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Get the Asus Router Target Wake Time Feature with Wi-Fi 6

Asus Router Target Wake Time Feature with Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 has introduced many advanced features to enhance your browsing experience. And, most of the prominent router brands have started including this latest generation of wireless technology in their routers.

Are you using a router with 802.11ac technology? Then, you must upgrade to an 812.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) router to upgrade your Wi-Fi experience.

As we shall see, faster internet is only one of the many things Wi-Fi 6 promises you. But, you also get features like Target Wake Timing, among others. Asus has launched many router models recently that feature the 802.11ax technology.

Here, we will see what Asus router Target Wake Time is and why you must upgrade to Wi-Fi 6.

How does the Target Wake Time Feature Work?

The access points connected to the network probably would not need to send and receive data all the time. But, older wireless technologies let them remain on despite having no other functions other than transmitting data.

In such cases, they would continue using power even while idle. Many users might want the connected access points to turn on only when required. And that is what the Target Wake Time Feature (TWT) helps you with.

Many users might not know that the TWT feature was not introduced on Wi-Fi 6. So, it has an older history than you might have thought. It was introduced with 802.11ah technology, which came before 802.11ac.

But, the current version takes this feature to a much more advanced level. You can say that Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax has made TWT one of the most significant features. Also, future Wi-Fi technologies can develop it further.

How does it Work?

The TWT feature allows your router to negotiate with the connected device regarding wake time. And, that enables your router to accurately decide the time for the IoT device to access the network.

Based on that, the device can turn on when it has to share or receive data. So, it does not have to stay on only to remain idle most of the time. And, that helps you save its battery life for useful purposes.

How does it Benefit Users?

The Asus router Target Wake Time feature mainly benefits users by allowing devices to conserve battery. And, as mentioned before, the latest and enhanced version of TWT is available only on Wi-Fi 6, giving Wi-Fi 6 routers a significant advantage over routers with older technology.

Moreover, TWT is not the only feature that provides Wi-Fi 6 routers with a considerable advantage over earlier ones.

How do You Get the Target Wake Time Feature on Your Wi-Fi?

Are you using a router with 802.11ac or older wireless technology? If yes, you need to get a router with 802.11ax technology to enjoy the TWT feature. As we have seen, the older wireless technologies cannot get the latest TWT version.

Are you already using a Wi-Fi 6 router? Then, you need not enable the TWT feature separately. It is already working on your router while trying to know how to enable it. In other words, this feature is enabled by default on any router featuring Wi-Fi 6.

Is there a way to configure the Asus router Target Wake Time? If you are wondering, you cannot make any customisations to this feature. As mentioned previously, your router will negotiate directly with the connected device.

So, the user plays no role in decking the wake time. You would not need to configure this feature on your router anyway.

Are You Prepared to Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6?

It is clear by now that you need Wi-Fi 6 to get TWT and other advanced features. But, many Asus router users might wonder whether they should upgrade to this technology. There might be many hurdles that cause them to delay the upgrade. However, you would find no such issues regarding Wi-Fi 6.

Earlier Wi-Fi technologies usually faced problems while working with older generations or wireless devices. As a result, upgrading the network was not enough, and you had to replace the devices as well.

But, that would not be the case with the 802.11ax wireless technology. So, you can usually upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 without worrying about device compatibility. And, this removes a significant concern that a lot of Asus router users had.

What do Asus Routers Offer You With Wi-Fi 6?

Asus is one of the first brands to have rolled out routers with Wi-Fi 6 technology. And, their routers are one of the best options to experience the 802.11ax technology. Here are the main ways you benefit by upgrading to Wi-Fi 6:

Wider Compatibility

The types of IoT devices used commonly in homes have expanded significantly with time. And, the earlier wireless technologies might not support all of them. Wi-Fi 6 brings an effective solution to that issue. It allows you to connect all the latest wireless devices to the network.

Faster Internet

The latest wireless technology includes what it takes to provide a faster connection. Connection speed requirements have risen significantly as high-quality streaming is becoming more common. And, you can meet those requirements perfectly by upgrading to Wi-Fi 6.

Handles Crowded Network Easily

Most routers nowadays have to work with significantly large devices. And, the ones using older wireless technologies might not be able to handle that effectively. As a result, you would see a drop in wireless performance. But, you can forget about such problems by upgrading to Wi-Fi 6.

Upgrade to a Wi-Fi 6 Asus Router

Are you using a Wi-fi 4 or Wi-Fi 5 router? Then, the aforementioned information should help you know what Wi-Fi 6 has to offer you. There are viable Wi-Fi 6 options from Asus for all types of requirements. The more you delay upgrading your network, the more you will miss out on advanced wireless features.