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Heroku Router at=error code=h12

What is Heroku Router at=error code=h12 & How to Resolve it?

Heroku Router at=error code=h12

Error codes make it considerably easier for you to identify the issue with your router. After all, your router might face quite a wide range of problems, owing to varied causes. So, identifying the problem can help you know which issues might be causing it. And, that can save you some time in fixing as well as preventing the technical glitch in the near future.

Your Heroku router might show a wide range of error codes quite often. Do you see the  Heroku router at=error code=h12 while using the device? In case you’re wondering, this indicates a request timeout. And, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an effective solution to this error. The solutions listed below should help you resolve the H12 error quite easily.

Request Timeout On Heroku Routers: Causes and Solutions

Various issues with your computer or router might cause the request timeout error. But, this issue is comparably easier to fix than many other router errors you might come across. So, here are some common causes behind the Heroku router at=error code=h12 and the solutions to apply in each case:

  • You’re Uploading a Large File

The Heroku router at=error code=h12 might often show up when you’re using a certain web app on your device. Moreover, it might occur quite frequently when you’re uploading a large file. Are you trying to upload multiple files? In that case, you must consider uploading them one by one.

If you’re uploading one large file, it’ll take some time to finish the process. But, what if you see the error code H12 during the upload? In that case, it might indicate an issue with the internet connection. 

  • Slow Internet Connection

Are you using a wireless connection with your Heroku router? In that case, you must try bringing the router and place the connected device nearby. This might improve the connection and fix the error. Apart from that, you can also use an ethernet cable to speed up the internet.

Have you connected multiple devices to the router? If yes, then you must disconnect some of them to improve the speed. Also, check whether you’ve set a data cap limit. In case you have, then simply increase the limit or disable it. 

  • Heavy Tasks

You might often come across the Heroku router at=error code=h12 while performing a heavy task over the internet. Now, this issue might occur under various circumstances. Regardless, you can make handling such heavy tasks a bit easier for your device. And, for that, you must simply let them run in the background.

Are you running multiple demanding tasks on your computer? In that case, try to shut down as many of them as possible. After all, your device would surely find it easier to complete them one at a time. And, this might also prevent the Heroku router H12 error on your device. 

  • Browser Cache and Cookies

Do you face the request timeout error while trying to access a certain webpage on the internet? In that case, you might consider the cache and cookies as the cause. As you know, the cache and cookies store certain information from the websites you visit.

Now, this information usually becomes outdated after a certain period. This mainly happens when the content on the website changes. In such cases, you’ll have trouble reaching the site due to the cache and cookies. So, clearing them might help you fix the issue in many cases.

  • The Firewall Blocks Replies to the Ping

Windows users might often face the Heroku router at=error code=h12, on their Heroku router due to the firewall. As it happens, your firewall might often restrict harmless connections from accessing your device. Also, it might prevent your computer from receiving replies to ping commands. And that terminates the connection, resulting in a request timeout error.

So, you can fix the issue quite easily in such cases. You simply need to disable the firewall and then proceed with the task you were performing. This should resolve the error effectively, provided that you’ve correctly identified the cause. Also, you can apply this solution whenever the firewall causes any problem. 

  • Outdated Browser

Do you get the error code H12 while using a web browser? In that case, the issue might lie in the browser itself. So you must try updating the browser and see if that resolves the error. You can get regular updates for pretty much all the popularly used browsers out there.

This method is quite effective and it can also provide a long-term solution in many cases. Also, you must keep the browser up-to-date to avoid the error further.

What to do if the Error Doesn’t Stop?

Were you unable to fix the Heroku router at=error code=h12? In that case, you have no other choice, but to get professional help. So, reach out to tech support for an effective solution. And if required, you must also consider approaching a reputable repair company.