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Asus Router Optimized for Xbox

How to Enable Asus Router Optimized for Xbox?

Asus Router Optimized for Xbox

Asus Wi-Fi 6 routers allow the users to connect to gaming consoles, including Xbox. These devices come with high-end features, and “optimized for Xbox ” is one of them. Play the intensive battlefield games enabling this Asus router feature.

This gaming mode lets the gamers play without facing lagging or ping issues. But, you need to add the game servers to the Asus router’s setup page. Without that, accessing the Xbox games might be challenging.

Have you used the Asus router optimized for Xbox features before? Then, you might not know how to enable it. Most Asus router users consider a professional’s help to do that. But, you can do that without technical experience using the setup page.

Besides, the router users can enable the “optimized for Xbox” option from the Asus router app. Improve the gaming experience using this exclusive Asus router feature.

When Should You Enable the Asus Router Optimized for Xbox Feature?

Most of the Asus router users don’t know when to use it. Many enable the “Optimized for Xbox” feature when the 2.4GHz band is on. But, it can lead to internet dropping issues. Restart the Asus router and if that doesn’t fix this error, disable this gaming mode.

Only use this Asus gaming router feature when using the 5GHz radio. It will reduce the bandwidth latency and block the incoming traffic. Change the bandwidth frequency before enabling the “Optimized for Xbox” feature.

What should be done before Using the Asus Router Optimized for Xbox Mode?

Before optimizing Xbox’s performance, enable the port forwarding feature. Otherwise, you might face hindrances while playing online games. And, it is pretty easy to set up port forwarding in the Asus router.

Open a web browser, go to the URL bar and write the local IP address. Press the Enter button and wait until the login page opens. Enter the login credentials, click “Log In”, and go to “Advanced Settings” when the setup wizard opens.

Tap on “WAN” and head towards the “Virtual Server/Port Forwarding” section. Navigate to the “Add Profile” option select “External Port” to put the port number.

Write “3074” if you have connected the Xbox Live to the Asus router. Enter” 2302:2400.6073” while playing the Age of Empire game. Now, locate the “Enable Port Forwarding” option and select “Yes”.

Write the service name and the local IP address and set “Protocol” to “Both”. Can you see the Add/Delete option? If yes, tap on that and then choose “Apply to complete the router’s port forwarding process.

Requirements to Enable the Asus Router Optimized for Xbox

Certain factors need to be checked before using this Asus gaming router feature. You should first locate the router’s default gateway IP and login information. Connect the router and the gaming console via an ethernet cable.

Ensure there is no wear and tear in the ethernet or power cables. Replace these units if the router fails to detect Xbox One.

Update the router firmware from the admin interface. Check the power connection of the router, modem and console. Power cycle these devices if there are any connectivity issues. Place the networking equipment close to the Xbox. Install an updated version of the web browser before enabling “Optimized for Xbox”.

Easy Steps to Activate the Asus Router Optimized for Xbox Mode

Turn on the Asus router and the connected wireless devices. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes if the router’s power LED keeps blinking. Unplug the power cables, and reconnect them to the electrical outlet after a few minutes.

Additionally, you can reboot the Wi-Fi 6 router to resolve this complicated problem. Now, follow these steps to enable the “Asus router optimize for Xbox” feature:

Enter the Private Gateway IP

First, open a web browser, go to the address bar and write the local gateway IP. Press the Enter key to open the router’s login page. Did you get any error messages on the browser? It implies you have entered an incorrect IP address.

Enter “192,168.1.1” or “” in the URL bar to access the login page. Check the Wi-Fi properties from the Windows device if you don’t know the IP address.

Login to the Wireless Router

Enter the default login details when the next page appears. Click “Log In” or press the “Enter” key to open the setup wizard. But, the “page can’t be found” error message will pop up if you have provided an incorrect username/password.

Write “Admin “ in the password box and keep the “username” box blank. Tap on the “Sign In” option to access the router’s web interface.

Enable “Optimize for Xbox”

When the setup page opens, go to the “Advanced Settings” section and click “Wireless”. Then, navigate to the “General” section and locate the “Optimize for Xbox” option. Tick the checkbox, select “Apply”, go to the “WPS” tab and enable “WPA2-Personal”.

Set a new password for this security protocol. Then, choose the appropriate wireless band and click “Save”. Combine letters, numbers and special characters in that password. Ensure more than 10-12 characters in the router’s security key. Otherwise, the hackers can access the game servers easily.

Which Asus Router used the “Optimized for Xbox” Feature?

Asus included this gaming mode mostly in the latest wireless router models. This feature will increase the player’s gaming skills and tactics. Additionally, you can download the large game files within minutes.

Switching from one online game to another became easier with Optimized for Xbox. And, here is the list of Asus router which has this Xbox mode:

  • Asus EA-AC87
  • Dual-Band Wireless N900 Gigabit router
  • RT-N56U
  • SMTA Router
  • RT-AC66U AC1750
  • Asus RT-N16 Router
  • SRT-AC1900
  • Asus RT-AC53
  • RT-N53 Wireless router

Other Asus router Features the Xbox Users Should Use

Apart from “Optimized for Xbox”, the Asus router has many features that ensure an optimal game connection. Enable the “QoS” feature from the configuration page for a lag-free gaming experience. It will be under the admin panel’s “Traffic Manager” section.

Additionally, you should use the WTFast feature to route to the game connection. Contact an expert if you fail to access the Asus router game features.