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How to Block HTTPS Sites in Asus Router

How to Block HTTPS Sites in Asus Router?

How to Block HTTPS Sites in Asus Router

Malicious websites take up a significant portion of threats that your computer faces while online. These websites inject viruses and malware on your computer once it connects to them. So, you need to avoid connecting to the vast number of malware-ridden websites on the internet. Most of the latest router models allow you to block harmful web pages from your device.

Are you wondering how to block https sites in Asus router? Then, the methods we have mentioned here should be quite helpful to you. We can also help you with how to identify malicious sites.

Block Websites Using Your Asus Router’s UI

You can simply use the web-based interface to block malicious websites on your Asus router network. And, here is how you need to proceed with that:

Log In to Your Asus Router

Depending on the model you are using, you might need to use various default gateway for accessing the UI. Check the router’s label if you do not know its default IP address. You can also find your router’s default gateway through your WI-Fi settings.

Set up a Connection with the router

You must connect your computer to the router with an ethernet cable to access the interface. So, turn on your router and set up a connection with it once it is ready. Then, open any web browser on your computer to access the interface.

Go to the Asus Router Login Page

You need not necessarily use the default gateway for accessing the login page. Instead, you can simply enter “” in the search box. This should take you to your Asus router login page. If it does not, then you must check for connection issues with your router.

Use your Admin Credentials

Once you access the login page, you need to use your credentials to access the UI. So, enter the username and password in their respective fields to continue. Then, you can proceed with setting up optimal security from malicious websites.

Enable Malicious Sites Blocking

The latest Asus routers come with a separate feature dedicated to block malicious websites. Apart from that, you can also find other advanced features to protect your router.

Open AiProtection

You can find the option to block malicious websites in the AiProtection feature. This feature is located in the General section of your Asus router’s UI. You will see the Network Protection and Parental Controls option in the AiProtection tab. In this case, you need to opt for the former to block malicious websites.

Enable the AiProtection feature

Once you open the Network protection feature, you will see a wide range of features listed there. You can enable or disable any of them as per your preferences.

Do you find the AiProtection toggled off? Then, you must enable it and accept the license agreement if it appears. All the features listed below would remain disabled until you enable AiProtection.

Toggle on Malicious Websites Blocking 

The Malicious Websites Blocking feature should activate once you enable AiProtection. But, as mentioned before, you can opt for disabling it manually. So, turn it on if you find it turned off at the moment. Your router will then start blocking any malicious websites from your network that it detects.

Set up Parental Controls on Your Network

Are there any children using your router network to access the internet? Then, you might also want to set up parental controls if you have not already. This will help you avoid harmless but unwanted websites as well.

Open the Parental Controls

Go to AiProtection as mentioned previously and click on Parental Controls. This will open a new window with information about the feature and some options. You will find two tabs – Web & Apps Filters and Time Scheduling on this window. And, you need to open the former one to block https websites.

Enable Web & Apps Filters

Do you find the Web & Apps Filters feature disabled? Then, enable it and select the type of content you want to block. Also, select the user you want to block them for. This should prevent your child’s device from accessing all the selected types of sites.

Block Websites With the Asus Router App

Most of the latest Asus router models come with app support. And, that offers you a lot of convenience in managing and monitoring your network. Here is how to block https sites in the Asus router with a smartphone app:

Get the Asus Router App

You can install the Asus Router App from the app store on both Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is simply install it on your smartphone and open it. Add your router to the app to proceed with blocking malicious websites.

Log In to Your Router

The login procedure for the app is similar to that of the web-based UI. Enter your admin credentials to open the management options. You would find the interface of the app a bit different from that of the web-based one. But, it is as simple as the latter.

Open AiProtection

Open the Settings tab by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom. Then, click on AiProtection, usually the second option from the top. This will open a new window to enable AiProtection and its features.

Enable Malicious Sites Blocking

To enable malicious site blocking using the app, and you need to enable AiProtection first. So, make sure the AiProtection is turned on, and then check its features. Enable the Malicious Sites Blocking feature if it does not turn on automatically. Your Asus router network is now safe from all malicious web pages on the internet.

How to Identify a Malicious Website?

Your Asus router can do all the work required if you enable the AiProtection feature. So, you probably do not need to identify malicious sites all by yourself. But, you can find specific signs on all malicious sites. They usually have “http” in their URL instead of “https”. And, they mostly have a bad structure and content quality. Apart from that, they would also show you fake virus alerts and prompt you to download any software.