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HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP Camera Outdoor 720P Night Vision: Everything You Need To Know To Handle It Better

An Internet Protocol or IP camera is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and transmits image data over the Internet. They are usually used for monitoring. Unlike analog CCTV cameras, you don’t need a local DVR, you just need a LAN. Monitoring your home security solution from outside can protect and protect your home in a convenient and economical way. However, there are several filtering methods, and not all homes have the same appearance requirements. So, you can choose the HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP Camera Outdoor 720P Night Vision. This is an IP camera and CMS software can work on 64-bit systems, but not work on Internet Explorer. Now, in this article, you will get a brief description of the HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP Camera Outdoor night version and also you can understand how to handle it better.

What Is HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP Camera Outdoor?

HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP Camera Outdoor 720P Night VisionThis is the IP camera with a DVR. There is a metal case to prevent damage. This happens with the detection of email notification behavior. You can view P2P free cloud storage directly using remote login from a mobile phone. Furthermore, better image quality with the Blue Iris and Hikivision means you can get the best IP camera on the street. This surveillance camera is equipped with a waterproof feature. It includes a 1-megapixel lens with the help of that a clear image is produced in all lighting conditions.

Key Features

You need to consider these key features whenever you are planning to buy this product. Below we have shared some key features of this IP camera.

  • IP Camera.
  • P2P cloud server.
  • Six mm lens.
  • Remote monitoring is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Metal body.
  • IR visibility up to 15 meters.
  • Night vision up to 66 m.
  • Choose 2 colors.

Benefits Of HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP Camera Outdoor

With the invention of HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP Camera Outdoor 720P Night Vision, the analog camera has to become outdated. However, they are a good opportunity for your security system and help you identify suspicious areas. Here are four advantages of IP cameras for video surveillance systems.


IP cameras can take pictures from 1 to 5 megapixels. In other words, the image quality is very clear, so you can easily identify the person in the displayed photo. Analog cameras usually take up about half a megapixel. This IP camera has a wider field of view than analog cameras.


Typically, analog cameras use a coaxial cable that transmits video directly to a VHS VCR, or digital video recorder (DVR), which converts analog signals to digital memory signals. However, the problem is that there are many ports where a VHS or DVR can record a camera.

Video Analytics

Video analytics change the dynamics of the materials that are present everywhere. Moreover, this will allow you to receive notifications about your personal device when a threat is detected. In fact, You can also set up this IP camera to automatically record when the motion is detected. Video analytics can help you track and deliver your business within hours. If threats are detected at home, only beeps and data are sent to your phone.

The Ease Of Installation

HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP Camera Outdoor 720P Night Vision reviewAlthough many people are incredible, the existing IP video security system is easy to install. Today, most IP cameras are connected devices and webcams on your computer. The cabling is also easier. However, an analog camera with one cable that can only transmit video signals requires a separate power cable. HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP cameras, however, use cables that can be used for anything. Since this IP camera works on the network, there is no need to use cables on the DVR.


  • Server storage extension.
  • Crystal pics.
  • Versatility.
  • Enhanced Resolution.
  • Very high security.
  • Easily install this IP camera.


  • High cost.
  • Low storage capacity.


Overall, this HOSAFE 1MB1W HD IP Camera Outdoor night version is one of the most popular cameras that may available in the market. In short, you will get an outstanding result with this camera.