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AT&T WiFi Broadband Red Light

How to Fix AT&T WiFi Broadband Red Light?

AT&T WiFi Broadband Red Light

A red light on your router is usually followed by an interruption in your internet connection. If you have not started to use the router, the red light means the device is not yet ready.

So, you would have to wait until the light indicates an internet connection on your router. But, your router might take too long to find a connection or might fail to do so. If you are facing this issue, you are not alone, as this is a common router issue worldwide.

Does your AT&T router keep showing a red light? Then, you can take some simple steps to fix it effectively all by yourself.

In case of a hardware issue, you must contact a technician to inspect the device. Here, we will look at how to fix AT&T WiFi broadband red light with effective troubleshooting methods.

7 Best Troubleshooting Methods for the AT&T Broadband Red Light

Your router might face problems while connecting to the internet due to various reasons. So, you might not get an effective solution with the same method every time.

You can usually fix the red broadband light on your AT&T router with one of the following steps:

Restart the Router

As you might know, internet problems might often occur on your router due to an error. Regardless of the reason for the error, you can usually resolve it by restarting the router. So, you must try that out before proceeding with any other troubleshooting method. Turn off the router and leave it idle for some time.

Power on the router after a few minutes and check its broadband light. It should stop showing red once it connects to the internet. And, your router should usually connect to the internet within a minute after you turn it on.

Restart the Gateway

Are you using a gateway device along with your AT&T router? If yes, then the problem you are facing might lie in it. You can restart it as you did with the router in such cases.

Turn off the gateway and unplug the power cord from it. Then plug it back into the gateway after about 30 seconds.

Observe your AT&T router’s broadband light after restarting the gateway. Wait for it to turn green and proceed with the next step if it remains red. If it does not turn green, you must check whether there is a problem with the service.

Check for a Service Outage

Your router might fail to connect to the internet simply because of a service outage. And, it would show a red broadband light in such cases. So, you must reach out to your internet service provider (ISP) and check whether there is an outage.

In case of an outage, you would have to wait until the service is resumed. You should not find the broadband light remaining red after that.

But, what if there is no service outage? In that case, there are various other possible causes that you must consider. You must start by checking the cable connections to your router.

Fix Loose or Worn Out Cable Connections

If the broadband light keeps showing red, it might indicate an issue with the cable connections. You must especially check the internet cable connected to your router. Make sure that it is properly plugged into the router. You can also unplug it and plug it back in to refresh the internet connection.

If that does not do the trick, you must also check the cable for damages. After all, the cables you are using might get worn out with time. Replacing them should provide you with an effective and long-term solution in such cases.

Place the Router at a Better Location

The red broadband light on your AT&T router might also indicate a problem with the device’s location. It might face interference while trying to access the internet under various circumstances. And, changing the router’s location should remove the interference in most cases.

So, move the router to another location and check on the problem. Make sure there are no devices near your router if the red broadband light persists. In case there are any electronic devices placed nearby, that might explain the problem you are facing.

Move Away Devices Causing Interference

Your router might often face interference even when it is placed at an optimal location. And, that might usually happen when you have any electronic devices placed near it.

So, you must remove any such devices away from your AT&T router. And, that should effectively remove the interference that it is facing. But, this might not be enough to fix the problem in some cases.

Does the broadband light on your AT&T router remain red after you have removed all interferences? If yes, then it might have something to do with your router’s firmware.

Update Your AT&T Router’s Firmware

Your router might also fail to connect to the internet when it has outdated firmware. Apart from that, you would also face various other problems in such situations. And, that is what makes regular firmware updates an important requirement for maintaining your router’s performance. Updating the firmware should fix the red broadband light if the previous steps failed to do that.

You might have to access the web interface of your AT&T router to do that. Depending on the router model, you might also have the option to use the router app for this task. Also, many router models might allow you to find the latest firmware through the interface.

If your router does not provide that option, you can download the firmware file from the support website. Make sure to get the right firmware version for your router model.

What if You Fail to Troubleshoot the Issue?

Resetting your router to its factory settings might be the only viable solution, if the aforementioned solutions fail. You can do that easily by pressing the Reset button until the light flashes. If required, you must also consider reaching out to the AT&T support team.