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linksys router setup without cd

How to Complete Linksys Router Setup Without CD?

linksys router setup without cd

Setting up a router is the best way to ensure a good internet connection for multiple computers. Regardless of the brand or model, routers are quite easy to set up. And, you might usually need to complete this procedure with a CD. But, you can do that without a CD as well, as we shall see.

Have you lost or damaged your Linksys router’s installation CD? In that case, you can simply proceed with the setup by another method. The same applies in cases where your computer is missing a CD drive or the drive is damaged. In either case, you can follow the methods we have given below for Linksys router setup without CD.

Methods for Linksys Router Installation Without CD

There are many alternative ways to set up a Linksys router other than using a CD. You can simply use the Linksys Connect Setup Software for this task. Apart from that, you can also do it manually. So, here are the methods you can try out for Linksys router setup without CD:

With the Linksys Connect Setup Software

Some of the Linksys router models support the Linksys Connect software. So, you can use this software to easily set up those models.

  • Download the Linksys Connect Software

You need to visit the Linksys Support website to get the Linksys Connect software. There, you must enter the model number of your router. Then, open the Downloads/ Firmware section and select your hardware version. You must find the latest setup software for your router there and then download it. But, before that, you must agree to the license agreement that pops up on the screen. 

  • Install and Run the Program

Find the setup file and double-click it to run it. Check the box that says you have gone through the License Agreement and other information. You can also set the language given at the bottom left side of the screen. Click on Next to continue to the next step after you are done. Then, connect the router to power and connect it to your computer using the blue cable. Click on Next to start configuring the network. 

  • Set Your Router’s SSID and Password

After configuring the network, the software will show an SSID and password. This is generated automatically, and you can change it if you want to. Set any name for your router network, and make sure to set a strong password as well. Also, you can change this information later by logging into the router’s interface.

The software will identify your network type and ask you for your account name and password. You must contact your internet service provider for subsequent help.

  • Wait for the Confirmation Window

After entering the required information, the setup software should show a confirmation window. And, it will let you know that you are connected to the internet. You must click on OK and close the program after that. So, your Linksys router is now ready to use.

With a Cable Internet Service 

You can also use your cable internet service for setting up your Linksys router. And, for that, you must go to the web-based setup page. Here is how you must proceed with this method for Linksys router setup without CD: 

  • Connect the Modem and Router

Before you connect the devices, you must ensure that your internet connection is active. And, for that, you must connect the modem to your computer first. If you find an active connection, connect the modem and router with the cable. And, the cable modem should go into the router’s WAN or internet port. 

  • Connect Your Computer and Router

After connecting your router to the modem, you must connect it to your computer. You can use any of the numbered ports of the router for this. Also, you must use an ethernet cable to ensure a stable connection during the setup procedure. 

  • Access the Web-based Setup Page

Enter the router’s IP address in the search box of your browser. This should take you to the login page of your Linksys router. Then, enter the default credentials of your router model to access the interface. You can then proceed with the setup by going to the Setup section. Opt for enabling the MAC Address Clone and copy the registered MAC address to the router. 

  • Check the Internet Connection Status

Open the Status tab on your router’s interface to check the internet connection status. Also, make sure you have selected automatic configuration in the internet connection type. Do you see the IP address given as “” in the Status? Then, you must opt for renewing the IP address. Your router should be able to connect to the internet after that, and if it cannot do so, you must power cycle it.

With a Static IP Account

This is yet another simple way to set up your Linksys router model. To proceed with this method, you must connect the router to your modem and the computer. And, for that, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the previous method. After that, you need to access the router’s web interface the same way as mentioned above.


Open the Setup page in your router’s interface and go to the Internet connection type. Then, opt for Static IP and enter the values given there that are provided by your service provider. Next, click on Save Settings once you are done.

After you complete this step, you should access the internet with your router. But, if you cannot, then you must power cycle the router. If the problem persists, then you might want to reach out to a professional.

Cannot Setup the Router Properly?

You can apply any aforementioned methods for Linksys router setup without CD. In case you are facing internet connection issues, you can reset the default settings on the device. Then, you can go through the setup procedure manually once again. You can also simply seek help from an expert for this task as an alternative.