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Factory Reset Google Wi-Fi

How to Factory Reset Google Wi-Fi Devices — An Easy Guide

Factory Reset Google Wi-Fi

Google automatically wipes out the Cloud data from the Wi-Fi devices after 6 months. But, sometimes, it faces problems resetting the networking equipment for unstable internet connection. The Google Wi-Fi users need to restore the factory settings via a mobile app.

Moreover, the latest Google Wi-Fi devices have a built-in reset button. Use that to revert the device’s previous configuration.

But, when should you consider resetting the Google Wi-Fi devices? Reset the Google product when facing connectivity issues or IP conflicts.

If the Google Wi-Fi isn’t working properly, you should perform a factory reset. Resetting the router will remove the recently changed password or username. This indicates the users need to set up the Google Wi-Fi devices again to access the internet.

Have you reset Google Wi-Fi devices before? Follow this guide to know the different ways to do that:

Why Should You Reset Google Wi-Fi Devices?

There are different reasons to factory reset a Google Wi-Fi device. Resetting will solve the problem if routers fail to establish a reliable connection.

Do you want to clear all the browsing information from the router or AP? Reset the Google Wi-Fi device immediately to do that.

Moreover, every user should reset the Wi-Fi password after three months. Don’t use the default username, SSID and password. Hackers can easily get these details from the product label. And, they can access the home network and breach sensitive data. Increase the network and web security by resetting the Google Wi-Fi router.

3 Easy Ways to Reset Google Wi-Fi Devices

Certain factors need to be considered before you reset the Google Wi-Fi router. Ensure to place the smart Wi-Fi router close to the smartphone. Check if there is any wear and tear in the Ethernet cable.

If you find the network cable faulty, replace it immediately. Update the router firmware and the mobile app.

Don’t have the Google Home or Google Wi-Fi app? Open the PlayStore and install these apps to reset the devices easily. Connect the smartphone to the Google Wi-Fi network and follow these resetting methods:

How to Reset Google Wi-Fi Devices using the Google Home app?

When you factory reset the device from the app, it will delete all settings. Additionally, the Google Home app might remove the data from Wi-Fi points. It also deletes the data stored in the Cloud services. Note down the Google account details and open the app afterwards.

Navigate to “Wi-Fi” when the pop-up menu appears. Tap on “Settings” and opt for “Factory reset network”. Wait until the app displays the confirmation message, and choose “Ok” to start the reset. It might take several minutes to complete the resetting process.

Google Wi-Fi users might lose internet access during the factory reset. Don’t restart the router in such instances, which might damage the router’s hardware. Moreover, the Wi-Fi also might stop working after turning off the device in the middle of the reset.

The router will restart automatically after it completes the reset. And, its internet light will turn solid green after blinking for a few seconds. Open a web browser, and try to access any online site.

Is the web page taking time to load? Reboot the Google Wi-Fi device to fix this issue.

Can You Reset Google Wi-Fi points via the Google Home app?

Google Wi-Fi users can restore the Wi-Fi point using this mobile app. Turn on the smartphone, enable the Wi-Fi connection and open the Google Home app. Select the Google Woi-fi device name from the list and select “Settings”.

Choose “Factory reset Wi-Fi point” and tap on “Factory reset” afterwards. Close the Google Home app and restart the Android phone. Reconnect the device to the Wi-Fi and open it again. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the Wi-Fi points of the router.

How to Reset the Router using the Google Wi-Fi app?

The Google Home app might not support the old iOS devices. If you use an iPhone 5s or 4, install the Google Wi-Fi app instead to reset the device. Open the App Store, go to the search box and write “Google Wi-Fi”. Select the right app from the search results and click “Install”.

Open the Google WI-Fi app when the download is complete. Head towards “Settings”, tap on “Actions”, and select “Network & General”. Move to “Network” and go for “Wi-Fi points” when the new window appears. Choose “Factory Reset” and wait until the confirmation message pops up.

Tap on “Factory Reset”, and the Wi-Fi points will start flashing blue within a while. These status lights will turn solid blue after 10-12 minutes. And, you won’t be able to set up Wi-Fi points to a new network until the reset is complete.

The app will show you a “reset is complete” message after restoring the defaults settings. And, the Google Wi-Fi points will blink blue. And, this indicates the Google Wi-Fi device is ready to set up. Open the Google Wi-Fi app, tap on the plus (+) icon, and add the device to use the internet.

How to Reset Google Wi-Fi devices using Reset Button?

Google included a reset button in the advanced Wi-Fi routers. It is usually located on the device’s back panel. But, this might vary depending on the Google Wi-Fi router you use. Press this button with a paperclip for at least 8-10 seconds.

Release the reset button when the internet light starts flashing yellow. And, this status light will turn solid yellow once it starts the resetting process. It might take 10-12 minutes to complete the router reset. Don’t unplug the power cables or turn off the modem during this process.

The router’s internet light will turn solid white after restoring the factory settings. However, the Google device name will show in the Home app even after the reset. Open the app, tap on “Remove”, and add the device again. Create a new network, and set Wi-Fi points to use the internet without issues.

What Should You Do after Resetting Google Wi-Fi?

Unplug the Google Wi-Fi router’s power cords from the wall outlet. Plugin the power cables after a few seconds and set up the Wi-Fi configuration. Additionally, you need to sync the Google accounts on the Wi-Fi enabled devices. Change the security settings and Wi-Fi radio to enjoy uninterrupted internet services.