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Troubleshoot Netgear Error 1628 With Certified Engineers

What will you do if suddenly your screen shows the Netgear error 1628 right in the middle of your router installation task? It’ll be quite annoying, isn’t it? This installation error is a very common issue that most of Netgear users are facing these days. Fortunately, you can fix this error 1628 quite easily by following the troubleshooting steps from the router experts. So, if you are looking for easy methods to resolve this Netgear program error, follow this article. Here, you will get to know what the common causes of the error 1628 and the quick fixes to resolve it. You can also communicate with our support team to fix this installation error in Netgear.

netgear error 1628

Reasons Behind Netgear Error 1628

There can be multiple reasons behind this problem of Netgear error code 1628 while installing the router in your device. Some users are experiencing this error after removing the Netgear Genie and reinstalling it on their PCs. So, let’s check out a few symptoms of getting 1628 error code in your Netgear device.

Netgear 1628 Error Symptoms

  1. If you are running an active task on your PC, this error can appear on the screen and crash the program Window.
  2. You are trying to install or uninstall Netgear and the error message 1628 is crashing down the program every time.
  3. The keyboard or mouse stops responding or runs very slow while running the router software.
  4. Your PC may freeze periodically and it may show up with issues like abrupt shutting down or startup problems during internet access using the Netgear device.

Hence, identifying the symptoms of 1628 error code can help you to determine the underlying causes. Now we will be moving forward to discussing a few causes of this Netgear installation error before taking a look at the troubleshooting steps.

Netgear 1628 Error Causes

If the customer has downloaded Netgear from corrupt resources or installed the program incorrectly, it may cause this error 1628. Secondly, in case there is a recent software change due to a corrupt Windows registry in the router program files, you may come across this installation error message. You can also note this error when the Windows OS is affected by malware or viruses, it can damage Netgear files and lead to this issue. If the router program files are accidentally deleted by the user, then the Windows system can produce 1628 error code during running or installing Netgear.

Customers running this router software in a 64-bit Windows 10 are getting freezing issues due to msiexec.exe. Since the users can’t end this execution file, it produces the 1628 error code during Netgear installation.

Methods To Fix Netgear Error Code 1628

Now, that you are aware of the common causes and symptoms of the error, check out the following solutions to fix it easily.

Method 1 – Perform Clean Boot On Windows System

If this error is occurring because of third-party software, clean boot your PC to resolve this installer issue.

Method 2 – Use Task Manager To Terminate The Unresponsive Files

During the installation process, there can be issues with Netgear files msiexec.exe and idriver.exe, which may further generate 1628 error. Hence, you can utilize the Task Manager and click on ‘End Process’ for these router files to fix the error.

Method 3 – Run Netgear As Administrator On Windows 10

You can run the router installation file with the administrative rights if you are using a Windows 10 device to fix 1628 error code. For the users who are using Windows 7 and XP, resolve this error by running in compatibility mode.

Resolve Error 1628 With Netgear Support

For the users who can’t resolve the error by applying these methods, consult our Netgear Support team to troubleshoot this issue. Our team at Netgear Support consists of router specialists and certified technicians having years of experience in resolving Netgear errors. So, if you are looking for 100% proven solutions to fix 1628 error code, contact our Netgear Support professionals immediately.

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