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MI Router DHCP Error

MI Router DHCP Error: Causes and Solutions

MI Router DHCP Error

The DHCP server plays a crucial role in connecting your computer to the website you searched for. It assigns an IP address to your computer, using which it connects to various web pages. Now, you might face an error while trying to connect with your DHCP server. And, you might also find the issue quite confusing.

However, it’s easier to deal with this issue than you might think. Facing a DHCP error while using an MI router? Then, you’ve come to the right place. The solutions mentioned below can help you fix the issue without having to contact tech support.

Ways to Deal with MI Router DHCP Error 

The DHCP error can have multiple causes regardless of the device that you’re using. So, you have to consider as many solutions for fixing the issue. Here are some of the effective methods for solving the MI router DHCP error:

  • Restart your Devices

To ensure a quick solution, you might want to consider trying out the simplest solutions first. After all, they can save you quite a lot of time. So, you must try restarting your computer and the router to fix the DHCP error. But, you need to do it a certain way to ensure that it works.

Switch off your router and unplug it for a few minutes. Meanwhile, you can also simply reboot your computer the usual way. Then, plug the router back in once you’re ready, and check on the issue. If the problem persists, you must proceed with the next solution. 

  • Update Your Computer’s System

The DHCP error can also be caused due to an outdated system, among other issues. So, you must consider it as a cause of the error in your case. Has it been a long time since you updated your computer? Then, look for the latest system update for your device and install it as soon as possible.

Regular updates are available for pretty much all the prominent operating systems. And, you must not miss them, especially in case of major updates. After all, they come with various new features for your device. Apart from that, they also include patches for various bugs and errors with your device.

So, updating your system might indeed fix the MI router DHCP error in certain cases. But, if it doesn’t offer you a solution, you must also try updating your router’s firmware. 

  • Update/ Roll Back The Network Driver

The DHCP error on your device might often have something to do with the network driver. An outdated driver can cause a wide range of issues on your computer. Moreover, that also applies to an incompatible driver version that you might have installed.

So, you must check whether the network driver that you’re using is outdated or incompatible. And, for that, you need to go to the Device Manager in Windows systems. Then, expand the network driver option to update the one you’re using. In case you’ve recently updated it, try rolling it back. This might fix the MI router DHCP error in many cases. 

  • Upgrade Your Router’s Firmware

Have you been using your router with outdated firmware? In that case, you might come across various issues quite often. And, the MI router DHCP error might indicate that it’s time to get a firmware update. So, you must do that without making any unnecessary delay.

Firmware updates can fix a wide range of issues with your router. So, they’re essential for maintaining the performance of the device. Also, they can fix the error that you’re facing over the long term. 

  • Register a DNS manually for your Computer

You might sometimes face the MI router DHCP error due to an issue with the DNS. In such cases, assigning a new DNS manually should fix this problem effectively. And, for that, you need to use the Command Prompt on your device with administrator rights.

Enter the command “ipconfig /registerdns” in the Command Prompt. Once you’re done, try connecting to the internet again. You probably won’t face the DHCP error anymore. But, in case the error shows up again, you might need to restart the DHCP service.

  • Refresh the DHCP Service

Your computer depends on the DHCP service to connect to the DHCP server. So, the error you’re facing might have to do something with this service. In that case, you must go to the Service section, in your Windows system. Look for the DHCP service and open its options.

There, you’d find an option to restart the service. If you don’t, then simply disable it for a few moments, and then enable it again.

Talk to an Expert?

Did the aforementioned methods fail to fix the MI router DHCP error? Then, there are very few other viable solutions that you can apply all by yourself. So, you might want to reach out to an expert in such a situation. Let them inspect your router and they’ll provide a quick and efficient solution to the problem.