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Use a Belkin Router as Repeater

How Can You Use a Belkin Router as Repeater?

Use a Belkin Router as Repeater

Belkin routers are one of the most reliable and popular networking components. Well, most Belkin routers have another special feature: the capability of getting converted as a repeater. Belkin Wi-Fi routers have a dedicated mode called the Wireless Distribution System, and you can use it to make a Belkin router as repeater in your house.

A single Wi-Fi router might not be enough when you have to cover a comparatively larger area for wireless networks. Then, you might have to rely on a repeater or Wi-Fi extender to broadcast Wi-Fi signals across your house.

With Belkin routers, you can create a comprehensive wireless network for your entire home. Additionally, you’ll get an extra area covered with the same SSID or wireless network name.

You can use any router as your main router and get another Belkin router as repeater. This particular functionality of the router is termed bridging. Bridging means connecting multiple routers and broadcasting the same wireless network name.

Any network-enabled device can connect to the bridged devices as access points in the wireless network range. Let’s check out how to convert a Belkin router into a repeater.

The Process to Use a Belkin Router as Repeater

Dead ends in your home might be bothering you. But, not anymore when you can use a Belkin router as repeater. However, you might not be aware of how to bridge your Belkin router to the main router and use the Belkin router as a repeater.

This guide will tell you how to set up your Belkin router and let it execute its repeater properties:

Make the Proper Connection

No matter which Belkin router you’re going to use as a repeater, ensure that it can serve you with the desired functionality. If it doesn’t have the required wireless bridging support, it can’t bridge with your existing router. So, check out the official website of Belkin routers to find out whether it can serve as a repeater.

The same applies to your main router. Examine its features and observe if it can support wireless bridging. Or else, you can’t bridge two or more routers and use them as repeaters all over your home or office.

Once you are confirmed about the feature of the Belkin and your main router, you can proceed with the upcoming steps. You have to use an ethernet cable and plug its one end to your main router.

Take another end of the same ethernet cable and plug it into the LAN port of the computer. Make sure that you use a LAN port only while inserting the ethernet cable into your computer.

Connect to the Web GUI of the Main Router

Next, you have to log in to the web admin portal of the main router. So, open a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox. Then, you can move the cursor to the browser’s address bar. You need to type the IP address of your main router on the address bar to sign in to the web interface of the prime router.

This is a very important step to use your Belkin router as repeater. If you’re using another Belkin router as your prime router, the default IP address is Otherwise, you have to use the dedicated IP address of your router. Once you enter the login prompt of the main router’s web portal, you need to provide login credentials.

Afterwards, you need to click the Login button and then Submit option.

Note Down your Router’s MAC Address

After you have successfully logged in to the web interface of the main Belkin router, head towards the Status page of the router. Next, go to LAN settings and check out the router’s MAC address. You can either note down the MAC address of the router or simply copy-paste it into a Notepad file.

If you want to copy the MAC address instantly, just select the MAC address and go for the key combination: Ctrl+C. When it’s time to paste it, go to the Notepad or document and paste the address by pressing the Ctrl and V keys altogether.

You can discover the same MAC address of the router on the router. There should be a sticker on the router with the MAC address. Or, you can check the router’s packaging box or user manual.

Check out Additional Information

To securely use your Belkin router as repeater, you should have some in-depth information about your router and its wireless network. Go to your main Belkin router’s Channel and SSID option on the web interface.

Note down both this information or copy-paste them in the same way. If you’re not using a Belkin router as your main router, then this step might vary.

Go for Wireless Bridging

Choose the Wireless Settings from the interface and select the Wireless Bridging option. Check the box right next to the ‘Enable Wireless Bridging’ option. Opt for the ‘Enable only specific access points to connect’. If you skip this, any router can be assigned as a repeater when within the specified range.

Now, you have to enter the MAC address of the main Belkin router in the AP1 box. And, you should enter the MAC address of the Belkin router that you want to use as a repeater in the AP2 box. The secondary Belkin router’s MAC address is available on its packaging box. You can add more routers in other boxes if you add more repeaters. Proceed with the Apply Changes option.

Lastly, Configure the Secondary Belkin Router

Now, you have to configure the second Belkin router just the way you logged in to the web interface of the main router and configure its SSID. Ensure that you keep the same SSID as the main router’s SSID.

Save the changes and reboot both routers by detaching their power cords from the electrical outlet. Let them rest for 5 minutes or so. Now, you can use your secondary Belkin router as repeater.