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Asus Router Power light Blinking

Asus Router Power light Blinking – How to Troubleshoot It?

Asus Router Power light Blinking

Asus gained widespread recognition for including high-end features in the router. These devices contain various LED lights which indicate the network or connection status. Asus’s dual-band routers come with a power light that turns green when the device is on.

But, sometimes, this power status light might start to blink at a slow pace. Usually, this occurs for corrupted or outdated router firmware. A faulty power cable can be the reason behind the Asus router power light blinking issue.

Check the power resources once and disconnect them for a while. Reconnect the power cords, turn on the router, and the power light won’t further blink. Moreover, users can experience this issue after an electrical surge. Due to hardware failure, this power connection error can occur in the Asus routers due to hardware failure.

Did you set up the device in WPS mode? Then, there is a high chance of facing this network issue while using the device. Disable this option to fix the Asus power light blinking issue immediately.

Easy Solutions to Fix Asus Router Power light Blinking Issue

A damaged power adapter can often generate this connection error in the Asus router. Replace it at the earliest possible to eliminate this power light error. Misconfiguration leads to the Asus router power light blinking problem.

Besides, damaged ethernet ports or cables can be the reason behind such an occurrence. As a result, you won’t be able to connect the Wi-Fi enabled devices with the router.

Don’t let this power light issue hinder the important internet-based works. Restart the device to resolve this complicated error in a minute. Place the router near the computer or other storage mediums. Adjust the antennas to troubleshoot the power light blinking issue. But, if that doesn’t work, follow these solutions to fix this network interference.

Configure the Adapter Settings

Did you change the adapter settings from the Windows device? This is why you are facing this power light issue in the wireless router. Change the network adapter’s setting to overcome the connection issue.

First, connect the computer with the router via an ethernet cable. Press Windows and I keys simultaneously to open “Settings” and select “Control Panel”. Head towards the “Network and Internet” section. Click “Network and Sharing” to choose “change adapter settings”.

Navigate to the “LAN” tab, right-click on the network name and select “Properties”. Go to the “Internet protocol version” section and consider clicking the “Properties” option. Change the IP address to “”. And, then check whether the subnet mask is “255.2555.255.0”.

Tap on the “OK” button, close the Control Panel window and turn off the router. Turn on the Asus router and check if the power light is flashing green or not. If it keeps on blinking, then you might have entered an incorrect gateway IP.

Where to Locate the Asus router IP Address?

Check the router manual to find out the wireless router’s private IP address. Additionally, users can right-click on the Wi-Fi name select “Open network and sharing center”. Proceed to the “Connections” tab afterwards. And, then click the “Wi-Fi” or “Ethernet” option, and tap on “Details” when the network status window appears.

Go to the “IPv4 Default Gateway” section to check the Asus router’s default IP address. Furthermore, the users can also contact the router administrators to get these details.

Install the Latest Firmware

Installing the router firmware might seem a time-consuming process. But, it takes less than a minute to do that. First, go to the manufacturer’s site, and enter the router model number afterwards.

Choose the firmware version and tap on the Support button. Locate the “Driver & Utility” option, and consider choosing the “BIOS & Firmware” option next. Click “Download” to save the zip file on the Windows or Mac device. Moreover, the Asus router users have to unzip the file.

Access the web interface by entering the correct IP address and login information. Move to “Administration”, choose “Firmware Upgrade”, and go for “Manual firmware Update”. Select “Upload” and choose the firmware file afterwards. It might take a few minutes to complete the firmware update. After this, the Asus router login page appears. Enter the username and password, click “Sign In”, and follow the on-screen instructions. Restart the dual-band router, and the power light will stop flashing.

Is there any other way to Restore the Asus Router Firmware?

The Asus router’s Rescue Mode activates when the firmware upgrade fails. This results in the Aus router power light blinking issue. Use the “Firmware Utility Tool” in certain circumstances to fix this error.

Open the Asus product’s website, tap on the “Support” option, and choose “Driver & Tools”. Moreover, you need to select the right operating system of the device. Then, head to the “Utilities” section and navigate to “Asus rescue mode utility”.

Opt for the “Global” option to download the router firmware file. And, this zip file will be stored in the selected location. Open the File Explorer, head to the “Download” section and double click on the zip file. It will install the current firmware version of the Asus router.

Close this window, disconnect the power cables and reconnect them immediately. After implementing this solution, the Asus router’s power status light won’t blink.

Lastly, Disable the WPS Function…

One out of three Asus router users disables this feature after the initial setup. But, this can trigger the Asus router power light blinking error. Therefore, every router owner should access the configuration page to change this setting.

Open a web browser, enter the default gateway IP and wait until the login page opens. Now, it’s time to provide the login information and press the “Enter” key to be directed in the setup wizard.

Additionally, you need to move to the “Wireless” section from “Advanced”. Go to the “WPS” tab and select the “OFF” button of the “Enable WPS” option. Choose “Apply”, close the web interface and restart the Asus router.

It won’t further display the Asus router power light blinking message. Disable the Rescue mode to restore the power connection. Contact an IT expert immediately if these solutions do not work.