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Fix Asus Router keeps Disconnecting from Internet

CM-32 AC2600

Asus routers are used for their easy to use features and super-fast Wi-Fi connection. Multiple devices can be connected simultaneously with these wireless devices. Most of the latest Asus’s dual-band routers have MU-MIMO technology. It allows the users to avoid internet dropping issues in Wi-Fi enabled devices. But, sometimes, the Asus router can generate issues while connecting to the internet. Restart the device to fix this connection error.

Usually, due to misconfiguration, this Asus router issue can occur. It could be because of choosing an incorrect wireless network connection. A malfunctioning router can be the reason behind such an occurrence.

The Asus router keeps disconnecting from Internet error takes place for faulty cables. Replace these router units immediately to eliminate this communication error. Moreover, a damaged ethernet or LAN port can lead to this internet connection problem. Take an expert’s help to repair the Asus router ports.

What Causes the Asus Router keeps Disconnecting from Internet Error?

There are several reasons behind this Asus router’s internet dropping issue. It could be because of outdated or corrupted firmware. Sometimes, the QoS feature can prevent the router from connecting to the internet.

An antivirus program can trigger this issue in the Asus wireless routers. Due to overheating, the CPU restricts the router from connecting to compatible devices.

Disconnect the networking equipment from the PC to fix this error. Check the system requirements before connecting the router with laptops. Because this error can occur if the router is incompatible with the device. Outdated wireless can be the primary reason behind this interference.

Damaged antennas can often disconnect the router from connecting to the internet. Can’t detect what is causing this critical error? Contact a router expert for instant recovery.

Solutions to Resolve “Asus Router keeps Disconnecting from Internet” Error

There are plenty of solutions that would stop the router from disconnecting. Reduce the CPU rate, and disable the security features. Change the wireless router’s bandwidth frequency. Opt for a speed test using third-party software.

Did you configure the Asus dual or tri-band router’s IP address? It might be the reason behind this internet dropping error. Enter the right gateway IP to prevent this issue while using the router.

Never place the Asus router far from the Wi-Fi enabled devices. This often causes problems while connecting to the Wi-Fi. Check the internet status from the Control Panel. Try connecting the router to another device.

Are you experiencing this error also on that device? Follow these solutions to resolve this router internet issue:

Disable the QoS Protection Feature

Asus included QoS protection in the latest dual-band Wi-Fi 5 and 6 routers. It improves the Wi-Fi performance and blocks incoming traffic. But, this security feature can prevent the router from functioning properly.

Disable the QoS protection feature to eliminate this connection error. Don’t know where to find this Asus router option? Open a web browser, enter the default private address and press the “Enter” key.

It will open the router’s login page. Provide the default login details and choose “OK”. Wait until the setup wizard opens, and then move to “Advanced”. Head to the “General” section and select “Adaptive QoS”.

Move to the “QoS” section and toggle off the “Enable QoS” option. Close the Asus router’s web console and restart the device. Try to connect the router with a computer and it won’t cause internet dropping issues.

Update the Router Firmware

One out of three Asus routers updates the firmware after the initial setup. But, it increases the security risks and causes connection errors. Thus, upgrading the router firmware from the web interface will fix this issue.

Open a web browser, enter the LAN IP address and hit the “Enter” button. It will direct you to the router’s admin interface. Enter the default username, password and click on “Login” or press the “Enter” button. Go for the “Firmware version” option when the device’s Web GUI appears.

A pop-up message will appear if a new firmware version is available for the router. Click on the “Update Now” option and wait until the “Administration” page opens. Move to the “System” section and select “Firmware Upgrade”. It might take a few minutes to complete the firmware update process. Once done, open the Asus router’s admin interface again.

Go to the “Administration” tab and locate the “Restore/Save/Upload” option. Opt for the “Factory default” option to choose the “Restore” option. Choose “OK” when the pop-up message prompts you to reset the device.

Wait for a while and then restart the networking equipment and computer. Access the web interface to complete the router setup process. It will resolve the internet connectivity issues from Asus’s latest wireless routers.

Update the Wireless Card Drivers

Outdated wireless card driver results in “Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet” issue. Update these drivers to avoid getting further connectivity issues. Moreover, it will also streamline internet usage and improve the router performance.

Go to the manufacturer’s website to check whether there is any update available for the Wi-Fi driver. Don’t know where to find these details? Head to the “Drivers” section and write the Asus router’s driver model number.

Hold the Windows and Pause keys to open the System Properties window. Navigate to the “Advanced system settings” section and tap on “Hardware”. Right-click on the “Network Adapters” option and find the Asus router’s wireless card driver.

Right-click on it and choose “Update driver software” to open the device wizard. Click on the “Download” or “Update Now” option to get the latest Wi-Fi driver. Now, restart the Asus router, and it won’t further generate any connection errors.

Lastly, Disable the Smart Connect Feature…

Asus included “Smart Connect” in the latest wireless routers, and it automatically connects the Wi-Fi enabled devices with the appropriate Wi-Fi band. But, many experienced internet dropping issues after enabling this feature.

Disable “Smart Connect” to overcome this Asus router. Don’t know where to find this auto-connect option? Open a web browser enter the wireless router’s gateway IP to access the login page.

Provide the login details; click on “Sign-In” or “Ok” to open the setup wizard. Move to the “Wireless” section, click on “General”, and toggle off “Enable Smart Connect”. Enable the “Control Channel” feature if that doesn’t fix this error. Contact a router repair expert to get more effective troubleshooting tips.