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CenturyLink Modem Internet Light Blinking Red and Green

Fixed: CenturyLink Modem Internet Light Blinking Red and Green

CenturyLink Modem Internet Light Blinking Red and Green

The Internet light on your Centurylink modem indicates the internet connection status. And, it should show a stable green colour when the modem has a reliable internet connection.

But, what if the internet on the modem blinks red and green? If you are wondering, that usually indicates the router is facing issues connecting to the internet.

Like all other modems, your CenturyLink modem might also face internet problems under various circumstances. And, you can apply some simple troubleshooting methods to fix that.

Here, we will look at the effective solutions to resolve CenturyLink modem internet light blinking red and green. If none of them works, your router probably has a hardware problem.

6 Ways to Troubleshoot the CenturyLink Modem Internet Light Blinking Red and Green

As mentioned earlier, the internet light blinking red and green indicates internet problems on your modem. And, that might have quite a wide range of possible causes.

First, you must make sure to give the modem enough time to connect to the internet. If it cannot secure the connection within a reasonable time, proceed with the following steps:

  • Restart Your  Modem

Temporary errors are a common cause behind internet performance issues on your modem. As you probably know, you can resolve them by restarting the device. So, you must turn off your modem and give it some rest for a while. Check whether it is overheated and wait for it to cool down.

Start the modem again if it has remained idle for long enough or once it has oiled down. Then, connect your device to it and observe the modem’s lights.

Do you find your CenturyLink modem internet light blinking red and green again? If yes, then you must proceed with the next solution right away. 

  • Check for an Internet Service Outage

Your router might fail to connect to the network simply because of a service outage. Such situations might be quite common in your area after all. In that case, you must contact your internet service provider (ISP) immediately.

If there is an outage, there are probably no issues with your CenturyLink modem. So, you should be able to use the modem once the ISP resolves the problem from their side.

But, what if there is no service outage in your area? In that case, the CenturyLink modem internet light blinking red and green might indicate cable connection issues. The same applies in situations where the problem persists after an outage.

  • Fix Cable Connection Issues

Since your modem cannot connect to the network, it might have something to do with the internet cable. So, check the internet cable and make sure it is inserted firmly into your modem’s port.

Disconnect it from the port and wait for a few seconds before reinserting it firmly. And, that should fix any temporary errors that had occurred in the connection.

Make Sure You are Using the right Cable Type

Your modem might require a specific type of cable. And, the CenturyLink modem internet light blinking red and blue might indicate an issue with the cable you are using. So, you must make sure which type of cable your modem supports. Then, replace the cable with a suitable type if required.

Replace Damaged Cables

The cables you are using might have got damaged or worn out. And, that could be the explanation for the internet problems with your modem. So, you must check all the cables for any damage and then replace them.

You can also borrow an internet cable and try replacing the existing one. If that fixes the problem, you must buy a new internet cable for your mode. 

  • Make sure that Your Network is Active

Have you been unable to access the internet on your modem since you had set it up? In that case, you must check whether your network is active.

After all, your ISP has to activate your network before you can connect to the internet. If they have not done so, that explains the CenturyLink modem internet light blinking red and green.

Reach out to your ISP and verify whether they have activated your network. Wait for them to activate the network if they have yet to do that. The internet light should show a stable green light once your network is active. However, if the problem persists, it might be due to outdated firmware on your modem. 

  • Update Your CenturyLink Modem’s Firmware

Does the internet light keep blinking after applying all of the previous steps? If yes, then you must make sure that your CenturyLink modem has the latest firmware.

The best way to do that is by looking for any firmware updates and installing them right away. You can find the latest firmware from the CenturyLink support website.

Alternatively, you can also look for the latest firmware through the modem’s interface. In both cases, you need to access the interface to update the firmware.

So, open a browser and open the login page by entering the default IP address. Then, provide the admin credentials to open the interface on your screen. Navigate to the firmware update section and proceed with an update.

Restart the router once the update is complete. Then, check whether the ‘CenturyLink modem internet light blinking red and green’ issue persists. If it does, then you must consider resetting the modem. 

  • Reset Your CenturyLink Modem

Did you fail to fix the internet problem with the aforementioned steps? Then, find the Reset button on your modem and hold it down until the status light flashes.

This should reset the factory settings on your modem and undo any misconfigurations. Then, you must configure the modem again as per your requirements.

Find Professional Help

With one of the aforementioned fixes, you can usually fix the CenturyLink modem internet light blinking red and green. But, these fixes might not always succeed in resolving the issue after all.

So, it would be best to contact a technician to inspect your modem in some cases. If required, you must also consider replacing the modem for a long-term solution.