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How Do I Find My Asus Router Username and Password?

Asus AC2400

The credentials of your Asus router are essential for accessing the user interface. Especially so if you want to use the web-based UI for making any changes to the network. Apart from that, you would also need the username and password to add your router to the Asus Router app.

Have you lost or are unaware of your Asus router’s credentials? Then, you might have the question, “how do I find my Asus router username and password?” in mind. In that case, you are not alone, and many other users often face the same situation.

But, you need not worry as we have the information you need to find your Asus router’s credentials.

Finding Your Asus Router’s Default Username and Password 

Have you customised the password and username of your Asus router? If not, then it is probably using its default credentials. In that case, you can know the username and password quite easily. Give one of the following methods a try to accomplish that:

Check the Sticker on the Router

The default credentials are crucial for accessing your router for the first time. And that is why manufacturers usually print them on a sticker and paste it on the device. So, you must check the sticker on your Asus router for its login information. It should contain the default username and password, among other details.

You must also note the default IP address if you did not know it. After all, you might need it to access the login page for the web interface. Then, use the information you find on the sticker to access your router in a few easy steps.

Go to the Asus Login Website

Looking for another way to find your Asus router’s login credentials? Then, you must enter “ “ on your browser. You will find multiple tabs on the website that open on your screen.

In this case, you need to click on the one titled Select your Asus router model from the drop-down menu and opt for finding the password.

This is another simple way to know your Asus router’s default credentials. But, you must note that you cannot find the customised credentials with this method. Also, the task gets tricky if you want to find the customised username and password.

What if You Have Forgotten the Customised Credentials?

Are you trying to find the customised username and password for your Asus router? If yes, then you can find some software tools to accomplish that. However, most router users might find those tools quite difficult to use. And, you might risk making the problem more complex by using such software.

So, the answer to “how do I find my Asus router username and password?” is different in this situation. Rather than finding the customised credentials, we suggest you restore the default ones. Then, you can easily use them to access your router anytime. Also, you can simply set a new username and password after that.

Reset Your Asus Router

Resetting your router would restore all its factory settings. So, you would also need to set up your network all over again. However, this is probably the most viable option in your situation.

You might want to proceed with it without further delay. The Reset button is located at the rear panel of your Asus router. Depending on the model, it is located inside a pinhole.

So, press the button with an object that can reach the button and hold it for about 10 seconds. Your router lights should turn solid green to indicate a reset. Then, you must wait for about 2 minutes for the device to reboot. Once your router restarts, you can access it using the default credentials.

Log In to the Router

You can access your router right away once you have reset it. Connect it to your computer over an ethernet connection and open a browser on your device. Type and enter its default IP address in the search box to reach the login page. Alternatively, you can also go to “” for this task.

Enter your router’s default credentials on the login page. Find them with the previously-mentioned method first, if required. You can proceed with the setup once you have logged in to the interface. And, you can enter new credentials for your router as a part of that procedure.

How to Change Your Asus Router’s Username and Password?

The latest Asus routers have a very simple interface that you can use for making various changes. You can log in anytime you want to change the existing username and password.

Open the interface with the aforementioned steps and go to the Admin Settings section. Go to the System options given there and opt for changing the password. Enter the password you want to use and confirm it in the field below. Then, click on Save to start using it.

As for the username, you can simply keep using “admin” as it is easier to remember. After all, the password does all the work protecting your router and not the username. You can change the SSID for your network from the General section of the interface.

What if You Fail to Access Your Asus Router?

Failure to access your router’s interface might indicate various problems. And, a bad connection is quite a common one among them. So, you must ensure a stable connection with your router. Disable the router’s firewall if it is not letting you access the router’s login page.

You might need to use a different device for doing that. Also, the problem might often have something to do with the browser. So, switch to another browser and see if that does the trick.

Contact an Expert

You can usually find your Asus router’s username and password all by yourself. But, you might face various problems while following the aforementioned instructions. In such situations, you might risk complicating the issue further by taking further steps. So, hiring a reliable technician might be the most viable solution.