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Policypak Browser Router Extension Error

Policypak Browser Router Extension Error: How to Fix it?

Policypak Browser Router Extension Error

Setting up this application is also pretty simple and precise. PolicyPak browser router helps to access different websites in different browsers. From this browser router, the users can block malicious sites. You can also set the default browser of the Windows or Mac devices with this software. Many companies use the Policypak browser router to manage web traffic on their sites. But, sometimes, “PolicyPak browser router extension error” might be triggered while using it.

Do you use a non-domain joined computer? Usually, for installing an incompatible Policypak Browser Router, you can experience this issue. Make sure to download the Policypak CSE. Or else, you will face constraints while using this router browser. Then, it is important to set PolicyPak as the default browser.

Additionally, the PolicyPak browser router users should get the GPO on their devices. Without that, this software won’t work. And, here are a few more solutions to “Policypak Browser Router Extension Error”:

Start with Checking the License Key

If the OS isn’t licensed, then this PolicyPak browser router error might occur. Don’t know whether you have a licensed OS or not? Then, tap on the “Search” icon of the taskbar, and then write “Settings” on it. After that, get into the “Activation” section. If you can see the “Windows is activated”, then you are using a genuine OS. It will even provide the product ID of the Windows OS. And, if the problem is not underlying in the OS, check the licence key of the router browser.

PolicyPak Browser Router contains a license key. It provides an authorised user to use the software without any hassle. But, there won’t be any license key in the corrupted version of this browser router. If you have the latest version of Policypak, then the license key will be inside the GPO.

Check the GPO folder and check whether there is a license key. If it isn’t there, uninstall the Policy Pak browser router. Then, install an updated version of this software on the PC. Consider opening the Policypak browser router. After this, you won’t see the Policypak Browser Router Extension Error message. Don’t forget to reboot the endpoint of the PolicyPak CSE after the installation.

Look for the Group Policy Object

While setting up the PolicyPak Browser Router, it is important to create a GPO. Without that, the users can get “Policypak Browser Router Extension error”. Thus, if you haven’t yet created the GPO, opt for getting one. And, for that, open the software and right-click on the blank space. From there, choose the “Add” option first, and then select “New Policy”. Once you add GPO in PolicyPak Browser Router, try to use the app.

If the error persists, then the GPO data might not be in the right place. It should be under the “User Side” folder. Additionally, it might be linked to where the PolicyPak users reside. And, for instance, if you live in the UK, the GPO will be inside the “UK Sales Users” folder. However, if the GPO isn’t located there, contact an expert for immediate help. 

Set PolicyPak Browser Router as the Default Browser

Every user should include PolyPak Router Browser in the “Default Program” section. Usually, this software will be as “PPBRAgent” in the “Web Browser”s column. If you are using a 32-bit PC, then it will be named “PPBRAgent32. However, for the 64-bit PC users, it will be shown as “PPBRAgent64”. But, the non-domain joined PC owners might not find this option.

Do you use a Windows 10 device? Then, go to “Settings” first, and then navigate to the “App” section. Tap on the “App” option, and then move to the “Default App” section. Scroll down to the “Web Browser” section after that. Check whether you can see “PolicyPak Browser Router Agent” over there.

If you don’t find PolicyPak there, consider adding it as the default browser. Now, you won’t get the “Policypak Browser Router Extension Error”.

How to Add PolicyPak Browser Router as Default Browser in Windows 7,8 or 8.1?

Do you want to add PolicyPak Router Browser in Windows 7? Then, get into the “Search” bar first and write “Default Programs”. And, tap on the “Set your default programs” option. When the next window appears, choose Policy Browser Router from the list. Make sure to choose the “Set this program as default” option. Additionally, the users need to tap on the “OK” button to save the recent changes.

Alternative Ways to Fix the Error

Users should run the PPLOGs in the ADMIN command prompt while using the PolicyPak Router Browser. Additionally, you have to verify the browser router logs as well to fix this error. For further help, make sure to consult with an experienced professional.