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Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red

Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red: How to Fix the Problem?

Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red

Flashing red lights always indicate a problem on most Wi-Fi devices. And, this applies to your Google Wi-Fi as well. You might often find multiple points of your Google Wi-Fi mesh system blinking red.

This problem can have many possible causes and hence various possible solutions. But, you can usually fix it effectively all by yourself unless there is a hardware issue.

The Google Wi-Fi flashing red is quite a common problem and prevents your Wi-Fi system from accessing the internet.

Here, we will look at the effective fixes to try when you encounter this issue. So, read on to understand what causes the flashing red light and how to fix it.

Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red: Reasons and Fixes

The range of causes for flashing red lights is pretty much the same for all Wi-Fi devices. So, you might be able to fix it with some basic troubleshooting steps that you apply to routers.

Proceed with the following steps right away to fix the problem effectively:

Restart the Google Wi-Fi Device

Bugs and glitches commonly cause flashing red lights on Wi-Fi devices regardless of the brand and model. And, fixing them is quite an easy task regardless of the Wi-Fi system you are using.

Restarting the system can usually remove all of its glitches and bugs, which are temporary. It would also resolve all temporary errors that your Wi-Fi system might face quite often.

Unplug all connections, including the power cable from your Google Wi-Fi system, and leave it idle. Then, turn it on once you are ready and check on the problem.

This should fix the network issue you were facing in many cases. But, what if you find your Google Wi-Fi flashing red again? You must also try refreshing the network in that case.

Refresh Google Wi-Fi Network or Individual Wi-Fi Point

Rebooting the Wi-Fi device might not always be sufficient in fixing the problem. And, you might also have to refresh the network for an effective solution. You can do that using the Google Home app to control the Google Wi-Fi system. Install this app if you do not have it already and set it on your device.

The Google Home app can often help you fix the Google Wi-Fi flashing red issue. Open the Wi-Fi tab in the app and click on the gear icon. You will find the Restart Network option there. The Wi-Fi system should stop flashing red after the network restarts.

How to Restart a Wi-Fi Point Individually?

Are you using multiple Wi-Fi points? Then, the Google Home app can help you restart them individually as well. And, you should do that only if one of the Wi-Fi points flashes a red light.

Open the Wi-Fi section in the app and select the Wi-Fi Point you want to restart. Click on the gear icon, and then opt for ‘Restart Wi-Fi Point’.

Fix Power Connection Problems

The Google Wi-Fi flashing red issue might also indicate a power supply issue. So, make sure the power cable is connected properly to the Wi-Fi device.

Disconnect it from the device and then firmly connect it, if required. This should resolve any errors that might have occurred in the power connection.

Ensuring a firm connection will not fix the issue if the cable is damaged. In such cases, you would have to replace the cable. You must try to buy a replacement cable that is certified by Google. And, that should ensure a long-lasting solution to your Google Wi-Fi flashing red repeatedly.

Move the Wi-Fi Point to a Better Location

Does the red light flashing occur only on one of the Wi-Fi points you are using? Then, the problem might have something to do with the device’s position.

In other words, you might have to reduce the distance between the Wi-Fi point and the router. And, that should improve the signal strength that the former receives and fix the flashing red light.

The Google Home app can help you find the best location to place your Wi-Fi point. You simply have to run a mesh test on it to do that. Launch the app and go to the Wi-Fi section.

Click on Wi-Fi Devices, and then select Points to view the options for Wi-Fi points. Opt for ‘Test Mesh’ and make sure the result is ‘OK’ or ‘Great’. Move the router closer to the router if the test results show ‘Bad’.

Are there too many obstructions, such as walls between the Wi-Fi point and router? If yes, then you must make sure to reduce these obstructions to the signal. And, that should help you significantly improve the signal strength that the Wi-Fi point receives.

Reset the Network or an Individual Wi-Fi Point

The Google Wi-Fi flashing red might also indicate a misconfiguration in the network in many cases. And, it might be quite difficult to find out where the problem lies in such situations.

A reset might be the only viable solution to fix misconfigurations on your Google Wi-Fi system. But, you need not necessarily reset the entire network in all such cases. Resetting the Wi-Fi point facing the problem might do the trick as well.

Resetting the Network

Open the Google Home app and go to the Wi-Fi section on it. Find the ‘Factory reset Network’ by going to the Settings. Confirm your decision, and check on the problem once the network has been reset.

Resetting a Wi-Fi Point

Click on the Wi-Fi point icon on the Google Home app and open its Settings. Then, select the ‘Factory Reset Wi-Fi point’ to set the selected device. You would have to configure it again after that.

What if the Problem Persists?

Are you unable to fix the Google Wi-Fi flashing red with the aforementioned solutions? Then, there might be a hardware issue with the device. You must reach out to customer support in such situations to get an effective solution. Depending on the problem, you might also have to replace the device.