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Wi-Fi Hotspot Error Vivo Y53

Wi-Fi Hotspot Error Vivo Y53: What is it & How to Fix it?

Wi-Fi Hotspot Error Vivo Y53

Vivo Y53 is envisioned to be the best Android smartphone out there. With its Snapdragon 425 processor, you can browse through the internet for hours. But, what are you going to do if the Wi-Fi connection is lost while sending an important mail? Yes! Use the Vivo Y53’s hotspot to complete the necessary work. But, many users reported that Vivo Y53’s hotspot doesn’t work all the time. In certain instances, first, try to find out the reason behind the “Wi-Fi hotspot error Vivo Y53”.

There are infallible reasons which can cause this hotspot error in this Vivo phone. You might have connected the device with the wrong hotspot. Moreover, if the power-saving mode is on, then you can experience this problem. The “Sleep Mode” feature can prevent the device from connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Make sure the device is not far from the Vivo Y53. Or else, you won’t be able to use its Wi-Fi hotspot. Try to close all the programs that are running on this Vivo phone. If that doesn’t work, apply the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Check the Internet Connection

If you cannot use the hotspot, even after turning it on, something is wrong with the Wi-Fi. The poor Wi-Fi strength leads to the “Wi-Fi hotspot error Vivo Y53” most of the time. Thus, before connecting the device with the hotspot, check its strength. The Vivo Y53 users need to check the internet plan, too. Because, if the plan is not valid anymore, then you won’t get any hotspot connection.

Additionally, the Vivo Y53 users should opt for checking the router. A malfunctioned router can prevent Android users from sharing the hotspot. So, if you find any fault in this device, contact an expert. Repair the router to get rid of this Wi-Fi hotspot connection error.

  • Reconfigure the Wi-Fi Hotspot

By reconfiguring the Vivo Y53’s hotspot, you can resolve this problem. And, for this, you have to remove the existing password of the hotspot first. After that, set up a new and easy-to-remember passcode in this Vivo phone.

To do this, after unlocking Vivo Y53, go to the “Settings”. And, then select the “Networks & internet” option and scroll down to “More”. Go for this option, and then tap on “Hotspot & tethering”.

After activating the Wi-Fi hotspot of Vivo Y53, choose “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot”. Look for the “Password’ section right after that. Set a Wi-Fi hotspot password that will be hard to decode. And, then tap on the “Save” button to confirm the recent changes. Now, you can share the Wi-Fi hotspot with another device without any hassle. 

  • Disable the Power-Saving Mode

Vivo Y53 has a power-saving feature that can extend its battery life up to 12 hours. But, it can prevent the device from sharing the internet with other users. Because Vivo Y53’s battery starts to drain after enabling the Wi-Fi hotspot. Thus, the power-saving mode tries to reduce the battery consumption by turning off the hotspot.

But, if the power-saving mode is still enabled, go to the “Settings” first. Additionally, the Vivo Y53 users need to get into the ‘Battery” section. Then, navigate to the “Power saving mode” to toggle off this option. After that, enable the Wi-Fi hotspot of Vivo 53. And, check whether the hotspot name is showing in the Wi-Fi list of the other devices. If the error remains, restart the phone to overcome the Wi-Fi hotspot error Vivo Y53.

  • Check the Bandwidth Limitation

Vivo has included 5GHz frequency in its Y53 model. But, most Android phones don’t support such high bandwidth connections. As a result, you won’t connect the device with the Wi-Fi hotspot of Vivo Y53. However, the Vivo Y53 users can fix this problem by changing the bandwidth frequency. And, for that, head towards the “Settings” of this Vivo phone. Right after that, move to the “Hotspot & tethering” option.

Did you find the “Wi-Fi hotspot” option? Choose that, and then look for the “AP band” option. Select that option and change the bandwidth frequency to 2.4GHz from 5GHz. And, make sure to tap on the “Save” option. Now, turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot and connect the devices where you need internet.

Alternative Solutions to Fix “Wi-Fi Hotspot Error Vivo Y53”:

If Vivo Y53’s hotspot is working smoothly, there might be a problem with the receiver’s device. And, for a hardware or software glitch, the receiver might not connect the device to the Wi-Fi hotspot. In certain instances, the receivers need immediate professional help to fix the Wi-Fi hotspot error Vivo Y53.

Additionally, the Vivo Y53 users can reset their devices to get rid of the Wi-Fi hotspot error. But, before that, make sure to take a backup of the necessary media files and documents. Or else, you might end up losing important data. Moreover, if these solutions don’t work, contact a mobile repair expert immediately.