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DHCP Error on Xiaomi Routers

How to Fix DHCP Error on Xiaomi Routers?

DHCP Error on Xiaomi Routers

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) assigns an IP address to your computer, which helps you access the internet. Moreover, you can’t access the internet if your device faces any DHCP-related issues. Now, such issues are quite common when you’re trying to access the web using a router.

Many Xiaomi router users have complained about the DHCP error on their devices. In case you’re facing the same problem, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have listed all the effective solutions for fixing the Xiaomi router DHCP error all by yourself.

Tricks to Sort Out the Xiaomi Router DHCP Error

It might require quite some time to find out what’s causing the DHCP error on your device. After all, there can be many possible causes behind it. So, you might simply want to apply some solutions until one of them works. In that case, here are some simple steps you must try out:

Restarting the Router

Pretty much all errors that you come across on your router are temporary. So, you can usually deal with them all by yourself. Moreover, there are some very simple ways to do so. Among other things, you must try simply restarting your device. Also, you might want to try this trick before moving on to others.

After all, this is a simple yet effective way to fix the Xiaomi router DHCP error. So, it can often fix the issue and help you save quite a lot of time. In case it doesn’t work in your case, you have many other solutions to try. 

Find and Fix the Issue with the Troubleshooter

In case you’re using a Windows PC, you can simply use the Troubleshooter to fix the error. For that, you must go to the Update and Security options in your Settings. There, you’ll find the Troubleshoot section. Open it and opt for running this tool for network issues.

Your device will then run a scan to find all network issues that exist in it. The Troubleshooter can find all the problems within a fairly short time. After that, it will automatically proceed with fixing them. In case it can’t do that, it’ll let you know what to do. So, you simply have to follow the instructions you see on the screen.

The Troubleshooter can usually fix the Xiaomi router DHCP error, in case it lies in your computer. But, it might fail to do so if the problem lies with your router. 

Reduce the Distance Between the Connected Device and Router

Are you using a wireless connection to access the web with your router? Then, you must make sure to keep the connected device within range. Otherwise, you might face issues while trying to connect to the internet. The distance between the router and the connected device can cause the Xiaomi router DHCP error.

In such cases, you must simply place the two devices nearby. As an alternative, you can simply switch to a cabled connection. This will make the connection stronger in case the devices are placed far from each other. 

Restart the DHCP Service

The Xiaomi router DHCP error could have something to do with the DHCP services in your case. In Windows systems, you can enable and disable the DHCP service from the Service section. Did the previously-mentioned methods fail to fix the error? In that case, you must consider restarting the DHCP service on your PC.

This trick has worked for many people and provided a long-term solution. So, go to the Services section on your PC and look for the DHCP services there. First, you need to make sure that it’s enabled. Then, disable it and wait for a minute before starting it again.

Check whether your device can access the internet once you’re done. In case the problem persists, there are very few viable solutions left to try. 

Configure your Router’s DNS Setting

The error that you’re facing might sometimes indicate that your router has a wrong DNS setting. In that case, you need to access your router and then check the DNS settings. You don’t need to have an internet connection to do that. Also, you must consider using a cable connection for this purpose.

You’d usually find the DNS in the DHCP section in your router’s interface. Then, enter the primary and secondary DNS that you want to use and log out. Once you’re done, check whether your computer can connect to the internet now.

What to Do if the Error Persists?

The Xiaomi router DHCP error might often persist even after you apply the aforementioned solutions. In such cases, you should contact tech support for a rigid solution. However, you do not get a viable solution, then reach out to a reliable third-party expert.