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Fix Asus Router DHCP Error

How to Fix Asus Router DHCP Error?

Fix Asus Router DHCP Error

We can’t deny the fact that we are very much dependent on the internet. Without the internet, we won’t be able to do any important work – No matter if it is work from home, online classes, or conference meetings or even entertainment purposes. The Internet plays a major role in our working place. And if something goes wrong, it becomes very difficult for us to handle a situation.

For example, if the Asus router DHCP error shows up and suddenly stops access to the internet. Then, this issue with DHCP can be quite frustrating. The problem can look quite complex, but there are a few things that you can do to fix the problem. Further, we will also mention setting up an Asus router, so that you won’t face any problem further.

How to Fix Asus router DHCP error?

Dynamic host configuration protocol is also known as DHCP. It helps in managing your network and automates the process of configuring devices with an IP network. It is very easy to use and is equally supportive. But, if you see that it is not functioning properly, then the following steps will help you to deal with it.

Query Frequency

One of the most common mistakes that users make is while setting up the system. And,  might lead to this Asus router DHCP error. You just have to change the DHCP query frequency from aggressive to normal to rectify it.

Check the SH3

To boost the strength of the internet signal, SH3 is used. The default IPS have different SH3 values that are You need to make sure that the value remains the same. The WAN gateway address value is quite the same. Thus, make sure that you don’t mix them up. If you notice that the value is incorrect, you need to input the right one to fix the Asus router DHCP error.

Master Reset the Modem

You can also try to go for a master reset of the modem. Often by using the hard reset, most of the problems or issues are solved. The steps are given below:

  • First, you need to unplug the router from the wall. Then, press the Reset button, at least for a minimum of 15 seconds.
  • You will notice that the power indicator light will start flashing, which means the reset process is done.
  • Now, you need to reconnect to the network and then visit the router setup page.
  • Put the name and the password. After inputting all the information, click the Next button.

How to Set up the Asus Router Properly?

First, to make it a secure network, you need to make some changes to the default configuration. At the very moment, you need to install the router and then power it on. Also, in the process, you need your computer and ethernet cable. The rest process is given step by step, and they are quite easy to follow:

By Using Cable or Wire Connect the Modem

Over here, you have to connect the router with the modem to get the local network with an internet connection. Take the ethernet cable and connect it with the WAN at the back of the router.

The colour of the port would be either blue or grey. Now, connect the other end into the LAN port at the back of the modem. You will see that it is yellow in colour. Thus, this was all about connecting the router with the wired connection.

Connecting Power

You can use the power adapter that comes with the router. You need to connect the power source with the power cable like an outlet. Then, in the router’s power input, you have to connect the power cable which is also located at the back. Now, you will see that your router has been powered on.

Log in

After the second step, the third step is to launch the internet browser. And, for that, you need to type on the address bar. After that type the username and the password. Now, you can access the router configuration page. This will prevent the Asus router DHCP error.

Credential of the Router needs to be changed

After entering the router’s configuration, under advanced settings, you need to click on the administration option. Then, click on the System option to change the router login credentials. Now, type the new router login name and the new password. Even you need to confirm the selected password. Then, select the apply option to save the changes. You also have to change the SSID, the Wi-Fi password, and to keep your password secure, and you need to save all the changes.


These are a few points that will help you to fix the problem as well as reset the router accurately. Follow them accordingly. If you see that none of the steps works, then it indicates that there is a critical problem. So, you can take help from professionals to fix the Asus router DHCP error.