter it under various circumstances. In most cases, you can fix that all by yourself with some simple troubleshooting methods. However, you would need professional help in case there are any hardware issues with your router. Is your Centurylink router providing an insufficient internet speed? Then, we have some simple methods you can try out to make the network faster. So, read on to make Centurylink internet faster than ever.

Why is Your Centurylink Internet Slow and How to Speed it Up?

As you probably know, there are many possible explanations for a slow internet connection. And, that includes the number of devices connected to the network, interference, and device limitations among other things.

You need to apply the appropriate solution for the cause that applies in your case. Try out the following steps to improve your Centurylink internet connection:

Let Your Router Rest

Has your router been continuously working for a very long time? If yes, then you must give it some rest as you do with other devices. And, that can fix various issues that occur in the device’s processes. This is the first step you must take if you are facing a slow internet speed on your network.

Turn off your Centurylink router and let it remain idle for a few minutes. Then, turn your router back on and connect your device to the network.

Does it fail to provide an optimal speed again? In that case, you must check for background data usage.

Stop Background Data Usage

Apps using data in the background are a common reason for slow internet on your network. Various apps running in the background on your device might use a significant amount of data.

Closing as many of them as possible should resolve the issue in such cases. The steps for closing background apps might differ depending on the device you are using.

Are you using a smartphone? Then, check the apps that are open on your device and close the ones you do not need. If you are using a PC, go to the Privacy section in your Settings. Then, click on Background Apps and check which of them is using data. Disable as many of them as possible before checking on the problem.

Disconnect Some Devices from the Network

There might be too many devices connected to your Centurylink network. And that would surely increase data usage and slow down the internet. You should check the devices connected to the network and remove any unwanted ones in such cases. And, you have to access your router’s control panel to do that.

Most of the latest routers allow you to manage their networks with apps. And, you can use the Secure WiFi feature in the My Centurylink App to remove devices from your Centurylink network. Get the app if you do not have it on your phone already. Then, log into your account and go to the My Products section.

Open the Internet options and click on Connected Devices. Click on a device and select the Remove option to kick them out of the network. Close the app and check the internet speed once you are done.

Remove Interferences

Your router’s signals might face interference from nearby devices and networks. And, you must deal with them to fix the internet speed effectively.

Try out the following steps to remove any interference to your Centurylink Network:

Switch to an Ethernet Connection

Do you want an immediate solution to network interferences? Then, switching to an ethernet connection can provide you with one. Disconnect from the WiFi network and connect your computer to the router with an ethernet cable. There are other ways to resolve the issue if you cannot proceed with this step.

Change the Wireless Channel

The wireless channel you are using might cause network interference in many cases. This happens when other WiFi networks around you are using the same channel. In such situations, you must simply change the wireless channel for a solution. You need to log into your Centurylink router’s web interface to do that.

Open a web browser and enter your router’s default IP address there. Then, enter the username and password on the login page to open the interface. Navigate to the wireless settings section and check the channel in use.

Change it to a suitable option and log out of the interface. Then, check whether the slow internet issue persists on your network.

Move away Devices Causing Interference from the Router

Various electronic devices might cause interference to your router’s signals when placed near it. So, check whether there are any such devices near your Centurylink router. Relocate the devices you find to a location far away from your router. Then, check whether you are receiving an improved internet speed.

Disable Your VPN

Are you connected to a VPN server while using your Centurylink network? In case you did not know, your VPN can significantly slow down the internet on your device. So, you might want to use it only when necessary. You must disconnect from the VPN server right now if possible to fix the internet speed.

Launch the VPN app on your device and turn it off for a while. Then, open a browser and check your internet speed. You can also use the My Centurylink app to check the speed that your network provides.

Other Possible Solutions that Might Work

The steps mentioned above are usually enough to fix the Centurylink internet speed issues. But, they would be ineffective if the problem has something to do with device limitations. You might have to use a different device or router that provides a suitable speed as per your requirements.

Apart from that, you can also relocate your browser and scan your device for malware to get an immediate solution. If nothing else works, you must upgrade your router’s firmware or reset it. Contact your service provider if there seem to be hardware issues with your router.