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Wi-Fi Authentication Error Galaxy S8

Wi-Fi Authentication Error Galaxy S8: What is it & How to Fix It?

Wi-Fi Authentication Error Galaxy S8

Nowadays, Android devices can be connected with Wi-Fi, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not an exception. But sometimes, the device might refuse to connect with the wireless network. And, the reason behind that could be many. It might be because of the recent software update.

Moreover, due to misconfiguration, the Wi-Fi authentication error message might pop up. If you are using a malfunctioned router, it can prevent the Galaxy S8 from connecting to Wi-Fi. An unstable network connection can also cause an authentication error.

If more than 10 people are using the wireless network at the same time, it can be a potential reason behind this connectivity problem. Besides, for enabling “Airplane Mode”, this Wi-Fi authentication error can occur in S8. Several S8 Plus users have also come across this network connection error.

You might have tried to restart Galaxy S8 to fix this Wi-F error. But, that might not work sometimes. In certain instances, consider checking the router in the first place. If you find any wear and tear, make sure to contact an expert immediately.

3 Troubleshooting Method to Fix the “Wi-Fi Authentication Error Galaxy S8:

Many S8 users have faced this error even after changing their Wi-Fi credentials. You might be connecting the device with incorrect Wi-Fi, and that can also lead to the Wi-Fi authentication error on the Galaxy S8. Sometimes, outdated drivers can prevent the router from functioning. In certain instances, you have to opt for updating the router drivers.

But, before that, make sure to contact the Internet service provider. Because, if they have turned off the wireless connection, then this error can occur. After that, implement the following solutions to fix “Wi-FI Authentication Error Galaxy S8” :

  • Reset the Wi-Fi Network Settings

Resetting the wireless network can resolve this authentication error. But, do you know how to do that? Start with going to the “Settings” of Galaxy S8. After that head towards the “Connection” section. And, look for the “Wi-Fi” option and select that immediately. Then, choose the “Wi-Fi” name where you are getting the authentication error. A box will appear on the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen, from there, tap on the “Forget” option.

After this, the Galaxy S8 users need to move to the “Settings” again. Scroll down to the “General Management” option next. Did you find the “Reset” option? Select that and then choose the “Reset network settings” option.

Wait for a few minutes, and then turn off the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Turn the device on, and then get into its “Settings”. Navigate to the “Connections” sections, and then go to the “Wi-Fi” section. Now, choose the right Wi-Fi name and connect the Galaxy S8 with it. The “Wi-Fi Authentication Error Galaxy S8” error won’t further display on the device’s screen. 

  • Opt for Rebooting the Router/Modem

If resetting the Wi-Fi didn’t work, then something is wrong with the router. Rebooting the router or modem might help you to fix this authentication issue. And, for that, you have to first turn off the wireless router/modem first. After that, unplug the cables and wires of the router. After a few seconds reconnect them again with the power adapter.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S8 users have to restart the router. If this Samsung phone resonates with the Wi-Fi automatically, then you have fixed the problem. But, if the authentication error persists, then there might be wear and tear in the router cables. Contact an expert and replace the faulty wires and cables immediately.

And, don’t forget to check the power adapter. If you find any issues there, repair them at the earliest possible. After fixing the router cables and adapter, connect Galaxy S8 with the Wi-Fi. You won’t further experience the Wi-Fi authentication error Galaxy S8 error. 

  • Update the Device Software 

Wi-Fi authentication error can be triggered for using outdated software in Galaxy S8. Thus, in such circumstances, you have to update the device software. And, for that, you have to go to the Samsung Galaxy S8’s settings first. And, from there, search for the “Software Update” option. Tap on it, and then choose the “Download and Install” option. If there is any update available for the S8, then it will be shown there.

Choose the “Update now” button, and then select “Install”. Make sure there is enough charge in the Galaxy S8. Or else, the device might turn off in the middle of the system update. Moreover, the software update process might take at least 15-20 minutes to complete.

Wait until then, and connect this Samsung device with the Wi-Fi after that. If the error message still appears, then contact a mobile repair expert.

Are there any Other Solutions to Fix the “Wi-Fi Authentication Error Galaxy S8”?

Don’t connect the Galaxy S8 with a Bluetooth device when the WAP is enabled. It can cause the Wi-Fi authentication error in this smartphone. Moreover, the users should change the default IP setting from “DHCP” to Static”. If after using these solutions, the error remains, take the S8 to an authorised Samsung centre.