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TP-Link TL-WDR3500

TP-Link Router Keeps Dropping Wi-Fi: How to Fix it?

TP-Link TL-WDR3500

You might sometimes face a drop in your router’s Wi-Fi connection, regardless of the brand and model. So, this issue is quite common in the latest TP-Link models. The more frequently it occurs, the more annoying it gets. You might want to get a quick and effective solution in such cases. However, you need not call a technician right away for that.

Try out the simple troubleshooting methods mentioned below when your TP-Link router keeps dropping Wi-Fi.

Why Causes the Wi-Fi Problem and How to Fix it?

There are many possible causes of the frequent drops in your TP-Link Wi-Fi network. And, you need to apply an appropriate solution based on the cause. Not all users might get a solution with the same method. But, you can usually fix your Wi-Fi connection with the following fixes:

  • Reconnect to the Network

The Wi-Fi problems you encounter might occur due to a network error. And, it might not always have something to do with your router. So, you must try reconnecting the connected device to the network.

Disconnect your phone or computer from the router for a minute. Then, connect it to the network again and check the Wi-Fi connection. This might work in many cases but often fails to provide a long-term solution.

What if the TP-Link router keeps dropping Wi-Fi performance after that? Then, you need to apply more advanced solutions. Before that, you must try forgetting the network and then connecting to it again using its password. 

  • Power Cycle the Router

Your router might start facing errors when running for a long time. In such situations, you might get a solution by power cycling it. So, you must give that a try if your TP-Link router keeps dropping Wi-Fi. Unplug it from the power source for 2 minutes, and plug it in again. This should fix the problem effectively. 

  • Change Your Router’s Location

Check the W-Fi signal that your device is receiving from your TP-Link router. If its strength is less than half, then that might have something to do with the device’s location.

After all, you need to stay within the range of the network to get a good performance. So, you must consider placing your TP-Link router at a more suitable location. In other words, bring it as close to the connected device as possible. Apart from that, you can also simply take the connected device closer to the router. 

  • Use an Ethernet Connection

Wireless networks are not always as reliable as an ethernet network. As it happens, your Wi-Fi network might perform badly due to various reasons. Some routers might fail to provide good wireless performance in a walled environment. In such cases, switching to an ethernet connection can offer an effective solution. So, you must give that a try if your TP-Link router keeps dropping Wi-Fi.

Using ethernet connections can also remove interferences from nearby networks. You can then fix the wireless connection with the other methods mentioned here. 

  • Reduce Network Crowding

Have you connected multiple devices on your TP-Link router’s network? If yes, then that might cause the Wi-Fi performance issues. This also applies in cases where most of the connected devices are idle. After all, they might keep running background processes that consume data.

So, you must try removing all the idle devices connected to the network. If your TP-Link router keeps dropping Wi-Fi even after that, the problem lies elsewhere. 

  • Match the Router and Adapter Settings

The latest router models offer you various wireless communication standards. And, that includes Wireless N, also known as 802.11n and 802.11g, better known as Wireless G. And, you have to use the right adapter depending on the communication technology of your router.

However, not all computers might have an adapter that matches your router’s network. So, how do you get a solution in such situations? If you are wondering, you can simply set a mixed Wi-Fi mode on your router.

You can do that by logging into your TP-Link router’s admin interface. Open the Wireless option and check the Wireless Mode. Change it to “Mixed” if set on Wireless G or Wireless N. 

  • Update the Network Driver

If your TP-Link router keeps dropping Wi-Fi, it might have something to do with your network drivers. So, you must ensure that your PC has the latest network adapter driver. Go to the Device Manager and expand the Network adapters.

Right-click the one in use if there are multiple adapters. Then, opt for updating its driver software and restart your PC after the installation is complete.

This should fix the problem if it has occurred due to outdated drivers. If the problem persists, you must make sure your router has the latest firmware.

  • Update the Router Firmware

You must check your router’s version through its interface if you are unsure about it. Are you using outdated firmware? If yes, that is probably the core reason your TP-Link router keeps dropping Wi-Fi. Depending on the model, you should update the firmware through the interface.

If that is not possible, you must download the latest firmware from TP-Link’s official website. Then, upload it to your router by logging in to it. You might then find some improvement in your Wi-Fi performance. 

  • Reset the Router

Does your router keep providing bad Wi-Fi performance? Then, there might be a configuration issue with it. Are you unable to find where the problem lies? Resetting the router to its default settings might get you an immediate solution. You can do that by holding down the Reset button for about 5 seconds. Then, you must configure it again as per your preferences.

Finally, Upgrade Your Wi-Fi

Were the aforementioned methods insufficient in improving your Wi-Fi performance? Then, you must consider upgrading your Wi-Fi. You can do that by getting better antennas for your router model or setting up extenders. Apart from that, you must also consider getting the latest TP-Link router that suits your requirements.