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Asus AX5400

Asus Router Wi-Fi Not Working – How to Fix It?

Asus AX5400

Asus routers provide high-speed Wi-Fi connection to compatible devices. Millions of people use these devices to avail uninterrupted internet services. It improved the user’s streaming and gaming experience with advanced technology.

Asus’s dual routers offer 800Mbps Wi-Fi speed while transferring large files. But, sometimes, the wireless router’s Wi-Fi might stop working. Restart the router when there is no internet connection.

Faulty power resources can often lead to the Asus router Wi-Fi not working error. Check the power connection of the Asus smart Wi-Fi router in the first place. Replace the power units immediately if you find any wear and tear there.

Many users experience this connectivity issue after an unwanted power surge – it can damage the hardware components of the router. This can prevent the Wi-Fi bands from working. Repair the hardware to resolve this Wi-Fi issue from the Asus routers.

4 Easy Solutions to Fix the Asus Router Wi-Fi Not Working Error

Asus router users can often encounter the issue due to misconfiguration. Change the router and computer settings to eliminate this Wi-Fi issue. An incorrect IP address or login details might also be the reason behind such an occurrence.

Did you disable the Wi-Fi radio while configuring the router settings? It could lead to Wi-Fi connection issues in the wireless router. Moreover, an outdated router firmware can generate issues while providing Wi-Fi.

This Wi-Fi error can occur due to a faulty ethernet cable. Replace the existing one with an expert’s help to fix this internet problem. Check the Asus router ports and the DNS server address. Remove the corrupted system files from the computer and laptop. And, if that doesn’t work, follow these solutions to get back the Wi-Fi connection:

Check if Wi-Fi is Enabled

Asus lets the users conserve power by turning off the Wi-Fi adapter when it is no longer in use. This is why you might be facing issues getting an internet connection on the laptop. Hold the Fn and F2 keys simultaneously to enable Wi-Fi.

Otherwise, you can turn on Wi-Fi from the Network and Sharing Center. Don’t know how to access this program? Go to the search box, write Control Panel and press the “Enter” button.

Choose “Control Panel” from the list of the built-in Windows programs. Moreover, you can hold the Windows and I keys together to open “Settings” and then select “Control Panel”. Consider choosing the “Network & Internet” option when the next window pops up on the screen. Move towards the “Network Connections” section and navigate to “View Internet connections”.

Did you notice the Asus router’s wireless network? Right-click on the Wi-Fi option and choose “Enable” from the drop-down menu. Restart the Windows computer and Asus router and turn on these devices after 2-3 minutes. Try connecting the device with the Wi-Fi and check whether you can do that. If the Wi-Fi connection is already enabled, disable it once and enable it again to solve this problem.

Change the DNS Server Address

Asus routers might fail to provide Wi-Fi for incorrect DNS server addresses. Configure the DNS server settings to fix this connection issue in minutes. Open the Control Panel window and head towards the “Network and Internet” option. Go to the “Network and Sharing Center” and select “Change adapter settings”.

Wait until the “Network Connections” window appears, and then locate the “Wi-Fi network”. Right-click on it, select “Properties”, and locate “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”. Toggle on this option, click “Properties”, and go to the “General” tab. Select “Use the following DNS server addresses” and consider writing “” in “Preferred DNS Server”.

Now, write ‘’ in the “Alternate DNS server” section and choose “OK” afterwards. Then, Disconnect the ethernet cable from the computer and reconnect it. Choose the right SSID, and it won’t further display the “Asus router Wi-Fi not working” message. Contact a router repair expert if you can’t still connect the device with Wi-Fi.

Factory Reset the Router

Reset the Asus router to restore the Wi-Fi connection. Many take professional support to revert the device’s default factory settings. But, you can do that without any technical expertise. First, locate the reset button of the dual-band router. Usually, it is located at the backside of the device. Press the button using a small object for at least 15-30 seconds.

Unplug the power cords for 30 seconds reconnect them while holding this button. Release the button when the green LED blinks. It indicates you have successfully reset the Asus router to its previous settings.

Reboot the router and check the Wi-Fi signal. Connect the Windows device with Wi-Fi and use the internet without further interruption. But, if you still experience the Wi-Fi issue, consider replacing the power adapter.

Add the Wi-Fi Network

Did you remove the Wi-Fi network from the phone? This is why you are not getting Wi-Fi from the Asus router. Add the wireless network again to solve this connection error. Go to the Android phone’s “Settings”, tap on “Connections”, and toggle on the “Wi-Fi” option. Choose “Forget” when the Asus router’s network name pops up. Select “Add Network”, provide the wireless network name, choose “Save”.

Tap on the Asus router Wi-Fi name and enter the default password. Toggle on the “Auto-reconnect” option and choose “Connect”. Wait for a while until the Android device connects to the Wi-Fi network. Open a web browser and check if it is taking time to load.

Did you get the “no internet” message on the web page? This indicates the Asus router is still unable to connect the device with Wi-Fi. Change the Wi-Fi channel to fix this internet connection issue.

Alternative Ways to Fix Asus Router Wi-Fi not Working

Clean the DNS cache when the Wi-Fi light of the router stops blinking. Open “Command Prompt”, write “ipconfig/flushdns” and press the “Enter Key”. It will restore the Wi-Fi connection on the wireless routers.

Moreover, you should right-click on the “Wi-Fi” name from the Windows device. Choose “troubleshoot problems” and specify the router issue. This diagnostic tool will detect the source of the problem and fix it immediately. Contact a technician for more effective troubleshooting tips.