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Error Code H10 on Heroku

Facing Error Code H10 on Heroku? 4 Ways to Resolve it

Error Code H10 on Heroku

Programming has its advantages and disadvantages. It can make you sit for hours, and still, you can’t find that particular bug preventing the code from getting resolved. Bugs are unwanted in any code, but the truth is that you can’t avoid them. They are very common, and bugs can lead to error codes on Heroku.

As you all know, Heroku is a routing path that permits you to deploy and run different programming languages and their applications. Whether you are talking about Java, Python, Ruby, Scala, PHP, Go, Clojure, and Node.js, Heroku is unavoidable.

The dependency mechanism relies on Heroku to build your application with your preferred programming language. Heroku platforms can execute the codes for your application.

However, it will be a mess if Heroku has an error code. Among all Heroku error codes, the Heroku router at=error code=h10 is one of the most talked-about errors. So, let’s check out

How you can get rid of the error code H10 on Heroku?

Heroku H10

Remove Bugs from Procfile

Heroku H10 error code basically causes the specific app to crash. You might have no clue what has gone wrong with the programming app. So, you have to check whether you have come across The Heroku router at=error code=h10. The fastest fix to this issue can be found by making your Procfile free from bugs. According to experts, any kind of bug in the Procfile can introduce you to the Heroku router at error code H10.

In case the Procfile is directed to the wrong server file, then the application might crash. For instance, your server lies in server.js, and the procfile is, unfortunately, if it is pointing to the app.js, then it’s a bug. Check if this is the case for you.

On the other hand, the wrong spacing between snippets can lead you to the same consequences. So, take care of spacing while writing codes for your application.

Missing Code scripts that are Necessary for Execution

If you mostly use Node.js, then you might have witnessed the Heroku router at=error code=h10 at least once in a lifetime. Well, if you skip a required script that is mandatory for the execution of the application, then it can lead to an issue. The absence of that snippet can make the platform crash, and you might encounter a Heroku router at error code H10.

If you’re in a Node.js environment and forget to throw the Start script, then it would be a failure. So, you have to add a start script in the package.json segment. Heroku recognises that script to initiate your application. If the platform finds that the script is missing, then it will throw the error code H10.

Use the Appropriate Command

If none of the above solutions has solved the issue for you until now, this solution might work for you. Setting a port all by yourself in the Heroku environment variable can cause a disaster. It’s generally Heroku itself that decides the port through process.env.PORT. If anything goes wrong, then the application can crash.

And, you can see the Heroku router at=error code=h10. How can you avoid this? If you run the command ‘heroku config’, then it will set an arbitrary port in the environment variable. To skip this, you can check which environment variables are there in the Heroku environment.

To do this, simply run ‘heroku run printenv’. This will display the port, and you can let the Heroku environment set the port again. Once there’s no conflict with the port number, the error code H10 must have been eliminated from the platform.

Setting Random Variable in the Heroku Environment

When you are setting a port, the Heroku router at error code H10 might appear out of nowhere. Because the Heroku platform will internally set a port number automatically. Now, there will be a conflict between variables. When the environment fails to fetch the required variable, then it might cause the error. Don’t set any random variable in the database of the Heroku platform.


The Heroku router at=error code=h10 can be a stubborn case to deal with. If nothing is solving your Heroku issue, you can update all the Node.js packages. The last try will be worth it if you place a node version under the package.json file.