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Asus Router Repeater Mode

Fixed: Asus Router Repeater Mode No Internet

Asus Router Repeater Mode

A repeater can significantly help you extend your Asus router range. But, you might not always get the expected result by using it. As it happens, people often fail to access the internet while using a repeater with their routers. And, this problem might have a wide range of causes. You would usually have to try out various possible solutions to fix it effectively. Do you repeatedly face internet issues while trying to use your Asus router as a repeater? Then, you must give the solutions listed below a try for fixing it all by yourself. Depending on the cause, at least one of them should fix the ‘Asus router repeater mode no internet’ issue.

Why does the Asus Repeater Fail to Access the Internet & How to Fix?

You have to pay attention to a lot of things while setting up your router in repeater mode. Any wrong step can cause internet issues on your extended network.

As mentioned earlier, this problem can have many possible solutions. Here are some of the most effective ones worth trying:

Place the Repeater within the Router’s Range

All repeaters, regardless of the brand, have a specific range like routers do. And, you need to keep them within the range of the network that you want to extend.

Also, you must make sure that the router is placed within the range of the extender. Change the latter’s position if required to ensure that.

Then, restart your repeater and router before checking on the problem. Connect them and try to access the internet on the extended network. If the problem persists, there are issues other than the range that you need to fix.

Check for Viruses on Your Device

Viruses and malware are not a common cause of the ‘Asus router repeater mode no internet’ issue. But, it is a possible cause of this problem after all. And, you would want to deal with it within the shortest possible time. It can cause quite a lot of damage to your device if ignored after all.

So, you must perform an antivirus scan to rule out malicious files as the cause of the internet problems. Getting rid of any suspicious files might help you resolve the issue. But, if that is ineffective, you must make sure that your router can connect to the internet.

Fix Internet Issues on the Main Router

Does the problem persist after you try the previous steps? Then, you must make sure the main router can access the internet. If it cannot, you have found the cause of the ‘Asus router repeater mode no internet’ problem. All you need to do in such situations is fix network issues with your router.

Fix the Connection with the Modem

Are you using an external modem with the main router? Then, you must make sure that you have connected it to the router properly. Many users have reported a loose internet cable as the cause of router internet problems. Remove the internet cable from the router’s port and connect it again firmly. You can do the same with the cable inserted into the modem’s port.

Enable Both Bandwidths

Have you enabled only one band on a dual-band router? If yes, then enabling both bands can help you significantly improve the internet performance. Also, that can resolve the ‘Asus router repeater mode no internet’ issue. Log in to your router’s web interface and go to the bandwidth settings section. Make the required changes and save them before checking whether the problem has been resolved.

Update the Firmware

Having the latest firmware can avoid a wide range of issues with your router. So, you must regularly update the firmware to the latest version. Depending on the model you are using, you can do that through the web interface. If that is not possible, you must download the latest firmware from the web and upload it to your router.

Use a Fixed Wi-Fi Channel

You can set your router to choose the wireless channel automatically. And, that is usually quite helpful in choosing the best one. But, it does not always work as it is intended to after all. Your Asus repeater might have chosen a channel that faces a lot of interference. In such situations, you must select a fixed wireless channel for it.

Log in to the router and navigate to its wireless options section. Then, select a channel that would face less interference from others. A Wi-Fi analyzer app can help you find an optimal channel if required.

Make Sure the Configurations Match

The settings on your router and repeater must match so that the extended network works properly. So, you must make sure that you have configured them the same way. They should have the same security settings, channel settings, and even the same SSID and password.

So, log in to your router and repeater to check their configurations. Make the required changes to match the settings on both devices. Exit the interface after saving the new configurations and check on the problem.

Update the Repeater’s Firmware

Apart from the main router, you must get the latest firmware for the repeater as well. Otherwise, you might often come across the ‘Asus router repeater mode no internet’ issue. Log in to the router you have set up as a repeater and go to its Firmware section. Then, opt for finding the latest firmware for this device.

Is the firmware update option unavailable on the interface? Then, you need to download the latest firmware from the official Asus support website. Install it on your router through its interface and perform a reboot. This can fix the internet issues on your Asus repeater’s network.

Check the Service Status

Does the ‘Asus router repeater mode no internet’ problem persist after you apply the aforementioned steps? Then, you must check whether there is a service outage. Reach out to your internet service provider to inquire about this matter. Also, consider hiring a technician to inspect the problem if there is no service outage.