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Connect Router to Telephone Line

How to Connect Router to Telephone Line?

Connect Router to Telephone Line

The wireless router users can’t connect their devices to a landline without a DSL modem. This is why you should first get a DSL modem and a router with an Ethernet port. Choose a data plan and make unlimited calls from the telephone line.

Most users contact the ISPs to install the landline in the home or office. Usually, the ISPs charge an installation fee to do that. Save the money by establishing a connection between the router and the landline. Ensure the VoIP phone is compatible with the Wi-Fi router to avoid inconvenience.

The latest wireless routers have more than one phone jack. Thus, you can connect more than two landline phones to these devices. Check there is no wear and tear on the network cable. Otherwise, the router might fail to identify the DSL connection.

Have you used a VoIP phone before? Follow this guide to know how to connect the router to a telephone line:

Factors to Consider Before You Know How to Connect Router to Telephone Line

It’s important to understand a few things about the VoIP phone and router. The router’s speed or phone’s connection type can affect the wireless connection. And, it can also prevent you from making voice calls.

Check the following requirements to get uninterrupted services:

Network Speed

An unstable internet connection can decline the calling experience. Unplug the wireless router’s power and ethernet cables if the Wi-Fi is slow. Additionally, you need to unplug the modem’s cables. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and reconnect the router’s power cords to the wall outlet.

Plugin the modem’s cables and check if the internet LED is flashing green. It indicates the router is providing high-speed internet. And, if the connectivity issues persist, change the router’s position. Place the modem close to the home phone to fix this problem.

Connection Type

The VoIP phone can’t be connected wirelessly to the router. Thus, you will need a compatible ethernet cable to establish the connection. Ensure it functions properly and works with the DSL modem. Besides, some modems have a phone jack while others don’t. Get a modem that has voice-over IP landline support to connect it to the router.

Wi-Fi Standards

The advanced routers have different Wi-Fi standards, including 802.11a and 802.11m. All these standards transfer data at different speeds. The 802.11n protocol offers the highest internet speed out of these Wi-Fi standards. Choose a router that has a data transmission speed of 940Mbps. It ensures the users get a hassle-free voice connection.

Easy Steps on How to Connect Router to Telephone Line

It is pretty simple to connect the Wi-Fi router to VoIP phones. Place the router, modem, computer and the landline phone close. Ensure these device’s power cables are connected to the electrical outlet. Turn on the switch and follow the below-mentioned instructions:

Turn off the Wi-Fi Router

Power off the wireless router by unplugging its power cables from the outlet. Wait until all the status light stops blinking. This indicates the router has stopped working, and there is no internet connection. If the device’s power LED is flashing green, replace its power cables immediately.

Connect the Modem and Router

Did the landline phone have Ethernet cables? Connect its one end to the router’s ethernet port. And, plugin the other end to the DSL modem’s port. It will establish a reliable connection between these two networking devices. However, consider buying one if the home phone doesn’t have an ethernet cable.

Connect the VoIP phone to the Router

Now, it’s time to connect the telephone line to the router via an ethernet cable. Are you thinking about where to plugin this network wire? Look at the Wi-fi router’s back and search for the phone adapter port.

In most routers, this port is labelled as “Phone 1”. However, this might vary depending on the router model you use.

Additionally, you will need another ethernet cable to connect the PC to the router. The latest router has multiple ethernet ports to connect the wired devices. If the router doesn’t have enough ports, replace it with a new one.

Turn on the Modem and Computer

After setting up the phone connection, reconnect the modem’s power cords to the outlet. Wait until the indicator lights turn green and restart the computer afterwards.

Choose the correct Wi-Fi name and check if you can connect to the internet. Is the web page taking time to load? Open the Wi-Fi menu, tap on “Disconnect”, and select “Connect after a few minutes.

Power on the Router

Connect the router’s power cables when the modem’s status light becomes stable. Its DSL, power and internet LED will flash green. Additionally, the router’s LAN light will also blink after connecting it to the modem and phone. Restart the router if the DSL or power LED is flashing red. It indicates that something is wrong with the router or DSL modem.

Check the Landline Connection

Once you turn on the router, check whether the landline is working or not. And, you can do that by lifting the receiver and ensuring there is a dial tone. Or, you can try to call someone to test the voice quality or clarity. Make a call from the smartphone on the landline number. If the home phone rings, this indicates that it is connected to the router.

Failed to Connect the Router to the Telephone Line? Here’s How to Fix it

Sometimes, you might get technical issues while connecting these two devices. And, there are several reasons behind that. It could trigger using an updated router firmware. Install the latest firmware for the wireless router to fix the problem.

Besides, this error occurs for an incorrect LAN configuration. Change the LAN settings to connect the router to VoIP phones without hassle. Enable the QoS settings for VoIP and disable the port forwarding feature.

A small amount of packet loss can cause VoIP communication issues. Run a ping test to check the quality of the network connection. Reset the router if it has less than 7Mbps speed. And, contact a router expert if the voice connection issue persists.