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Smart Tricks To Eliminate Netgear Error 651 Instantly

Being the leading brand, Netgear specializes in manufacturing and selling connectivity devices. Apart from that, it also manufacturers the accessories for iPods and iPhones, network switches, computer cables, USB devices, and many other peripherals. Netgear routers are always in high demand because of its premium-quality features that provide you with a secure internet connection. However, after an extended period of use, there is a high chance that the routers will develop errors thereby hampering your work. Users are encountering a number of issues among which the Netgear error 651 is the most annoying one. This is the time when you will require an expert’s assistance to settle the error without any hassle.

Netgear error 651: Probable Reasons Responsible For The Issue

Every electrical device undergoes technical break down at least once. So, as per your Netgear router, the Error 651 is one of the most common errors that the users are encountering. It is really a frustrating error for the Windows users. This error often occurs when you try to connect the internet using PPPoE connection. However, there are a lot many other reasons as well that are responsible for this error to occur. For example, an inappropriate internet and IP configuration, a network card driver issue. Therefore, whenever you notice all these issues, take the necessary measures and remove the errors as soon as possible. Delaying might cause severe issues that can damage your entire device which cannot be restricted later on.

Easy Troubleshooting Steps for Connection Failed with Error 651:

Router problems are always complex. Therefore, it is suggested not to tamper with the complexities. Instead, take professionals’ help and get the exact troubleshooting steps. Although it is not possible to find the exact cause and diagnose the issue, you can try the easy tricks that are given below to resolve Netgear error 651.

Reconnect your router or other connecting devices:  

In case your router is in usage, simply turn off the router and then again turn it back on after 5 minutes. Alternatively, if you are using a LAN connection, pull out the wire and then plug it back in.

Reset TCP/IP On Your PC:

  • At first, with the administrative right, launch a command prompt.
  • Then, copy the command “netsh int ip reset reset.log
  • After that, press the “Enter” key
  • Lastly, restart your computer

Recreating Dial-Up Connection:

  • Go to “Network & Sharing Center” and then click on the “Change Adapter Setting”
  • Now, right-click your broadband or dial-up connection
  • Next, select “Create Copy” option.
  • Then, it will create a copy of your existing connection.
  • Now, simply delete your old connection
  • After this, redial the new connection.

Boot the computer in safe mode and disable the antivirus software:

  • If the computer is powered on, restart your computer
  • Once your computer initially powers on, hit the “F8” key
  • Stop tapping once you see the “Advanced Boot Options” menu
  • In order to highlight your selection use the up/down arrow keys
  • With the networking choose “Safe Mode” and hit the “Enter” key
  • While the drivers loading, wait for some time
  • A Welcome Screen will appear
  • Lastly, using an account with “Administrator privileges” login to your computer

After trying the above tricks if you are still unable to resolve the Netgear modem error 651, feel free to connect with the Netgear Support team. This is the time when the service team becomes operative. The experts will offer you solutions that are useful and reliable. Hence, believe us and stay in touch.

Connect With The Tech-Experts To Get Trusted Solutions To Repair Netgear Error 651:

Whenever you are stuck with an error 651 in Netgear, do not hesitate to dial our helpline number: +1-855-589-4554 and get professional Netgear Technical Support. The trained engineers of the Netgear Support team offer services throughout the day to help you in the time of need. The experts are dedicated to providing you with the adequate solutions to resolve your complex router problems so that you do not face the same problem in the near future. The executives are also available through email at or live chat sessions. Hurry and contact to get best-in-class services.