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Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Review

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Review

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Review

Tablet is the mini version of computers. But there are some tablets that are specifically designed for kids. One such tablet is Fire 7 kids edition tablet. It is manufactured by Amazon. In this tablet, there are many preloaded games and some learning apps as well. So, we are going to give our review on Fire 7 kids edition tablet.

Tablet Specification

Fire 7 kids edition tabletBefore we proceed any further, let’s look at the specifications-

  • Brand: Amazon
  • Weight: 358 g
  • Dimension: 21.4×12.8×1 cm
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Memory Space: 16 GB
  • Processor Count: 4
  • Screen size: 7 inches

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Fire 7 kids edition tablet is a kid tablet which is not standard. It is manufactured and marketed by Amazon. This has many videos and games pre-installed like ‘Bubble Shooter’, ‘Candy Crush’ and many other games. It also has some learning application pre-installed for example, Byju’s.

Primary Utilities

Let’s now look at the primary features that come along with this tablet. Here we go.

  • 7-inch touchscreen.
  • 1024 X 600 HD LCD.
  • 1 year Fire subscription for kids.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • Safety Case.
  • Battery life of 8 hours.
  • 2 MP rear camera and VGA front camera.


The Amazon fire 7 kids edition has a 7 inch HD LCD screen. It comes in three color variation-  blue, pink and yellow. The case will help the kids to grasp the tablet firmly. There is no provision for memory cards or SD cards, and microphone. The power button and the volume rocker keys are on the left side of the tablet. Also, there is a USB cable at the bottom of the tablet. You will find a speaker present on the right-hand top corner of it.


  1. Customized Andriod OS- If you want to download any game or application for your kid then you can download it via Amazon App Store.
  2. 7-inch screen with 1024×600 resolution screen- This is an ideal screen for playing games and watching videos.
  3. 16 GB of memory with Micro SD slot- There are a lot of preinstalled or pre-downloaded games, videos, and educational applications. Also, if you want to download any other data or information then you can add a micro SD card. There is a provision to expand the memory up to 256 GB.
  4. Quad-Core Processor- The processor is appropriate for this tablet. It will help to play the games or videos without any lag.
  5. Camera- There are two cameras, one in the front and other on the back side of the tablet. It means your kids can easily enjoy the facility of clicking snaps.
  6. Parental Control- Also you can set up parameters or limits to which extent your child can browse over the internet.


The Fire 7 kids edition tablet has a 7-inch display. The resolution is 1024×600. It is not a full Hd display. The brightness of this tablet is measured as 352 nits.


The speaker of this tablet is small. The speaker quality of this tablet is not very good. Due to this, even, if you play the music at full volume the sound will not be heard clearly. Only if you are plugging in an earphone and listening songs, you can hear it properly. There is little bass in the audio quality.

Operating System

Since it is a kid tablet, thus the Operating System in it is not Andriod. It uses Amazon OS in it. There is no such application store such as Google Play. If you want to download an application for your kid then you can simply download it from Amazon App Store. This is because it is marketed and manufactured by Amazon.

Child-Friendly UI

Since it is a kid tablet the user interface is designed especially for the kids. The home screen is segmented entirely for child usage. In the home screen of this tablet, there are lots of applications. The applications include e-books, child videos, and child games. Also, there is a utility to activate the Kid profile, then you can control; your kid accessing a browser.

Also, there are some online shopping applications which you can block at any point of time.

Parental Control

This is the most important and essential utility in the tablet. It helps you to monitor or check what your child is doing with the tablet. With this utility, you can block all the access to the adult websites in the tablet. Therefore, this means you can set a parameter up to which your child should view.


The battery life of Fire 7 kids edition tablet is not very much appreciable. The charge on the battery will last for 7 hours if you are continuously using the tablet for too many activities. Hence, there is a scope for improvement for battery backup.


  1. Fire 7 kids edition tablet reviewThe tablet comes with a protective cover which prevents the tablet from damage.
  2. There are a lot of children content on the tablet. This will help your kid to learn some effective things.
  3. The parental control feature in it will help you to set parameters for your child.


  1. There is no screen protector on the tablet.
  2. There is no provision for watching videos offline.
  3. The battery capacity is not impressive.

So, if you are planning to buy a tablet for your kid then you can buy it. It is a really good product. Your child will get a chance to learn and grow in the right track under your control.