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Router Port Forwarding Error

Fix Router Port Forwarding Error (Updated Guide)

Router Port Forwarding Error

The latest router models allow you to set up highly secure home networks. And, these networks are usually almost impossible to breach. So, they provide a high level of security to the devices connected to your home network. But, you can let external devices access your home network with a process called port forwarding.

So, this is quite a useful function for router users for many causes. However, like other router functions, you might face an error with the port forwarding as well. In such cases, you can try some effective methods to fix this problem. Read on to know how to deal with the router port forwarding error.

Router Port Forwarding Error: Causes and Solutions

There could be various explanations for the port forwarding error. So, the cause of the issue might differ in each case. And, that means you need to find the right solution that can fix the error on your device. For that, you must consider the following causes and apply the solutions accordingly:

  • Wrong Port Forwarding Settings

Like other functions, you can customise the port forwarding as well. And, that allows most users to use this feature to its fullest. Now, you have to configure this function correctly, according to how you’re going to use it. And, any misconfiguration might result in errors on your device.

Have you been facing the router port forwarding error for quite some time? Then, make sure you’ve selected the correct settings. Log into your router and open the port forwarding settings in the interface. Then, go through the settings you’ve chosen.

Also, you must make sure that you’re able to access the server from your internal network. If you can’t, then you’ve probably misconfigured port forwarding on your router. 

  • Router Firewall Blocks External Device

Most of the latest router models feature a firewall, among other things. And, that helps them to protect your network from external devices that might be trying to access it. And, it’s quite a useful feature in most cases. However, it can also cause you quite a lot of inconvenience. Especially so, when you try to connect an external device to your home network.

So, you must make sure whether the firewall is the culprit behind the router port forwarding error. And, for that, you need to access your router’s firewall settings. You can configure it in a way to let the external device connect to the home network. And, the steps for doing that depend on the router model that you’re using. 

  • Your Computer’s Firewall is Blocking the External Device

Didn’t you find any issues with your router’s firewall? In that case, you must also check the one on your computer. After all, your computer’s firewall can also prevent you from adding an external device to a home network. In such a case, you can disable it or change its configuration to proceed.

So, open the firewall on your device and try making some changes to its settings. You need to configure it in a way that lets your external device access the network. Does the problem persist even after you re-configure the firewall? Then, you must consider disabling it. However, you’d have to look for a long-term solution later. 

  • Corrupted Firewall

You might come across various issues while dealing with the router port forwarding error. As mentioned before, changing the firewall’s settings on your computer might fix the problem. But, that’s possible only when the program isn’t corrupted. As it happens, you might often find that your firewall is broken.

Now, you can fix such issues quite easily in Windows systems. Among other things, you can try installing the Firewall Troubleshooter for that. Apart from that, you can also restart the Firewall Service from the Service section. Also, you might want to scan your device for viruses as well. 

  • You’ve Forwarded the Same Port Multiple Times

This is quite a common mistake that people might make while port forwarding. In case you didn’t know, you can forward a port only once at a time. If you add it to multiple forwarding rules, you’ll surely face an error. Also, the router will only accept the first forwarding rule for which you selected the port.

You have to access your router’s interface to fix this error. Then, open the page from where you can select ports for forwarding. Do you see the same port listed in two or more rules? In that case, you can change them to a different port or simply remove the selected port.

Contact Experts to Fix the Router Port Forwarding Error

The port forwarding error is often quite a complex problem in many cases. And, the aforementioned methods might not provide you with a long-lasting solution. So, consider reaching out to a certified expert to get an optimal solution to this error.